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Monday, April 23, 2007

Pish & Dawgs @ the Dallas World Aquarium

So, I had the day off last Thursday.
I had a BIG DAY planned for Gage & myself.

We started off the day fighting fires & transporting diapers:

And then....we went to the Dallas World Aquarium:

And...guess what...after I paid for parking & paid for entrance (thank goodness Gage was was almost twenty bucks for me to get in!)...that's when I learned that there were already 950 school kids inside on field trips. 950 kids.
950 kids. And, that number did not include the number of chaperones or teachers.

Anyway...Gage had more fun watching all of the kids than the fish, or "pish" as he calls them. The other kids mostly stayed in Gage's way for seeing, we only saw probably a third of the things in the aquarium.
Someone asked me if I saw penguins. No.
Someone asked me if Gage liked the sharks. Um...we didn't see any freakin' sharks.
The website mentions manatees...where are they hiding those? Because we sure didn't see any.

Here's what we did see!
The River Otters...Gage called them "dawgs".

Some highlighter-orange monkeys (no, that's not their real name...that's just my description of their color!)
Again, to Gage, these were "dawgs".

Some really cool Stingrays (otherwise known as "pish"):

Some sea turtles (also, "dawgs"):

And we saw lots of other little "pish".

After that....Lunch. Hooters was just a block or so we made our way over there for some HotWings! Yes, I was the only stroller-schlepping Mom in Hooters with her toddler son. Whatever. The wings rock & we had a great lunch!

Perhaps its not the HEALTHIEST lunch choice...but we started with a Gage got some cucumbers & celery prior to the deep-fried chicken.

After that...we went to the Uptown CarWash...only my favorite gas station in all of Dallas....yes, I have a favorite gas station. Anyway...we went there & got gas & a car wash. Gage & I went inside & watched as the car was coming through the cleaner system. Good times!

After that it was naptime, so we made our way back home.
It was an AWESOME Stay-at-Home-Day. Not that we did a whole lot of staying at home...but, it certainly was better than going in to work that day!



At 6:22 PM , Blogger sara - The Estrogen Files said...

Uuuuuummmmm... Deep Fried Chicken... (wiping drool) Wonderful Post! Our small Idaho town has no such "dawgs" in residence.


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