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Wednesday, January 30, 2008




Why, son had to get a buzz-cut haircut.

I went to pick Gage up from Memaw's house today... I suppose Memaw thought he needed a hair trimming...because she tried to trim his hair today. Well, apparently, he jerked, or moved, or something. And...then, she had to keep cutting to try & straighten the mis-cut....and it kept getting shorter, and shoerter... So, when I got there to pick Gage up...I just said, "Oh, Memaw!" And, then I took Gage straight to a hair cutting place. The lady cutting Gage's hair took one look & said, "Oh, I can't fix this. We'll just have to cut it off short, and let the other parts grow out."

So, I don't think that he looks horrible or anything....he just doesn't look like I'm used to seeing him!
So, maybe it will grow on me. For now, I just....I just miss his kind-of-crazy-every-which-way hair.

And no---I don't hate my mother-in-law.
She is VERY very VERY good to us.
And in the past, she's trimmed Gage's hair, and everything was fine... But, not this time.
I just miss his hair.

For now...We have this:

I see this hairstyle on the children of others. It looks cute!
But for some reason, on Gage, it just doesn't seem right...or not yet.

...until it grows out, we can always cover it, right?


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to School....

Well, I had class last night. It was the 3rd week of school, but my first class.
Why? Well, I forgot to go on week 1; week 2 was a holiday for MLK Day. So, I went last night. Boy, did I feel behind the curve!

...and, my professor. I can't yet decide if I hate him or not.
He goes soooooooooo fast. He'll say things like, "...and you were exposed to that in undergrad. If you don't remember, then look it up. Moving on..." Um....dude, my undergrad was HOW many years ago??? And, he says that, but the following stuff that flows from his lips makes NO sense until I frantically rifle through my texts to refresh my brain..."oh yeah, I remember now..."
I'm not a big fan of spoon-feeding or being read to....but at the same time, come ON!

And...I'm expected to be proficient in SPSS & SINGWIN. I am sure that I've had some SPSS in the past, but I can honestly say that I have never even heard of SINGWIN. He made it abundantly clear that this class is NOT a technology class. He will not be teaching us how to use the programs, but we are expected to use them for our 2 major of which is due 2/18. Great.
We also have to read about 8 chapters a week, and he expects them to be read between the end of class on Monday night to Friday. He expects homework questions to be emailed to him no later than midnight on Friday. but---class doesn't meet until Monday. So, that means that if you work, have a child, and attend school---unfortunately you don't have your weekends to do the work b/c he wants the stuff done by the Friday before the weekend.

He also does not like discussion during class. You are to speak only when you've been called upon. You can raise your hand, but do not begin speaking until he calls you by name. And yes, we all have name-tags. He then referenced some experience he had at ASU where two students got into a fist fight, and he believes that it was sparked by chaotic open forum discussion, which he will not tolerate.
At that point, my bladder was about to explode, and I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I did not raise my hand, nor did I request permission. I was fully prepared to go toe-to-toe with this MOFO if he questioned my actions. I'm a grown ass woman. I will go to the restroom whenever I choose. Regardless of what he thinks.


I've got exactly one class under my belt, and I am sooooooooooo ready for this semester to be over, already.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Because...

Today...I'm missing my buddy.
...and I'm feeling like he looks!

Man, I love me some Baby Gage!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Conversations From A Marriage...

Me: Hey, where are you going?
Hubby: Home Depot.
Me: Oh, for what?
Hubby: Some rope.
Me: Why do we need rope?
Hubby: Well, we don't have any.

Later in the day...

Me: Hey, um, do we have any rope? (just to mess with him....)
Hubby: No, why? Are you going to hang yourself?
Me: No, I was going to hang you.
Hubby: Well, in that case, you can just use my penis.
Me: Ha Ha Ha.
Hubby: You're right. That would never work. Too much slack. And then--well, then I'd just be tied to a tree.

Picture me: eyes rolling & walking away....


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Oreo cookies are gooooooooood!


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Serve It Up!

So, last night, Gage wanted some Kool Aid.
He chose grape.
HEEEEEEEEE wanted to stir it.
So, he pulled his chair up to the cabinet. I mixed the powder w/ the sugar & water. I handed him a big spoon to stir.
In the background, dinner was being made...
Turn my back for a second, and PLOP, in goes a scoop of butter. Butter IN the Kool Aid. EEEEWWWW!
Turn by back for another second---in goes a handful of M&Ms.
And the final ingredient: One Baby Gage sneeze sprinkled over the top.

So, Baby Gage's Recipe for Kool Aid:

1 packet kool aid
1 c. sugar
Several cups water
1 scoop butter
1 handful M&Ms
1 sneeze to garnish

At the point of the sneeze---Hubby & I decided that we just don't drink enough water, and clearly, we'd need to drink water with our dinner.
But Gage---no, he had to have some Kool aid.
....and he drank it.



Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, today, I shall toot my own horn.
I've been productive!


*folded a million loads of laundry.
*sorted the folded laundry & put it all in various baskets to be put away.
*gave Gage two baths (b/c he wanted them!)
*swept the floor in the entry way, living room, dining room & kitchen.
*did a load of laundry (all of the other laundry was already done, but waiting to be folded on the dining room table.)
*wiped down the bathroom counters...
*changed diapers...
*built & maintained a fire in the fireplace...
*didn't pull my hair out when Gage wanted to watch the SAME episode of WonderPets about 3 times in a row while we played trucks on the floor.
*played tackle football in the living room with my son, and made up names of plays b/c I know ZERO about football.
*did a load of dishes.
*call & paid a bill the SAME DAY that I got it in the mail!
*talked on the phone to: my dad, my mom, my sister, my friend Tera, my cousin's wife's sister (...who actually once saw a Kevin Bacon movie...), & my husband.
*closed the door to my bedroom & didn't even THINK about making the damn bed.

and....I defrosted steaks for dinner.
...and I defrosted cookie dough to make cookies...
......and I defrosted pie crusts to make an apple pie later.

What the HELL has gotten in to me?


I have an accent?

It's so funny. I don't hear it. It's funny for me to post my voice in the videos w/ Gage, and so many of you comment on our Southern accents.

....Moving topic:

TWO BABIES! Wooooohoooo!
Gin's blog:
Ginger has been a friend of mine since I was....10 years old.
We grew up together. Our parents were friends. Our grandparents were friends. She just has a great family, and I am sooooooooo sure that her parents are soooooo excited!

So....I have a friend, Jessica, w/ identical twin daughters, Shiloh & Abigail.
I have a friend, Jolene, w/ fraternal twin daughters, Lola & Maggie.
I have a friend, Joan, w/ twin daughters, Caitlin & Emily. (I don't know if they are identical or fraternal...I tend to believe identical...b/c to me, they look EXACTLY alike, but, that doesn't necessarily mean anything I of them wears glasses, the other does not.)
I have a cousin w/ twins: Mallory & Morgan.
I have a cousin w/ triplets too!: Kevin, Kyle, & Heidi.
And now, Ginger's having twins...

I'm just soooooooo excited for them!


Monday, January 21, 2008

This morning....1/21/8

Sunday, January 20, 2008

From 1/11/8...Good Morning!

So, this was my morning in picture....1/11/8 before work....

Wake up, Sleepyhead!!!!

Get some milk....say 'Good Morning' to the dog...

Shot of the bedhead...

Gotta get our jacket on...

...he's such a MESS!

...some days I just hate going to work....


Play Date!!!!

On 1/9, Gage & Aubri had a play date over here...
They ran around like crazy playing w/ EVERY TOY WE OWN & playing chase.

Things that I learned: (1) Having them together, gives us so much free time. They entertain each other & it is awesome! (2) The two of them create QUITE a mess! Seriously, the mess was more than double what Gage does on his own. Some how the mess increased exponentially like to the 4th power!


Kitchen Helper...

So....this post is a little overdue... It's from 1/8/8.

It was a stay-at-home-day for Mommy. We played with the sand table...we played soccer...we played outdoors most of the morning.

After nap, Gage & made a cake.
The night before as I was putting him to bed, he told me that he wanted to "have a cake party tomorrow?", of course, I said yes!

He grabbed a handful of Christmas candy. I hate to explain to him that the cake recipe did not call for Hershey Kisses or SweetTarts....



Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gage Blogs....





Friday, January 18, 2008

Movie Reviews...

My Life Without Me

I may have posted about this movie before. I loved it. I really, really loved it.

Reign Over Me

Loved it. OMG, loved it. Sad, but great. Very very good.

3:10 to Yuma

Loved it. Great movie. In fact, I didn't expect to like it...western movie...but, surprisingly, I loved it.

Wild Hogs

We really liked it. Thought it was cute & funny.

White Noise 2

Wasn't great, but scared the crap out of me. It was also dark, and I was watching it alone (like an idiot!)....

The Simpsons Movie

Liked it. Wouldn't say that I loved it. But, that's how I feel about The Simpsons in 'em, but not in love w/ the show, ya know? So, it was okay if you like The Simpsons.


Um...weird. "Dark comedy"...yeah, like "Very Bad Things" was a comedy. I found both movies to be...weird, morbid, and not as funny as they were just...frustrating. Wouldn't watch it again....



Today.....I have these on the brain....





Because...I'm making plans to go to Saint Louis in April. AAAANNDDD...that's where my friend, Melissa, lives. I'm going to stay w/ her & her boyfriend, Colin, and it's going to be her birthday, and oh yeah----she likes that movie.

And in my head, I'm singing: LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!!!!!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 2008...

January 2006

January 2007

January 2008

We're on our third January with Baby Gage....


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Tuesday: no puking.
Wednesday: no puking.

So....that's good.

My period started (I'm sure you all want to know...), so I'm moody, crabby, bitchy, & experiencing an increased amount of pain around the right ovary. Yes, I know---that's rather specific.
I have endometriosis, but have not wanted to go back in for another lap (where Dr.B cleans out all of the endo growth outside of my uterus). But today---it's been pretty rough & the thought of having another lap to get rid of this pain sounds somewhat pleasing at the moment.
I'm sure that in a few days when I feel better---I'll change my mind back to "No!"
But for now---I'm bitchy, whining, and in pain.

Went to HalfPriced Books earlier.
We all went.
Why? Because Hubby has taken a week of vacation. He's been home on my 2 days off this week.

Today, Gage said "Ridiculous". Sounded more like..."rah-dic-a-lis". It was soooo very cute.
And---he told me that he did NOT want to eat Ranch dressing because it taste like "SNOT!"

I'm sleepy. It's 7pm & I'm in my jammies---ready for bed.

Went grocery shopping yesterday. In coupons & sales, I saved $75.
:) That always makes me very happy.

New Books for Gage today:
"Take Me Out to the Ballgame" by Jack Norworth & Alec Gillman
"Hot Jazz Special" by Johnny Hannah
"Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter
"Maisy Goes to Bed" by Lucy Cousins
....and, another copy of "Trucks" by Byron Barton.

"Trucks" by Byron Barton. This was one of his FAVORITE books when he was little little. It's a board book. He still loves it. The first copy got so ragged out from him chewing on it when his teeth were coming in....and then it started to fall apart from reading it about 200 times a day.... So, we now own a 2nd copy, and the first has been put away for safe keeping.

Painted my nails...and yes, I'm admitting that the colors are not the same on the fingers as they are on the toes.
Toes: Ballet Slipper Pink
Fingers: Fire Engine Red
The way I see it: it's cold out. Nobody is really seeing my toes out & about....& they were a deep dark red for a you know how dark reds can stain your nails? Yeah...that happened. So, I took off the dark red & painted a pale pink. To look at my feet, my toenails don't look painted...They are very...neutral.
My fingernails on the other hand....slut red*fire engine red*red hot red.
And super short. I think they look cute!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, in my attempt to make sure that Monday evening was not a total loss, I decided to use the AMC gift card that we have, and take Baby Gage to the movies.

1/14/8: Gage's first trip to see a movie in a movie theatre.
Movie: Alvin & The Chipmunks.

His first movie ever is rated PG. (I know, I'm hardcore. What ever happened at starting with the G movies? G...standing for "gateway" movies...ease the kids on in for the harder PG. I'm sure he'll have a crack pipe by Friday, right?)

Anyway....not only am I hardcore like that, I also am piss-poor w/ regard to research. I had no idea that Alvin & the Chipmunks was not a fully animated feature film. It's got human beings in it & the chipmunks are the animated part. Well...I rather think that a fully animated film would have kept his attention longer...but hey---I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Back up: we're in line to buy the tickets for our 6:50 showing. I get a student discount w/ my student ID. Wooohoo---go me. But Gage---his 2 year old self should be free. He was not. It was $15 for the 2 of us to get in. Add popcorn & a bottle of water at $9.50 & say bye-bye to the gift card. (okay, okay---there's still a fifty cent credit on there....)

Go in...find our seats....there are about 10 people in the theatre---total. A few commented on Gage being cute & I let them know that this was his first movie experience, and that I did not know how well it would go.... So, at least they were warned....and I hoped for the best.

Previews were fine..."pa-corn" was consumed. And then....the movie started.
Gage happily gave a free commentary for those who may have been visually impaired. In fact, it was quite loud too, b/c Gage clearly did not want to exclude anyone who may be hard of hearing.

"That's a truck. Did you see? Mommy, Look! Look at that Truck!"
"There's a car! Look at that red car!"
"Look at that tree! Look at that! It's a Christmas tree!"
"What's that? What's that, Mommy?"

good times....

We ran into a few problems w/ the rolling commentary. Gage did finally settle into not narrating for the audience....but, there were 2 things on the screen that Gage just couldn't seem to understand that the items were not really THERE in the theatre. Without giving the whole story away (yeah right---like I saw the whole movie...dream on), at one point, the Chipmunks are in Dave's cupboard. The doors open, and he has a bag of Goldfish in there among his other pantry items. Well, nothing would do....Gage WANTED those Goldfish. Last time I checked (...oh, and that would be just a few hours ago), AMC does not sell Goldfish among their fat-filled snacks. Next thing that really didn't sit well with Gage: on the screen, Dave is flipping channels on his TV. He goes past a Discovery Channel show or...some show that has a SNAKE on it. Well, on the movie screen---the snake know--huge. Gage didn't like THAT at all. So---I had to calm him down about that....

Speaking of calming people down....something else happened in the theatre that was completely WEIRD. Like, totally crazy pervert WEIRD. So, like I said---there were only about 10 people in the theatre at the start of the movie. About 20 minutes into the movie, an 11th person entered. He entered to my left....crossed completely to the right side of the theatre, and started up the aisle. He entered our row. We were sitting toward the left of the theatre. We were not sitting in the center of our row. He walked ALL the way down our row, and sat in the empty seat RIGHT NEXT TO MY SON. Who does THAT? So, I gave him one of those, "you move, or I'm going to move" looks. I mean, of aaaaallllllll the empty seats in there, and he sits WITH us---like we're a party of 3? No thanks. So we moved. Up & behind him. Why??? Because I wanted to keep an eye on him..... about 10 or 15 minutes later---the man left. WHAT A FREAK-O!

Anyway....about 40 minutes after the movie started....Gage was ready to go. "I wanna get down & go THAT door." So....we left the movie & started walking around the mall...seeing all the glorious sites...and we saw a woman JOGGING. Jogging IN the mall. Sweatsuit, headphones, the work. Again---who DOES that? I'm aware of mall-walkers....but mall-joggers. That was new to me.

Got home...brushed our our jammies on....& went to snuggle in bed before bed. Gage started complaining of his head being cold. He wanted a hat. So, I got him warm snuggly hat. We snuggled in under the covers. Then, he started complaining of a tummy ache. Within minutes----we were both covered in puke. LOVELY.

So, it was into the tub for us. Bless his heart....he threw up about 4 times in my bed & on both of us before we made it to the tub. He had chunks of puke coming out of his nose. It was sooooo yucky.

So, we took a bath. Together.

Back up: on Sunday, we took a bath together. After his comments, I decided that it was going to be our last bath together. Here's why:
Gage: "Mommy, you don't have a penis?"
Me: "No, Gage, I don't."
Gage: "You lost it? You lost your penis?"
Me: "No, I didn't lose it...I just don't have one."

Fast forward back to Monday night....So, we're taking a bath with grape bubble bath. Gage is shivering & whiny from puking....We're in the tub....and even though he feels like crap---he has to look for Mommy's penis.
Gage: "Mommy, you don't have a penis?"
Me: "No Gage, God gives each BOY a penis, but not the girls. Mommy is a girl."
Gage: "You lost it? You put it in the 'cycle bin?" (as in, 'recycle bin')
I just CRACKED up. Around here, I'm kind of known as the Recycling Nazi. I'm all over it, and if you throw away a tin can---I WILL go into the trashcan after it! Anyway....Gage thinks I've recycled my penis. So funny!

Daddy had to cut his poker night short, and he hit the store for anti-emetics & pedialyte. Gage snuggled in under my arm. "I wanna put my head on Mommy's BOOB." He lays his head on my boob & falls asleep within just a few minutes. That was about midnight last night.

Now---it's 9:30 am....everyone is still asleep but me. AAAAhhhhh....the golden moments.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Sure is Monday....

Well, it's Monday.'s about 9:30 at night....
...and um....I should be just getting home from school....but, um....I forgot to go.

Yes, me...the nerdy studious little gal that I can be...well, so far I'm not getting off on a very good start, now am I? It's 1/14. I have purchased ZERO texts for this semester...I've purchased ZERO binders, spirals, pens, highlighters, folders, protractors, or any other school supplies. And me---I'm a total school supply junkie. What the hell?

So...after work...I trot on over to my car, and head my little butt on home...& when I was about 10 minutes from the house, I realized: OH SNAP! I forgot to start school today. I've officially missed the first day of school. And, by then, I did not have time to turn around, sit in traffic, drive to school & make it there in time. I'm a total bone-head.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm soooooooooo TIRED.

OMG. My whole body aches.

Yesterday, I took all kinds of branches, limbs, junk out to the curb for bulk trash pick up week. I busted me ass blowing leaves & bagging leaves & hauling them to the curb. I was seriously out there for like 5 or 6 hours. And still---there is more blowing & bagging that needs to be done....ugh.

So, I feel like every muscle in my body has been run over by a truck.

And---last night, hubby had the bright idea to start the movie, "White Noise 2". Well, then he falls asleep, and I'm totally freaked out/scared by the random & unexpected images of dead people---so, I was into the movie, but scared out of my mind. Finished the movie....watched Chelsea Handler...and then was TRYING to fall asleep....when Gage woke up with a fever.

Dosed him w/ medicine, changed his diaper, brought him to bed w/ us. Then...about 10 minutes later, he wanted his bed....

He was up 2-3 more times after that. Finally, we were up & out of bed before 8. I'm so tired & stiff. I'm like a walking zombie.

But, in brighter news.... My friend, Ginger, is PREGNANT!

And, my friend, Nicole, passed her licensing exam yesterday!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Being The Baby...

Gage loves being the baby.
Occasionally he asks for a sister. (no, seriously---occasionally he asks for a sister).

But lately....he has thoroughly loved being the baby.
He INSISTED on getting in the cradle that I keep at the foot of our bed.
In his defense---he did sleep in the cradle in the living room sometimes when he was very little. Now---he's TWO. He's way too big for the cradle. But, I humored him....tucked him in, took a few shots...and then GAME OVER when we started hearing some random & wrong creaking....

(Why, yes that is a faux-mink throw...and it's so VERY soft & lovey!)



Thursday, January 10, 2008

Soooo COOL !

So, remember, my friend's wedding in Savannah last Spring?
Well....Megan & Stephen just made the cover of a magazine!

I think it's sooooooo cool!


Annnnnd....because I'm now thinking about that guys get to see more pics from their wedding!


...down the aisle...

Me & Hubby...

The cake...

The groom's cake...

The dance...

And....proof that Mimosas ROCK!....

...and, the big departure...

It was such a good wedding....


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Baby...

Gage has a baby. His name, is "Baby"....

Gage loves Baby.

Nevermind the fact that Baby's head is as big as Gage's.

So, Gage's old baby swing was in the dining room. He decided that Baby would enjoy it. So, what Baby wants, Baby gets.

Gage then decided that Baby was thirsty & needed a bottle. So, I got out one of Gage's old baby bottles. Come to find out---that baby won't drink! Gage was very upset that Baby would not drink from the bottle.

A little time went by....

Gage came to me & asked for Pasta Bites. So, I made some....put the bowl down on his little table in front of his little chair...& I went back to cleaning the dining room. Turned around when Gage shouted, "Baby won't EAT!" Gage has smushed pasta bites on Baby's face & was trying to force feed Baby. There were Pasta Bites all over the tray table on the swing. He was very frustrated with his baby that JUST WOULD NOT EAT. (yes Gage, I know ALL about that frustration myself!)

It's very cute to see him be so nurturing of Baby.
Of course....about 10 minutes later, he's dragging Baby around by the foot---but, whatever.