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Monday, April 23, 2007

"...and we were SWINGIN'....swinging..."

My blog title is my attempt at relaying that oldies country song....something about a front porch swing...anyway...

So, Friday night after work...we spent a great deal of time on the back porch & Baby Gage was swinging...Oh, how he loves that swing. And, it's getting time for a new one because getting his little legs in & out of those leg hard b/c his feet are so big & if he has shoes on, it's almost impossible. It's certainly a 2-man job.

And then, after swinging some little buddy fell asleep.

A little later, he stirred abit...and fell back to sleep...

That little red mark on his cheek is from where he'd been resting on the swing prior to changing positions...

Oh, good times.
Soooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet!



At 8:28 PM , Blogger Papa Bradstein said...

Oh man, that's adorable.


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