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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Who meeeeee??? Behind??? No!

I'm so behind.
I'm on Instagram now, and that's sooooo easy (thanks to some friends who set it up for me, ha!)

Though, I should update this soon.

Not only did I get behind in blogging, then my laptop with all of the pics stored on it---well, it petered out. Got a new laptop that has nary a pic on it.

So sad.

I'll update soon, I hope!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Sand Pit.

So, we put in a sand pit. Originally when Eliette was first introduced to sand, she hated it. HATED it. Now that she's a bit older---she sees it in  a whole new light.

Now, in the above pic, clearly the area around the sand pit needed to be swept, but our kids were so eager to get started. I can't blame them.

 But then, this happened:
She had to learn the hard way----you just don't eat sand.

Oh, the sand pit.
It was fun for a while.
It only lasted a few months.
I think the above pics were taken in April or May of 2015. As I type this, it's July. The sand pit has been removed because we've found that having a space of about 5 feet between a sand pit and pool is just a BAD idea. Our poor little pool cleaner and filters.... Little Miss would take handfuls of sand and just dump them into the pool. Not a good idea. Then, they (our kids and friends) would play in the sand, and use the pool to wash the sand off of their hands, bodies, and swim suits. It was just a mess.

....but-----it was fun while it lasted!

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I woke up like this.

Beyonce's all, "I woke up like this."
Girl---I cut my hair short, and now I wake up like this.


How behind am I in posting? Like, way. {If you could read that with a mental Valley Girl accent---that would be great.}

Pics from about....two months ago.
I'll catch up one of these days.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Fun at Susan's. :)

{HOW BEHIND am I at blogging???}

There was some light reading....(about 1/2 a book...) followed by some jumping....and then a trip to the playground....

 The highlight reel:
Not pictured: our attempt at taking this crew to the playground in the wagon and stroller. I wanted to try the wagon. Eliette was excited, and then VERY excited about her new-found skills and independence. "Oh look, I can just wiggle out of these wagon straps and climb out and run up to the front doors of strangers. Nobody can stop me! {insert evil laugh}"
We turned around, strapped E in the stroller, and went home to get the car.
Good times.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Spring Fling & Such....

Once upon a time, Gage and Daddy went camping for the weekend, and Darnin came for a quick visit! Yay!

At the same time, the neighborhood Spring Fling was happening. There were vendors, pony rides, food, bounce times.

Eliette first wanted to ride the ponies.

After that, it was onto the little petting zoo...

Then she discovered the bounce house.
Quite possibly her first bounce house experience.... I can't remember. I know this: THIS was the moment she discovered she LOVED the bounce house!

Sweet, happy girl!

...and then it was time to go....
That, of course, didn't happen. Rather, Sister led us down a path straight to the playground....

Darnin couldn't resist, and why would she want to?
They had a blast, and I just stood back and took pictures and watched.


What happened in our day after that?
A little shopping, but not much.... Darnin was reminded that day about how hard it is to shop with a toddler---when the toddler clearly doesn't want to shop!

So----we headed over to a local restaurant for dinner, and had fun with that....

Then we let E run around and play downtown for a bit.... Then we headed to Braum's for dessert....then we headed home.

All the while, I got these camping pics from the guys:
Happy boys....

Back at the Casa de Lainey-Paney, someone was playing the poor-pitiful-me card....

She was tired but knew that lotion, diaper, and jammies were right around the corner.

Oh, it was just a great day.
It ended with me putting the baby to bed, and then staying up late to watch a movie with mom. {Well, I did.... Darnin fell asleep. Guess my toddler wore her out. wink*wink}

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