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Monday, April 30, 2007

"If it makes you happy...."

I just love being in the backyard at our house.
I love working in the yard.
Granted, it's hard work...but I love it.

Shots from my backyard...little things or different views that make me happy...

What you see if you look up.

My beautiful Hosta that I thought was dead...

The iron gate...


The Nose Knows.

...well, the nose knows a bad thing when it smells it.

So...sometimes, smelling ISN'T such a pleasant thing.

In fact, today, I just smelled something that is definitely up there on the top 5 bad smells.

Today's smell: the smell of apathy, mixed with a little gutter punk & meth-breath.
Yes, these are the terms I give to someone who doesn't care about longer bathes, and tends to no hygeine needs, because, quite frankly---they're just not as much fun as getting high.

So...I could take the high road & discuss all the various factors that influence a person's predisposition for substance use that can lead to a state of addiction.

Yeah, I'm not going to do that.
Right now I'm going to b*tch about the smell.

Today's current smell has been outdone in the past by the following:
1) exploded breast tumor
2) deteriorating skin graft
& today's smell is tied for 3rd place with the following: the GI bleeds (both human & animal...because I've actually had the opportunity to smell both. they both stink.)

Oh, the many many joys of working in hospital.

Tag...Random Things about me...

So...I've been tagged.
I have to list 10 Random Things about Me.
And...if I'm repeating some things from blog entries way back in the day...well, cut me some slack.

1. I don't eat blue things.
2. When eating multi-colored candies like M&Ms or Skittles, I sort them by color & then eat them.
3. I don't like for my food to touch, unless in my mind they "go together", and even then, it's only okay if *I* mix the two. For example, I like to dip french fries in cream gravy. If the gravy were on my plate & touched the french fries, that would be wrong, and I wouldn't eat that fry. But, if I dip the fry in gravy, then it's okay.
4. I love asparagus.
5. I have a dog named Eddie.
6. I like to say: no me digas mas mentiras. it means: don't tell me any more lies.
7. My car has a tan interior, and the leather has tiny little holes in it that remind me of bandaids.
8. My favorite kind of candles are the Tyler Candle Company candles...and my favorite scent...used to be called something else. Now it's called "Tyler".
9. I routinely have hateful or disturbing thoughts about people. The only person who usually appreciates them & can expand on them is my mother. {"B*tch, my diaper bag cost more than your...." as if that had ANYTHING to do with why I was pissy w/ that woman in the first place...}
10. I have mild scoliosis, so my hips & shoulders aren't even. I'm crooked.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Term Paper my Tuesday night class...I have a term paper due...Tuesday night.

Remember...this was the one where I may try to re-use an Alzheimer's Research paper (didn't work out...) or tackle the issue of counseling those who struggle with the death of a child.
Well...I researched the latter, and I just don't have it in me to tackle that topic.
No amount of counseling or drugs, or anything in this world takes it away---undoes what we can't undo.
And besides, I'd have to tackle the whole topic of Grief Therapy & THEN relate it to Family, I'm out.

New topic: Decided-on topic: counseling those who suffer from Alopecia Areata.

[something I know a little bit about, and according to my doctor--I handle very well.... Don't get me wrong: I still have my moments where I want to just shave my whole head, but then somebody would call me Britney, and I'd end up in jail for fighting. Not a road I want to go down, my friend!]
What's Alopecia Areata??? go to for more info.
It's an auto-immune disease that totally sucks & affects something like 1.7% of the population....

Anyway...that's the chosen topic. my paper back on Autism.... Um, I got a perfect grade. It was only worth 25 points....but hey---I got 25 out of 25.

Term Paper due Tuesday night.
Quiz #2 for Thursday night class due Wedenesday by midnight. (that's so odd to me...)


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Um...I'm the color of the above pictured lobster.

Let's just say....12 minutes was too long in the tanning bed, mmmm-kay.

I decided that I needed a little color, and my first experience w/ the Mystic Tan machine didn't go so well.
During the sun-shiny hours I am at work, and they generally frown upon people laying out on the, that leaves me pastey white...or so it did.
I decided that I'd tan.
In a tanning bed kind of tan. You know---bring on the UV rays.

And now....12 minutes is too long.
I'm red.
My body hurts.
Ibuprofen is my friend, and clothing is not.

I will be wrinkly as hell when I get old...but I'm gonna be tan next week!

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Face of a Fit.

Well....around our house...fits are liable to erupt at any moment over any little teeny-tiny thing.

Welcome to Hell...I mean, toddler-hood.

So...last night, what happened?
Well, don't ask me the cause b/c I sure as heck don't know...but, we had a major melt-down in the living room, that lasted 20 minutes, easily. And by 20 minutes, I mean it felt like 20 hours!

For those who are currently pregnant or have yet to experience the fit-phase....let me just say, during a fit, your child may not want you to touch him, look at him, or even breathe near him. And any attempt to console your child may increase screaming, crying, body thrusting, and kicking.'s tons of fun.

It's kind of like a min-hurricane.
It can be brewing for hours, and suddenly storm in, complete with water works, things flying, all hell breaking lose & just spinning out of control in general.

...and then, when it's lost all of the power & can be very calm & peaceful, and over.

And so---This is for my son. When you grow up, and have your children...and they throw fits...I want you to be able to look back over this & know--you did the same thing! This is my photographic documentation of last night's fit:

It started on the couch...was the couch the problem? the blanket? perhaps Mommy gave you the wrong color sippy cup?? who knows!

And then you moved to floor. It's a shame that I didn't get video to adequately capture the kicking & screaming. But look at those little eyes. So frustrated by something. And I tried desperately to figure out what it was...

Then you started to run out of steam. You were so tired, which we all know likely contributed to the fit in the first place...

And then it was over. We survived another Hurricane Gage.
And things were calm and quiet until you fell asleep.

...and despite all of the fits in the world...and despite how frustrated we BOTH get during the fits...I love it that you come to me for comfort. I love it that you TRY so very hard to tell me what you need or want. And I know that very will be able to say so many more things, and hopefully we can cut down on some of the fits when you are better able to verbally communicate! hang in there! Your mommy is trying!!!!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Meme....random questions...

Maria @ Just-Eat-Your-Cupcake has a's way long, and so I'm going to answer SOME of the questions here...just not all of them!

2) You can flip a switch that will wipe any band or musical artist out of existence. Which one will it be?

But, maybe that would be a waste of my flip, b/c they aren't making music anymore...that I know of. I'm just happy that the Hanson phase is over.

3) Who would you really just like to punch in the face?I can't say.
But let's just say it is a female, and she's "thrown me under the bus" in my professional life more than once. She's super-sucky.

4) What is your favorite cheese?Colby Jack

5) You can only have one kind of sandwich. Every sandwich ingredient is at your immediate disposal. What kind will you make?
My Mom's chicken salad sandwich. I don't care what kind of bread you put it really doesn't matter b/c the chicken salad is just that good.

6) You, Elvis, and Princess Diana are in a dog sled, fleeing across the Siberian wasteland with wolves in hot pursuit. The wolves are catching up fast. Who would you throw out to gain speed and why?
Both of them. I'm not sharing my sled with dead people. Period. They'd both have to go.

10) You just got a free plane ticket to anywhere. You have to depart right now. Where are you gonna go?

Fiji? Japan? Tahiti?
I don't care. I will just go to the airport & see what planes are leaving. Wouldn't be the first time I planned a trip that way. Pack a little bit for a variety of weather...head to the airport & see what looks good.
You just never know where you'll end up!

13) An angel appears out of heaven and offers you a lifetime supply of the alcoholic beverage of your choice. It is?Angels dishing out alcohol??? hmmmm....
I'd be a bit...hesitant to accept a lifetime supply of alcohol from an angel.
Thought bubble above my head: "Um, Jesus, is this a test? Because I really like Mimosas. I promise not to get drunk!"

15) Rufus appears out of nowhere with a time traveling/phone booth. you can go anytime in the PAST. What time are you traveling to and what are you going to do when you get there?
I don't travel with strangers. I don't know this Rufus guy.
I'm not going anywhere with him!

17) You have been given the opportunity to create the half hour TV show of your dreams. What is it called and what is it's premise?

Clearly, the title would be: "Baby Gage: the daily happenings of a super-stud."
The premise: hello, it would be a lot like my blog, only...more video.

19) You have a choice of two doors. One of which you MUST go through. The first leads to a roomful of spiders, the second to a roomful of clowns. Which is it to be?

The clowns. I've generally had good luck with clowns. My dad was dressed as a clown when I met him, and look how well that worked out!

20) Your house is on fire. You have just enough time to run in there and grab one inanimate object. So what's the item?I'm completely torn: (1) Cecil remnants (Cecil was the sock monkey that I had growing up...until I was 25, and our dog, Eddie, tore Cecil to bits. Now I keep my Cecil remnants in a pretty box in my closet). (2) My "Baby Brandy" figurine from my Memaw's house. When I was little, I would play with this little figurine, and I broke her repeatedly, and my grandmother would always glue her back together. Now, she's missing a leg & a few fingers, but she's mine. My Memaw gave her to me. & (3) The big picture in our dining room of my pregnant belly & the mat that everyone signed when Gage was born.

The problem is---I don't keep these items together, so I could either, grab #1 & #2 b/c they are close in the house, and both small. If I were to grab #3, then I am going to the complete opposite end of the house, and could ONLY carry that item.
So, I don't know...

21) One night, you wake up because you heard a noise. You turn on the light to find that you are surrounded by mummies. The mummies aren't really doing anything, they're just standing around your bed. What do you do? Die of a freakin' heart attack.

23) The angel of death has descended upon you. Fortunately, the angel of death is pretty cool and in a good mood and it offers you a half hour to do whatever you want before you bite it. What are you going to do in that half hour?Repent, repent, repent! And spend time with my family.

25)You accidentally eat some radioactive vegetables. They were good and what's even cooler is that they endow you with the super-power of your choice. What is it going to be?

That I can shoot laser beams out of my eyes to deflate tires at will.
That way, when someone cuts me off or rides my tail on the highway---I'll deflate their tires.

26) You can re-live any point of time in your life. The time span can only be a half hour, though. What half hour of your past would you like to experience again?Feeding Riley his babyfood.
I learned a lot from that. It was fun, and I miss him.
People might think it is weird that I didn't pick a moment with Gage...but, I still get to hold Gage, and I don't get to hold Riley.

32) You have been eternally banned from every single bar in the world except for ONE. Which one is it going to be?
Our friend Josh's bar. I have a better chance of drinking for free there, so I think I'll keep that one open...

33) What's the last thing you ate?cheese pizza from Mama's Pizza in Arlington.

35) The constant absorption of magical moonbeams mixed with the radio-active vegetables you consumed earlier has given you the power to resurrect the dead celebrity of your choice. So which celebrity will you bring back to life?Dorothy Parker.
Was she a "celebrity"???
She's my favorite author, so I think I'd like to meet her. Her wit...oh, I would just love to hear whatever would spill from her mouth!


The Backyardigans!

Okay...last night...evening time...pre-fit time...
Gage & I spent time together hanging out in the backyard while Daddy was out on a motorcycle ride & evening of poker.


So, I had time with my buddy!

(this picture was taken right before Daddy left...)

Gage pushed his farmer & tractor ALL OVER the backyard!

And he got one of the stake water hose sprinkler things.
"ahhh...those are good for impaling oneself. let mommy hold it!"

Oooops! There's an overturned tractor by the big stone cliffs!
Don't worry---Gage to the rescue!

And then of course, there was Gage's version of baseball.
(Melis---you'll get a kick out of this.)

Gage has a soft baseball & baseball bat. UT themed of course, as it was a gift from GrandDaddy Duke.'s how Gage plays:

First, you pick up the ball in your left hand, and the bat in your right, if you are right handed.

Then you throw the ball up in the air.
When it lands, you take your bat, and the beat the sh*t out of the ball & surrounding area. Any adult who attempts to take the ball may get his or her hand whacked. And they deserve it: they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to take a ball away from a child.

Ah....the joys of baseball!



This is Gage's favorite book.
"Trucks" by Byron Barton.

He loves this book. It's over at Memaw's house. Memaw is my mother-in-law, and she keeps Gage during the day. I sent this book over to her house...oh, probably a year ago...maybe longer.'s one of the first things he looks for each morning when we go to Memaw's.

Now, the state of this book...well, it's very well loved. The top left corner is pretty much gone from when he was first teething. The edges are worn. The binding is 1/2 way gone. It's just broke-down. is the favorite.

The whole book is about trucks---which he enjoys. But, what he likes even more, is to find a cat in the window of a house in the background on one of the pages. I never would have EVER noticed this little cat. But, he turns the pages frontward & backward until he finds the cat. He finds it, points at it, and says "CAT!" & smiles. Then he says, "M'yow! M'yow!" (Meow, meow....but he doesn't quite pronounce it the way its spelled!)....

Oh, it's precious.

Time to get a new book & tuck away this old copy....just so I can keep the well loved one.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sassy & Fun...

from the works of Siobhan at

She has some others too.
I like them because it reminds me that everyone has a story.
You may think you know all about someone...but you may not know where they've been...

There were two others (gone now from her store b/c I bought them....)
where it's an elderly woman's face & it read "Her Father Hated her boyfriend"...& another that read, "she used to wear her skirts too short"...just fun things that you might not necessarily think about these women if you judge based on the gray & wrinkles. Isn't it funny to see an elderly woman & we automatically assign the nurturing, sweet, & grandmotherly persona.

She may be psychotic. It may not be dementia...maybe she was psychotic all along!

Maybe she was a slut. She may have stories that would make a sailor blush! ...who knows...

I just like the artwork.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Morning!

This is my buddy....waking up.
Or, rather, having Mommy WAKE him up...he really wasn't wanting to get up so early this morning....

"Good Morning, Buddy" is what I say to him...every morning.



My Little Laundry Helper...

I would like to refer all viewers to the disclaimer above the actual video clip...Gage fell & bumped his head on the ironing board, but he didn't even cry. He was not hurt, although I expected a complete-baby-melt-down following the fall. I was wrong, and he continued to play & have fun with the laundry!

And, he piled laundry on Mommy's head!

And...ran around with Mommy's jammies...

And just made a royal mess in general.

those clothes WERE clean...
he had a blast!


Little Mr.Get-My-Way...

Well...Friday night, Gage woke up 5 times.
Five times.
He's getting 4 teeth at once, and 2 of them are molars.
It's tons of fun.
I look forward to the end of this whole teething thing.
Let's see....he'll still get 12 year molars.
After that wisdom teeth @ who knows what age. Looks like it's going to be a long ride...

Anyway...Saturday was mis-adventurous for Baby Gage. After not sleeping well all night, he was in NO MOOD to not get his way. (and since Mommy & Daddy barely got any sleep either....we were all a bit fussy...& misadventurous in our own ways...)

But...Gage found all of the leftover picnic/bbq/cook-out paper & plastic goods on the kitchen table. Mommy came upon Gage as he was taking them all down to the floor. And, since it wasn't going to hurt anything...Mommy let him have his way... (Thus the nickname: Little Mr.Get-My-Way...see how this works???)

And, sorry about the lighting. I sometimes don't accurately assess the lighting for my little video clips. While it may seem bright enough at the time, it just doesn't come out that way on the computer screen.....I'll try to do better!

So...after that...I had to go into work...

The boys were at home alone (Daddy & Gage)...and Gage found a carton of orange juice within his reach. Yummy!
He decided to pick it up, & drink ALL of it from the carton.
Unfortunately, it didn't look like any of it made it into his mouth:

Damon said that there was orange juice everywhere!

Which brings me to my next topic: KIDDIE-COCKTAILS.
Now, those who know me well or have read about my drink of choice via this blog know that I love Mimosas. Love them.
So, I make Gage "Baby-Mosas."

Recipe for a Baby-Mosa:
1 sippy cup
1/2 sippy cup 7-up
1/2 sippy cup orange juice
(preferably no-pulp, and calcium-fortified).
Stir (do not shake...if you do, you will be sorry).
Serve chilled.

Gage loves his Baby-Mosas.
...almost as much as Mommy loves the real thing!


"...and we were SWINGIN'....swinging..."

My blog title is my attempt at relaying that oldies country song....something about a front porch swing...anyway...

So, Friday night after work...we spent a great deal of time on the back porch & Baby Gage was swinging...Oh, how he loves that swing. And, it's getting time for a new one because getting his little legs in & out of those leg hard b/c his feet are so big & if he has shoes on, it's almost impossible. It's certainly a 2-man job.

And then, after swinging some little buddy fell asleep.

A little later, he stirred abit...and fell back to sleep...

That little red mark on his cheek is from where he'd been resting on the swing prior to changing positions...

Oh, good times.
Soooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet!


Pish & Dawgs @ the Dallas World Aquarium

So, I had the day off last Thursday.
I had a BIG DAY planned for Gage & myself.

We started off the day fighting fires & transporting diapers:

And then....we went to the Dallas World Aquarium:

And...guess what...after I paid for parking & paid for entrance (thank goodness Gage was was almost twenty bucks for me to get in!)...that's when I learned that there were already 950 school kids inside on field trips. 950 kids.
950 kids. And, that number did not include the number of chaperones or teachers.

Anyway...Gage had more fun watching all of the kids than the fish, or "pish" as he calls them. The other kids mostly stayed in Gage's way for seeing, we only saw probably a third of the things in the aquarium.
Someone asked me if I saw penguins. No.
Someone asked me if Gage liked the sharks. Um...we didn't see any freakin' sharks.
The website mentions manatees...where are they hiding those? Because we sure didn't see any.

Here's what we did see!
The River Otters...Gage called them "dawgs".

Some highlighter-orange monkeys (no, that's not their real name...that's just my description of their color!)
Again, to Gage, these were "dawgs".

Some really cool Stingrays (otherwise known as "pish"):

Some sea turtles (also, "dawgs"):

And we saw lots of other little "pish".

After that....Lunch. Hooters was just a block or so we made our way over there for some HotWings! Yes, I was the only stroller-schlepping Mom in Hooters with her toddler son. Whatever. The wings rock & we had a great lunch!

Perhaps its not the HEALTHIEST lunch choice...but we started with a Gage got some cucumbers & celery prior to the deep-fried chicken.

After that...we went to the Uptown CarWash...only my favorite gas station in all of Dallas....yes, I have a favorite gas station. Anyway...we went there & got gas & a car wash. Gage & I went inside & watched as the car was coming through the cleaner system. Good times!

After that it was naptime, so we made our way back home.
It was an AWESOME Stay-at-Home-Day. Not that we did a whole lot of staying at home...but, it certainly was better than going in to work that day!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Kudos & Crud. my Thursday night class...I had this project due that was worth 70% of my, let me just pat myself on the back for getting a BIG FAT 198 out of 200 points!

I can't tell you how pumped I am...and therefore I'm bragging.
so what.

So, now, tomorrow by midnight I have a paper due in there on Autism.
Okay. I can swing that.
I should say...hey, I've already pretty much got an A, so what's the point?...but I'm kind of psyched that I've maintained a 4.0 average in grad school thus far (again, bragging, sorry, but I've been working my a$$ off!)

On Tuesday night @ 6pm, I have a "treatment paper" due in class about problems chosen from the family depicted in the movie Soul Food.
So, if anyone is familiar with the movie/problems from the movie, or has suggestions for my treatment plan---feel free to post in the comments section.
Guess what: my local Blockbuster does not have the movie & they called 4 other Blockbusters to get it for me. None of the stores had it. It's next in my Netflix queue, & shows that it should have arrived 4/17, but guess what: no such luck. I've seen the movie before...I just wanted to watch it again before I sit down & try to tackle this Bad Mamma-Jamma.
We'll see what I come up with.

I'm fairly certain that I'll get an A in my Thursday night class.
I'm not so sure in my Tuesday night class, so I'm pretty nervous about this Soul Food paper. This is the same class that I had to give the 3 hour presentation in...not so long ago. I will have to say---the professor gives unusual & challenging assignments. The next time I hear: "you really get your money's worth with that professor", I'm going to switch classes immediately!
[just kidding...then who would I be cheating? I'd only be cheating myself...I know.]

So, tonight...I'm at work to make up for my Thursday off.
Which...I still have to post about...and I will.
I still have to work on my Autism paper & my Soul Food paper.
I'm so ready for school to be out!!!!!!

So, those are my cruddy things & my kudos to post for today.


Friday, April 20, 2007


Gage could play "chase" around our dining room table for hours.

Hours, I tell you. He briefly gets tired & lays down on the floor UNDER the table, and then gets back up & wants to go again!


My Little Screamer !!!!

So, this little video clip is from one night last week.
Few comments about this:
1) Sorry that my child is only 1/2 dressed. It seems that when I only shoot digital video clips when he's missing 1/2 of his clothes. I'll try to work on that for the sake of the viewing audience.
2) Sorry that it is sideways. Out of habit, I hold the camera that way...and then forget that I can't switch it online. I'm not that computer-savvy.
So, if you want to see my child discover that he can scream his head off, then you should turn your head sideways & turn down the volume on your computer.

...and it's kind of dark in the living room when I shot this b/c the overhead light was not on. We were trying to "wind things down" just before Gage's bedtime.
Clearly you can see that he had other plans.



So...about 10 feet from where I lay my head at night is a bird's nest.
I sleep indoors, and right outside the door to the patio, there is a nest that had eggs in it...and then last weekend I heard the chip-chirps of little birds. It was so sweet. They would just squeal, and I loved listening to them. Where the nest was built, you couldn't see inside to see how many were in there, but I imagined at least 2, but maybe 3.

Then...on Wednesday afternoon....

I was on the back patio when I noticed a little teeny-tiny, not even covered in real feathers yet baby chick on the ground below. It was dead.
And then later Wednesday night, I found another one.
They were both dead & my patio was quiet.
I was soooo sad.

So, then I started wondering if maybe the mom wasn't very good at building a nest & they fell out...or, maybe she just wasn't prepared for motherhood. Mom & I were talking about this, because clearly I found it disturbing. So, we decided that the birds were pushed out of the nest by the mother: it was chick-i-cide.

It's still sad though.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Updated Nursery Pics...

So, Here are some more RECENT pics of the updated nursery.
Clearly, we still have a ways to go... but I promised to keep everyone posted on the progress.

and remember...these are just to update on the paint.
the furniture is not in place, no shelves are up, etc.
we still have a ways to go.

And, here's the current bedding/decor set:

(I had to steal those pics from Ebay b/c I couldn't find the pattern in stores anymore...)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby Kisses....

This picture was taken in April 2006.

Oh, how I miss Gage's Baby Kisses!

Now, his kisses are different. They've changed. He used to come at you, just thrusting his whole upper body in your direction with a big wet open mouth!

Now, he closes his mouth & purses his little lips. He still leans in for the kiss, but it's usually just his head, with his chin tilting appropriately. It's no longer that sweet-give-it-all-you've-got-baby-kiss.

Now, my big boy is so busy running & getting into EVERYTHING.
I would be lucky if a kiss were long enough to catch on camera!

They just grow so fast...

April 2007


Monday, April 16, 2007

Megan's Bachelorette Party! I promised the girls to keep these pics clean, and I will *NOT* be posting the digital video.

But, I will tell the tale....

So, on Saturday night, we had Megan's Lingerie Shower & Bachelorette Party.

Miss Megan & Me
(isn't she just so pretty???)

We started off the night with appetizers & drinks. I opted for the Mimosas (as it is always my drink of choice!) While others chose the drink of the evening: The Chocola-tini (a godiva chocolate martini...)

And then of course, Susan prepared her infamous bachelorette party penis cake.

This cake led to a discussion...that whoah. I won't be posting anywhere! Let's just say, we all got schooled on some things, that perhaps, we shouldn't know.

And then...oh, it was dance time!
Now, typical bachelor parties feature female strippers or a trip to a local strip club. Typical bachelorette parties may feature male strippers or a trip to a local strip club.
This party---well, the dancer came to us, and instead of her stripping for us---she taught US how to strip! (or...she taught us exotic dancing...)

Here are Megan & I putting on our "stripper-shoes". And yes, mine are CLEAR! [little inside joke about "clear" being my favorite color! Hey---clear goes with everything!]

And this is our instructor--Clarissa.
Clarissa Explains It All!

And...this is all of us...learning how to take off a a sexy way!

And...Ta-Da! Our Big Finale!

And then it was Lingerie Shower time.
I'm not going to post pictures of that stuff here. It might be kind of weird for you guys to see Megan's nighties.

Oh, then the next part of the evening...nope, I can't show that either...let's just say, it involved a vanilla lolli-cock. Use your imagination.
...moving on!

Cake time!
As predicted, Megan will take the tip...

After all, who wants a mouth full of pubic hair?
Even if it really is toasted coconut...

"Can we have some cake now???"

And then it was time to dress her up & take her out!
Miss Megan---ready to go out & show off those moves!

So, 1st we went to Pete's Piano Bar in Addison.
We didn't stay there.
Then---Susan & I went to The Flying Saucer in Addison while the rest of the crew went to Sherlock's. Why? Oh, because I got an AWESOME parking spot & while we were waiting for the other car to pull up---we realized that we were at the wrong bar!!!
So, we went over to Sherlock's....where "Random Guy" came up to Megan, sang to her, and she spanked another guys hiney.

Yeah, he was pretty pleased with himself.

After about 10 minutes there, Megan said that she was pretty much over the whole bar thing. We left & went to Susan's to hang out a bit...and then we all went home.

I'm telling you---that exotic dancing is a total workout!
There's just no excuse for a fat stripper now. "Honey---if you're doing it right, you should be losing that weight!"
I swear, my body was SORE on Sunday!