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Sunday, November 23, 2014

"But you just GOT a new bike."

"Mom, I need a new bike," he said.
"But you just GOT a new bike."
He handed me a pedal off said bike.
"Can Daddy fix it?"

Ummm....for the $ I paid, it shouldn't fall apart. The pedal falling off was not the first issue we had with this Tony Hawk Fred bike. It was just the last straw for this mom.

Though I'd sworn off ToysRUs in the past, I found myself there YET AGAIN. This time was to return the freaking bike. Gage rolled into the store with his bike and headed straight to Customer Service. "My mom needs to return this." I was right behind him. I put the pedal on the counter, "and here's the rest of it." 

After that---ride a bike IN the store? No problem. Sure you can---until they come over and say that you can't.

He was thrilled. Found a bike he loved, which is so not what this mom had chosen for him---so it's great that he got to pick one out.

Sister had fun at the store too. I mean---it's a toy store. How can you NOT have a little fun, right!?

Just Like Mommy

So, a friend of mine has two little girls, and one day when we all went for snow-cones, she was detailing how her daughters  like to dress just like her, and have what she has. If she wears a black shirt, they both want to wear their black shirts...and there you go.

Well, Eliette's not quite there....but one day when we were taking soup to a neighbor who'd had surgery, she was insistent on carrying the little bag that matched my larger bag. They're just the Whole Foods reusable bags, but once she saw that one of the little ones in our pantry matched the big one---she HAD to have it.

Love it.

...and I'm sure this is just the first of many matching moments.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Party for Gage's 9th Birthday!

Gage told me that for his birthday party this year, he wanted an astronaut themed party at our local indoor trampoline park. Done & Done!

The table decor----thanks to Gage, Mommy, Megan & Susan! (Yes, Megan and Susan came to my house when we were in full on pre-party mode, and they helped out with the decor making while we all chatted and caught up. LOVED IT! ...and super grateful!)
 This cake? My HUSBAND made this moon cake. How freaking awesome is he???

The kids had a blast.

Little Sis had a blast there too. We weren't really sure what to expect in general because I'd never been to this place. Booked it over the phone and just waited to see.... really didn't expect Sister to love it like she did. It's a full time job to chase her around that place!
Before we knew it, it was time for pizza and cake...

After cake, Gage opened his gifts. There was a bit more bouncing and dodge ball, and then it was time to head home. Two of his party guests were spending the night that night because their mom was working late. It worked out perfectly for everyone. Gage had a great birthday party---that turned into a sleepover, AND the boys were worn out from jumping! Win-win!

He says it was a great party. I love that for him.

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So, it's hard to believe that we have a NINE year old.
I mean---time marches on, but sometimes it feels like it's going at warp speed.

On the morning of Gage's 9th birthday, he woke up and of course, began asking if he could open his birthday present. So---I gave him some little gifts....He was content. He had no idea what was waiting for him on the front porch.
 As he left for school....

He was soooo excited! Yay, Mom & Dad for the win!

He had a great birthday morning.

What happened later? We all went up to the school and had lunch with Gage for his birthday. He was surprised, yet again. Wooohooo!

Gage said it was a great birthday.

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Worth waiting for.

THIS was worth waiting for. Every moment with her---so worth the wait.  I wouldn't trade a moment with her for anything in this world.


Dancing with Daddy.

I'm not really sure what prompted this....I just know that I walked into it, and it was PRECIOUS. Daddy and daughter dancing....with a biscuit. Little Miss couldn't part with her biscuit even for a minute. Oh, my sweet darling!

Love this. Love them. Love, love, love!


Car Dancing.

Don't ask me what song was playing. Now I can't remember.... but that doesn't matter. What matters is that love and laughter was overflowing from the backseat of my car. That's the good stuff that warms this momma's heart!

Dancing, cheering, was a happy day!

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