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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bitty Girl.

Our sweet little girl is so tiny, but she has a BIG personality. I see her every day, and I know how little she was when she was a newborn. Sometimes I forget how tiny she still is for her age. And then I see pictures like this.... Mommy's itty bitty snuggle bug. She's "Bitty Girl."


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SunDay FunDay

Mommy's sweet girl after church one day....

Sweet girl.
Silly girl.
Sassy girl.
Stubborn girl.
Snuggly girl.


Happy Valentine's Day!

How we spent our Valentine's night: hosting dinner for these gentlemen and a little lady.
How many dates did you have for Valentine's, Eliette? More than she could shake a stick at! {Such a Southern expression, am I right?}

We had home-made pizza....ran out of pizza, and then had to order pizza!
Oh, these boys. I mean to tell you---we have hit the point where the appetites are definitely increasing. Two large pizzas to feed 6 boys? That's no longer enough. Crazy.... They're just growing boys.

The conversation at the table was hilarious. They were seriously discussing dragon farts. No lie. "Do you think there are flames that come out, or just puffs of bad smelling air?"  May I never forget this age!

"Fart." Not a word we've used too often here at the Casa de Lainey Paney. It's just not. Gage just recently 'graduated' to using it. "Mom, it's not cool to say 'toot.' Nobody in the third grade says that." {Well, maybe you guys shouldn't spend so much time talking about flatulence!} So, I've lost the battle against "fart." ...such is life.

He's growing up.
It's both wonderful and scary. Exciting and sad all at the same time.

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Helmets Save Lives.

Sister's going to make sure she's safe...whether it's on a bike, walking around, riding in the car, or shopping at Target.
This girl LOVES her bike helmet.
Thank goodness it's not a fight with her. She loves it so much she wants to wear it at random times, and prefers that nobody tries to remove it....

Unicorns on her helmet, My Little Ponies in her hands. She's a happy girl....


Would you look at that !?!?

Well, just look at it! THAT'S some growth.

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Valentine's Date Night.

So, this year for Valentine's, we did something maybe a little bit cheesy. Oh well. I wanted to try it. So, we did.

We went to one of those organized murder mystery dinners.

We actually went just BEFORE Valentine's Day so that we could be home with the kiddos on actual Valentine's Day. We went with some dear friends who just moved back to Texas (yay!!!) and laughed a ton.

As it turns out, one of my childhood friends was one of the main actors. He's terribly funny as a general rule, so it was just fun to watch him host and orchestrate this whole thing. How did I leave without getting a picture of us together with him!? Grrrr....

Anyway, we had a lot of laughs. Now I can cross that off my bucket list.

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Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring - quite often the hard way.   - Pamela Dugdale

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I'm a helper.

Washing dishes.

Ask me how many times Eliette has climbed up on a stool to help Mommy do dishes.
How many?
You're looking at it.
She was amused for about 60 seconds.

...we'll have to try this again at a later time and see how that goes....


Time Out & the Pop Tart Phone.

This was Eliette's first time in "Time Out." Daddy put her there. What had she done to warrant time out? At this point, I can't remember....but I think it was for throwing a fit. I know that by the time Daddy reached the "you're going in time out" point, she was already fully in a fit.

So how did it go?
Well, we decided 2 minutes, since she's almost two.

Two minutes came and went.
She sat there. She stayed right there, and kept right on fit-throwing, well past 2 minutes. I think she hardly noticed that she was in time out.

...and then her little fit petered out. She went to the pantry, got a pop tart, and promptly starting making calls to tell of how poorly she'd been treated.

 Silly girl.... growing up is hard. Obeying is hard.


Shopping Girl!

Oh sweet girl.....this is JUST THE BEGINNING!


She's pretty intense.

No clothes, a hat and a mitten?
Sounds about right.


Monday, March 23, 2015

VDay Sweet Treat

This mom kept it reeeeeally easy this year. Some assembly was required, but baking? There was none of that.

Ingredients and finished product:

I just took each brownie bite and used icing as the glue to hold the candy heart on top. So easy! I think they look so cute.
The other treat?? Well, that was pinterest inspired. So easy too. Bananas are cheap and healthier than cookies, candies, and we rolled with it. A sweet treat and a healthier option.

Eliette took these to her little Early-Childhood-PTA event in our area, and Gage took a batch of these same treats for his classroom VDay fun.

Keepin' it easy, yall!



Eliette and Miss J at the park playing... It was a fun day!


Sooo.....later that day, when Gage got home from school and found out that Sister got to go to the park while he was in school, he was a little bummed. Go back to the park? Okay!

So glad that he's not too big to still want to do this. I know that the year is quickly approaching when he won't want to play on a playground, and his imagination will not run wild when he gets there.... So, if you wanna go to the park today and we can---you betcha we'll go back.

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Sister Selfies.

Oh, this child.
She will grab my phone in  a heartbeat. She will take pictures, facetime people, call people, and hang up or lay the phone down....all kinds of things! She's texted my contacts, texted them pictures of herself. It's nuts! ....but it's a little bit funny.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

One with great power or authority.

Czar: one with great power or authority.

 So glad I could make up my bed for you, CZAR.

...and you too, Missy!
You know, those covers WERE straight at one point....
Oh well, I tried. They're too cute.....

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Feb. 8th....Twas a great weather day!

I'm so behind in blogging....

...but February 8th, 2015 was a great weather day, clearly. Dinner outside? Don't mind if I do!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So....this happened:

His first night home: 

A dog.
Our dog.
He's so stinkin' cute.
But, I'm still adjusting to the whole "puppy phase." Ugh.
Damon was soooo excited to get this dog. He went and got him on the first day we were able, and then promptly left town the next day on a business trip.
Gage went to school, Daddy was out of town, so it was just me, Sister, and Czar for the day....

 While he is undeniably cute, it was hard that first day acclimating to a puppy with a toddler in tow.
Eliette was kicking and screaming because all she wanted to do was get out of the stroller and walk. Czar had the ability to scamper about and walk and didn't want to! ...and, it was cold.
...could be worse though, right!???
For Brother, this was totally worth waiting for!

Having Czar waiting for Gage after school---so precious. Gage loves every minute of it.

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