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Friday, January 23, 2015

Sleepover Fun....

School is out for the holiday, and that brings SLEEPOVER fun!
One thing I've learned as a mom to a boy: boys don't have slumber parties. They have sleepovers. {Oh, ok.}

So, sleepovers are usually complete with dinner around the table, board games, video games, nerf guns, movies, and popcorn. Not particularly in that order.

Eliette generally tries to insert herself in the mix. Pallet sleeping with a movie playing is generally a staple...

 But, sometimes the guest room is good for sleepover fun too....

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Friday, January 16, 2015

GNO: White Elephant Gift Exchange

LOVE our GNO group.
We got together at Mel's house for a white elephant gift exchange. So fun.

What happens when friends steal your phone:

Kiss Kiss!


Wrapping Gifts...

I love wrapping paper. Love it, love it, love it. In fact, I've been barred from buying it in the past because I had a zillion rolls. I'm not one of those who says, "this year we will use this wrapping paper and all of the gifts will match." Nope. Not for me. I like a zillion different patterns under the tree. A zillion different color combinations and all that jazz.

...and I LOVE wrapping gifts!

But this one is clearly not an example of my finest work. Should I have put it in a box? Probably. But I didn't.... It's not easy wrapping a hippo flashlight.

 Tie a bow on there & call it a day.
....and at this age---we can totally get away with doing things like this:

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Eliette's favorite part of diaper delivery day: the box.


His & Hers.

These are our favorite coffee mugs.
His & Hers.

His is on the left. It came as a gift to him from his mother in law. (No, she doesn't want to murder him! Ha. Quite the contrary. Darnin is thankful for Damon. It's from the Shining hotel, or something along those lines. It has to do with the movie and wherever the movie was made.)

Hers came as a gift to him from Her. She then kind of took it back.... Now it's HER favorite mug.



I was frustrated with my sewing machine. Couldn't get the needle to do something. Is there nothing this man CAN'T do? He just took a look at it, fiddled with the needle, re-threaded it, and BAM, he was sewing.

Don't get me wrong: I was happy and appreciative for him....but jealous that I can fritz with something forever to fix it or get it to work properly. He can walk over to something push one button (sometimes) and it's like the world just bends to his will. Lucky duck.


Safety Girl....

This one really knows the importance of protective eyewear. Oh wait---scratch that; protective forehead-wear.

(the above toy: black and decker tool station---leftover from Gage's little bitty play days. Sister loves it! So glad we held onto this thing and the backpack of extra tools!)

These next pictures....oh my. So, Eliette raided the basket of folded/bundled socks. She's Miss Independent. She managed to put bundled socks on her feet. Silly girl!
 "Oh, gotta grab my wub-a-nub!"

She's delightful and funny and independent. She's so....her!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Car Overfloweth.

Instead of my cup overfloweth, my car overfloweth!
HAD TO HAVE a car with third row seating, and then of course on this day when we had two unexpected friends ride with us, there was a stroller and a whole slew of other things back there. So, that put 4 kids right up there with this mama.

The drive thru line at Cane's was crazy-slow and it made for some crazy adventures in waiting.... Mostly good.

Clearly they were all enjoying it. Car dancing was also a hit, as is the constant, "Eliette do this..." and "Eliette say...."

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My Brother, My Teacher.

She wants to do everything that he wants to do.
Sometimes he indulges her....

 (Gage on his iPad, Eliette on Daddy's....)

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Santa Baby, 2014

...happy girl!


You've Got Mail.

No, not really. Well, maybe you do. But this post is really about Eliette.
She's got a mailbox.

Daddy thinks I'm a little crazy for this, but I think it's a wonderful keep-happy! It's a locking mailbox with two flaps to open. The keys are on a little chain so that she can play with locking and unlocking the mailbox and the keys wont get lost. I think it's GENIUS!

 Pardon the post-nap hair.

 I think she approves!

Now, since the mailbox was installed (Thank you, Daddy!) Eliette has stuffed that mailbox full of all kinds of things. Socks was probably my favorite.


Dining Darling....

Somebody likes ranch A LOT.
Carrots? Merely a delivery device for the ranch.

...she's pretty intense.
Ranch is serious business.