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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Due to the weather, I will be spending the night at the hospital tonight.
My relief can't make it in b/c of the I'll be working my shift, most or all of hers, sleeping here, and then working mine tomorrow.
This should be will be my first time to spend the night in this hospital....

I'm sure I'll let you all know all about it.

I've got scrubs from radiology to wear tomorrow...
I hope I sleep well....

Festive Wrappings...

So...I've been officially banned from purchasing anymore wrapping paper.
Those are all the rolls of wrapping paper that I had out on the living room floor last night. This year---everything is getting wrapped! And, that doesnt include all of the holiday bags, bows, tissue paper, plain boxes & decorative boxes that I have... Goodness, that's a lot!
That's....17 rolls of wrapping paper. Two of them are the same print... I'm done.

Christmas on Acid...

So, I was jacking around with the different settings on my camera....

Here's the little tree in the living room....on Acid.

And here's my front of the tree...on Acid.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Over the weekend, we brought down Christmas stuff from the attic...
Gage was NOT a fan of the attic stairs coming down & us not allowing him up in the attic.
But, once Mommy started unpacking things....he was all over the place!

"I'm going to get you, Mommy!"

Wearing Mommy's gingerbread headband...

"Do you like my elfin-magic shoes?"

Lounging on the couch...Playing with Mommy.

Toilet Paper Fun...

So, Gage now likes to take the toilet paper...grab the first square, and just start walking away....taking it as far as he can until it breaks free from the cardboard center roll...
So, he sometimes makes it into the hall & almost into the entry way.

When it breaks, he wads it all up & brings it to Mommy.

"Thank you, Buddy!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


There is a dr here today that I've just butted heads with. I routinely butt heads with him. He's so frustrating to work with.
AND---if my shoes weren't so cute, I'd kick his a$$!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Dance, Monkey, Dance...

So...our little one.
He's been dancing since before he was crawling. He'd get up on all fours & bop/bounce to the music. It was precious. And we cheered, and ooh'd & ahhh'd over there is the positive reinforcement.
Gage: "If I dance, they smile & show signs of happiness! Therefore, I will dance."

dancing at 6 months....

dancing at 13 months....

He's just got the rhythm! What can I say?

So what prompted this post?
Well, this morning, I was taking Gage out to Memaw's house. He was moving his feet with the music, and bobbing his head just slightly. When he realized that I was watching him & just loving to see him ride & look out the window enjoying the music---well, when he saw me see him, he got animated with his head bopping & started to put on a show for me. Now, it was cute....but my first thought was that he's now trained to dance for an audience. I preferred to just catch a glimpse of him in the moment doing his own thing...
Anyway...he's my little dancing fool. I love it, and would not have it any other way!

Oh Sh*t!

Sh*t is right...
Gage has officially learned how to take off his own diaper, and after doing that, he promptly squatted & sh*t in my hallway.

Time for potty-training, maybe?

In the meantime, no more running around in just a diaper. We've got to keep pants on that boy!

I bet Santa brings a little potty for Christmas!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving! it was yesterday...but I'm taking a minute to post this...
Today's been crazy at work, (off & on...but more on than off...)

But, here are some pics from yesterday! Thanksgiving at my house!

"Good Morning! It's Time for Thanksgiving!"

And...the table is set!

The desserts are out!

Gage is ready. He'll start with the green bean casserole...

Mommy & Gage

And later that afternoon, we took Gage to the park...

...and we ended the night by watching "Christmas Vacation"...even Gage sat in my lap & watched most of it, then I put him to bed...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Question Thingy From Megan...

1. What is your occupation? Super-Social-Worker.
2. What color are your socks right now? black.
3. What are you listening to right now? the humming of my computer.
4. What was the last thing that you ate? a bite of a cookie. It was yucky.
5. Can you drive a stick shift? If you want me to tear up your car.
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Indian Red. It's actually a brownish-red color that they did away with/renamed to be more PC. I'd be the un-PC one. That's life on the edge right there, my friend.
7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? A CPS intake worker.
8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? I guess! (since, I know she'll be reading this...)
9. How old are you today? 28
10. Favorite drinks? Milk, Mimosa's, un-sweet tea, coffee (gingerbread or toffee-nut lattes, to be exact)
11. What is your favorite sport to watch? When they officially recognize shopping as a sport, then I will start watching....
12. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes
13. Pet?? Dog, Cat (Eddie & Dixon, respectively)
14. Favorite food? asparagus, dill pickles, lobster, ginger sauce & ginger salad dressing....pecan encrusted cat fish...cheese balls, sunflower seeds...okay. I must stop. the list could go on & on.
15. What was the last movie you watched? Started watching "You, Me, & Dupree" last night. got tired. had to go to bed.
16. Favorite day of the year? my son's birthday...
17. What do you do to vent anger? Tell someone what I’m angry about. Get them on my side! (megan & I do the same thing!)
18. What was your favorite toy as a child? Cecil, my sock monkey.
19. What is your favorite season? Autumn/Fall
20. Hugs or kisses? both, and at the same time!
21. Cherries or Blueberries? cherries--fresh.
22. Do you want your friends to email you back? N/A
23. Who is most likely to respond? N/A
25. Living arrangements? house. with the spouse & child.
26. When was the last time you cried? I can't remember...
27. What is on the floor of your closet? dirty chlothes...hey you asked.
28. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? I'm not really sending this to anyone...
29. What did you do last night? went to class, went home.
30. Favorite smells? Quelques Fleur perfume. fragrant roses.... baby lotion on my baby!
31. What inspires you? Gage's smile...his dancing...when he points at things & tries to say the word...
32. What are you afraid of? the dark, drowning, something happening to my son...
33. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? cheese on my burger, please.
34. Favorite dog breed? dont really have a favorite. I want a pug some day.
35. Number of keys on your key ring? 2: car, home
36. How many years at your current job? 4
37. Favorite day of the week? Friday
38. How many states have you lived in? I've lived in 2 states
39. Favorite holidays? Christmas
40. Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery? no. I dont push lawnmowers either.

No, I SWEAR It's NOT ME! (Warning: Adult Image to follow...)

Okay...sticking with the theme of drinking....someone saw this picture on the internet, & swears it looks like me.

I agree, that it looks like it could be me....but it's not.

...or at least, not that I can remember...

Okay, okay...I'm kidding! It REALLY IS NOT ME!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Underage Drinking...Already?

So...on Sunday morning, I got up with the baby...
I was in the kitchen with Gage...naturally, the radio was on (Dance Club, USA...I've referenced it before...)
Anyway...I was doing dishes...Gage was playing with a wooden spoon, a regular spoon, and tupperware on the floor. Tooting around & going over to the window.... can't turn your back for a second on that child!

While I was rinsing dishes---he BROKE into a cabinet where we keep the alcohol. Granted, it's no great big supply or anything, and it is in a lower cabinet...but we had one of those kiddie u-locks on there.
He pulled, must have stripped the screw holding the cabinet hardware on, and voila, the cabinet opens.

Order away, the bar's officially open!

"I'm a HELPER!"

"Um, Mom, I think you forgot this."

"If you don't mind, I'm really going to need you to put this make-up on."

"Okay, that's better. We can go now."


"Are we there yet?"
"Yes, Get out."
"But, we're in the middle of nowhere!"

(As confirmed from the new car's navigation system. Look---we were in the middle of nowhere.)

...because...that's where Damon's aunt lives. So far out in the country, it didnt even register on the car's navigation system.

...Damon would LOVE to live in the country...but me, no, no...I'm a city girl. Give me a Starbuck's on every corner, and a variety of entertainment/shopping/dining options. Now, those are things you just can't get in the country.
Hell, I'm not even sure I want to move to the suburbs!

...anyway...I've written off course.

On Saturday---we went down to BFE,TX, I mean---Gilmer,TX to Damon's aunt's house.
We had an early Thanksgiving celebration.
Let me just tell you how much the world revolves around Little-Mr.-Get-My-Way....
I had a camera, & intended to take pictures of the family. Oh, no. I got a few of Gage with Papa, but that's about it. The rest are just of him. I'm smitten. I can't help it. I'm addicted to photographing my child, and I find very little as interesting or fun or entertaining!

So.... here's Gage at Aunt Sue's...

It was so sweet of her to hang a swing for Gage...

...and on Uncle Don's Harley with Mama.'s my child in the car on the way home.
He looks like a little thug with that bad-boy look on his face!
"Hey mom, can't you lean this seat back anymore? And why can't we get some better rims?"

And then we were home.
I took Gage out in the backyard to play with his ball.
We werent out there 5 minutes before he had 4 mosquito bites!
One on his forehead, one under his right eye, and two on one hand.
What---are they STARVING? We didnt stay out long.

...he's just growing & changing so fast!

Going organic...

So, I commend Tom Thumb for offering a lot more by way of organic products.
We TRY to feed Gage & ourselves organics when they are available. Organic food...produce...spaghetti rice cereal...etc.

So, when I saw this on the shelf at the grocery store, I bought it. I thought it would be a fruity, organic snack.
No. Gage does NOT like it.
Neither do I. It's yucky. It is NOTHING like FruitLoops which are packed with & coated in sugar, and that's why we like them., we'll stick with the Cheerios for now. He chooses those over this organic BS cereal every time anyway.

"I'm Bringing Sexy Back"

...I got this in an email.
I think it's funny...

Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm a mom.
I'm also a full time employee.
I'm also a part-time grad student, at 6 hours per semester.
I also commute over an hour to work 5 days per week.

It's hard.
I miss my son all the time.

I don't really want to get into it all just now...but I don't like being judged for the choices I've made regarding parenthood, regarding my "working-mom" status, or regarding my choice to return to school right now.
I've got a limited window of opportunity for "free" school (I get 20 hours waived for returning within 5 years of getting my bach. I get tuition reimbursement...)

This is my life right now.
It's not super easy.
We're all making sacrifices.
But I won't tolerate anyone saying or implying that I am a bad mother for not staying at home.
....and if it happens again, I probably won't be such a little people pleaser & sit there & take it.

I'm a MOM!

...but, I'm still the one who gets up at 5 to start my day. I'm still the one who wakes him up every morning. 5 nights a week--I'm there for dinner & playtime, and rocking until he goes to sleep. On the weekends---he's generally with ME!
So, nobody has any room to judge me, or comment on my life right now until they walk in my damn shoes for a week.

...if you disagree with my choices, tough sh*t.

Jolene's Baby Shower!

Well, one day last week we had Jolene's baby shower.
We got her a lamp & shade for the nursery, and a neclace from It's two peas in a pod. So cute!

And I made her these two baskets...I'd been collecting little things to go in the baskets for weeks!

...the two baskets...

Up close view of one of the baskets...including the two blankets that my mother-in-law made for the twins!

Tons of stuff, and she loved it!


Nicole---this post is just for you!
I will be off the whole week before Christmas! So, email me with some good numbers for you so I can call you when you're here!
I'm so excited that you're coming home!

(My friend, Nicole...we used to work together, and then she moved far, far, far away to England. ...and I'm JEALOUS!)

Saturday Morning Squirrel Fun...

So, on Saturday morning, I took Eddie outside to do his business.
We're standing there in the backyard, and I hear a commotion up in a tree outside of Gage's room. I look up, and I can see two squirrels wresting on a branch. Within 3 seconds of me looking up there & watching them---they both---holding onto one another instead of the tree branch---fall to the ground..together. It was so funny!
They continued to wrestle on the ground for a few more seconds, and then scurried off their separate ways.

The whole think lasted a total of maybe 45 seconds, and it just made me laugh!
So cute.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quick note about Procrastination....

So, I should be working on paper #2.
I've pulled ump-teen articles to review, and now just have to review them.

And yet, I decided to put a quick note on my blog instead!
And this morning...instead of hurrying off to the library to get a jump start on the research...instead, I decided that today is the day that Gage's 3 drawer dresser & closet must be emptied, & reorganized. I mean, he has a TON of clothes that he can't wear anymore....until a few hours ago they were just taking up space.

And, it's not like my research is going to CURE Alzheimer's or anything....well, not today anyway.

Okay. I'm off to grab & coffee & now start REVIEWING these ump-teen articles related Alzheimer's & the state of our current research.
("our" being a collective term representing the USA, not a global reference....)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Gage loves NY!

Well, he didnt get to go, but we brought him some NYC Garb!


"Like my hat from china-town?"

Who Let the Dogs Out?

who?, Eddie has his run of one part of the house, and because of Eddie's size--we usually keep the dog & baby separate, unless we're both home to supervise.
And, I hope you don't think that Eddie's not good with Gage, because he is. He just doesn't always realize how BIG he is, and the fact that he is a dog, and it would only take one second for something tragic to happen. So...we just personally feel that they can coexist in our home, separately, and sometimes supervised together.
...and Gage & Eddie have hugs & pats & laughter & licks every day at the baby gate.

...ah, yes, the baby gate. That which separates man from his pooch...

Well...twice this week, Eddie has now realized that he can easily jump over the baby gate, but he's officially restaked his claim on the house.

One afternoon....I guess it was Monday, maybe. Anyway---I was the first one home, which is I walked up to the house, I saw Eddie make a mad dash through the living room. As I opened the door, he was just barely rounding the corner from the living room through the dining room. He FROZE when the door opened & I entered. When I said his name, his head slowly lowered. Oh, he totally knew he was busted.
...but, it's Mom here. I dont care. When I'm coming home alone or home w/ the baby, and Damon's out of town---you bet---Eddie gets the run of the house, and he sleeps with me too!

So...then the other morning, when I woke up...I went to throw some clothes in the dryer (so much easier than ironing!). Eddie was nowhere to be found. So, I start checking the couches. Of course, that's where I found him.

So, instead of getting onto him for jumping the baby gate...instead of getting onto him for being on the couch...what do I do? I snap a picture, of course.

Eddie knows I'm a pushover.
Gage knows I'm a pushover.
It's hopeless.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Ooooh, you so nasty."

...that headline should be read aloud in your best Rosie Perez voice.

...but the question is---who am I talking about?
And, the survey says: Tabitha Stevens.
Ahhhh, the former adult star who is addicted to plastic surgery, and I have seen MULTIPLE times on Dr.90210.

I am not a regular viewer of Dr.90210, but I will watch it if it is on & there doesnt seem to be anything much better showing...

So, it just seems that almost everytime I turn on that show, she's on there getting something else done.

So far, I've seen the following episodes, featuring her:
the anal bleaching episode (don't ask....)
the cheekbone implants
& now, liposuction & the mega-bizarre request to have a diamond surgically implanted into her flesh.

Yes, that's right---she wants her diamond implanted into her wrist.
Tabitha, did you want the plastic surgeon to carve out a little hole in your skin & super-glue the diamond in place?
How did you think it would stay there?
Did you think about infection?
Did you think about the skin growing around it?
Are you that freaking nuts?
And, I believe the answer we've all been able to see quite clearly, is YEEEESSSS!

And, let me also point out, that at the end of the episode when she'd had plastic surgery on the back of her thighs for cellulite...well, at the end, she & her boyfriend (who totally looks like he should be dating porn star) were rock climbing...and honey---the light hit just right---you've still got the hail-damage. Hate to break it to you.
Maybe it's better than it was, but it's still there.

Ooooh...she's so nasty.

I'm not even going to touch on the ethical obligations/responsibilities of a plastic surgeon when dealing with a patient who is clearly addicted to plastic surgery.
Today, I'm just not even going to go there.

And, I admit that this post was very judgemental.
I apologize.
I just somehow seem to think I have the right to be this way since she went on TV & acted a damn fool.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


So, this morning, I went into the nursery to wake Gage for the day. He was sitting up in his crib, and when he saw me, he stood up & went over to his musical crib toy & got it going (as he does on the mornings that he wakes in a good mood).

So, I pick him up & we go over to the changing table. I lay him down & start the diaper changing routine...

and then came...a gust of wind outside his window. You could hear it whistling & the leaves flying around...his eyes opened really wide & he had that "what is that?" look on his face.

Mommy: "Did you hear that? That's the wind. The WIND is blowing. There it is again. It's WIND."

Gage: "Win....Win......Win......"

...and then we were done with the diaper change & I put him down on the floor. He was headed for the door when a gust of wind came along again.
He turned toward the window, pointed his little finger, "Win, Win, Win, Win..."

He's grasping a concept!
He's learning & almost completely saying the word!
He's learing about WIND!

I'm so glad it's windy today.


"When a problem comes must whip it!"

Okay...that's my theme song with regard to the next few weeks of this Research class.

Homework for Session 11...90% done.
Homework for Session 13...done.

I still need to read Chapter 16 & complete the remaining 10% of Session 11 homework. (I tried to answer the question by skimming...but alas, was unable to do so.)

Still to do:
Re-do paper #2.
Come up with a topic for paper #3 (finally, an assignment that doesn't build on previous assignments & I get to look at something with fresh eyes!)
Write Paper #3.

So, I have made a dent.
Of course, I chose to start with the easiest work & that which is worth the least amount of points...but at least that's out of the way (almost!)

...I say whip it!
....Whip it good!

"I say whip it!...

...into shape!
Shape it up!
Get straight!
Go Forward, Move ahead...

....when a problem comes along, you must whip it!", I have been given the "OPPORTUNITY" to rewrite paper #2 for my Tuesday class.
I am not looking forward to it.
I dont want to do know, again.
But I have to.
I need to.
I have (or...had) a 4.0 average, and it needs protecting! the next 2 is what I have due in my Tuesday night class:
HW Assignments (Reading & questions) X2
Paper #2 re-write (which, actually is not just's re-researching, re-structuring,'s starting all over.)
Paper #3, a qualitative study based on 2 hours of observation on the population of our choosing...

Yes...that's my Tuesday night class.
Then, on December 5th, we have our final in there.
I'm super excited.

Monday, November 13, 2006


"Shall I use my powers for good, or evil?"

Pics from last week...

Okay, so these are a little overdue (you know, a few days old...not hot off the camera as they usually are....)

Wednesday night....

...and, why yes, that IS a sippy-cup clenched in his hands & mouth. He will gladly take any kind of juice by sippy-cup.

Tuesday night....
Little Mr.-Get-My-Way is trying to score a DP.
Let me tell you how this story ends....let's just say, for once, he didnt win.
Caffeine & a 13-month old, not a good mix at 7 o'clock at night...

...he's too cool! (wearing Allen's sunglasses from when he was a baby...)

It's....a New Car!

Okay...that post title should be read aloud in your best Bob Barker voice.

I got a new car this weekend.
Acura TL.

...and it's got a tan leather interior.
...and it's got heated seats.
...and it's got a 6 cd changer.
...and it plays dvd movies.
...and it has a navigation system.
...and it gets WWWWAAAAAYYYY better gas mileage than my old Jeep.
...and, did I mention, it's awesome???

Love it.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Spring Semester...

So, the spring semester will begin in January.
Got my schedule for next semester...Family Therapy & Direct Practice with Children & Families.
Looks like it will be a very family-oriented semester!

I wanted to take my second Research Class, but the slot I needed was full. I planned on just powering through (I'm taking Research I now, and wanted to go straight through to get it out of the way...yucky research!), but that's not going to happen apparently...

When will I EVER be done??????

Random Tidbits...

This morning I am feeling better. My throat doesnt really hurt today.

Gage seems to be getting over his cold. (Thanks to Tylenol multi-symptom cold syrup for kids....)
His nose isnt really a drippy faucet like it had been.

There's a surprise birthday party going on this weekend. I want to go & take the baby, but I dont think I will. There will be other kiddos there, and it's not really fair to share this cold with other families. So, we'll probably lay low this weekend.

Got my dress last night for Megan's wedding. Um, I had my measurements taken & turned in...they ordered me a size 6 dress. I tried it on last night----thank God it has a halter strap around my neck because otherwise, it would have completely fallen off my body. It's so big, it's pornographic. Which may not make sense to many---but lets just say, if I dont wear a bra (& I wasnt while trying it on), you can see the girls from just about every angle. It's a 6, I'm a size 1/2. I was going to call the store today to see if they sent me the wrong dress by mistake, but I forgot the paper that tells me the store name & number. And, formal dress sizes often dont mean a thing when compared to regular clothes sizing, so I really cant be hung up on the number. It's the fit that is so bizarre. And, I'm trying to think---have I really lost that much weight since measurements were taken? I cant remember. But, if it is in fact my dress---I will just have it altered. It'll work. There's no doubt in my mind that we can alter it to fit---I'm just saying: right now, I couldnt wear it out in public.
The good news: it's very cute! And, it's black (which, I'm a big fan of!)

This morning's music selections (quite a variation....) Aaron Neville, Fiona Apple, Selena, Ben Harper, Aerosmith, and some flipping through the radio stations.
(And yes, I'm a Selena fan. Dont knock it until you try it.)

A word about Aaron Neville. I think his voice is just amazing. Just beautiful. I could listen to him sing "Happy Birthday" & love it. I love his voice.
So, on my CD, there is a track of him singing "Ave Maria", and it dawned on me....I've heard the song a bajillion times. I love him singing it. I dont have a clue what it's about. Religious....but, what else? I dont know what the lyrics mean.
May have to do some googling later....

Took a midterm last night; got an A.

I'm supposed to get my paper back on Tuesday from my Research Class. So far, I've got an A in there too...but I'm not super confident about my performance on this last paper. I was just "DONE" with it before I probably should have been. Turned it in, and was glad to have it out of my hands! So, I'm anxious to see what I got...If I did better than I think---then I just might maintain my 4.0 average! Woohoo!
(those who knew me in my early college years are probably gasping. Yes, that's right, suddenly a 4.0 average is important to me, and I actually did quite well in my later college years....)

What else???
My yellow roses are still sitting on my desk...but dead now. Gotta toss them.

Y&R: ooooh, who killed Carmen? And knew his dumb-a$$ was trouble when he returned to town as John was dying. Lauren---it's just a matter of time before she loses it....what are they going to write into the script?? Post-partum depression? Her losing her mind & killing the baby?? What??? (I'm probably very morbid for letting my mind even wander there...but I'm telling ya---something's going to happen.) she really dead? I dont think so!

It's Gingerbread Latte time at your local Starbucks. And, gingerbread creamer is now available at my local Tom Thumb. Yummy, yummy, to my tummy, tummy! I'm lovin' it.

McDonalds: still can't do it. For you locals---I'm sure you heard about the rat that was found in the salad, and that Dallas Cowboys Coach's wife & their nanny actually ate part of the salad AND PART OF THE RAT. Gag me. Oh my goodness that is just so nasty. So, since that, I just cant do it. I'll go hungry before I could mentally leap over that image & actually put McDonald's food in my mouth. ALTHOUGH, I'm sure it could happen at any restaurant at any's the mental part of it all. I associate that with McDonalds---all McDonalds, and I just cant get over it.

That's about all for now....

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I dont feel well today, and I look like I should be running a garage sale.
I have yet to put makeup on...and I cant foresee me actually applying any at any point throughout the day.
I think I have a cold.
My throat hurts.
I feel worse today than I did yesterday.

I already had a cup of warm tea...but now it's gone.
I think I'll get another...

I have a midterm tonight.
Gee...I probably should study a bit before the test.
It's one question that we have to answer as a group. We have 45 minutes to formulate our response. There are three groups. We get to go first.

Is it Friday yet????

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Celebrity Look-alikes???

Okay, so just for fun.... will let you upload a picture, and tell you who your celebrity look-alikes are. Kind of fun...unless they tell you look like Donald Trump or something...(thank goodness--that didnt happen!)

Okay, so here's the picture I used:

And here's who it says I favor:

Maria Menounos

(here I am...wishing I looked EXACTLY like her!)

Bipasha Basu

Jessica Alba

...just something that is kind of fun to do!


Okay...I'm not much on Awards shows...
But, now that we can pause & more importantly, fast-forward live TV, I dont mind them so much.

I watched some of the CMAs (Country Music Awards) last night...and of course, I have some commentary.

That taupe/gray/beige & black outfit that Trisha Yearwood wore. WHO told her that looked good? She's got big hips to begin with. That just made her look wide. She pays people to be around her & dress her up to look pretty. Those people need to be brutally honest to earn their paychecks, and quite clearly---she's paying a bunch of liars to stand around & tell her that she looked great. Well, she didnt. Like I said, the word is "wide". Not a good choice.

Miranda Lambert. Love her! When I was about 16 or 17 weeks pregnant, my belly was just the perfect size. Not toooooo big & uncomfortable...but big enough that people knew that I was pregnant. Well, anyway...I took Damon to a concert where she played. She was the only one we actually watched, and then we left. I just think she's so cute & precious.
...anyway...she sang this song last night that was cute & funny, and most of us can identify with in some way. It's called (I think) "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend". Funny, funny.
But...her stage presence/ending....well, it just kind of made her look young & immature in stardom (if anyone else can see what I mean with that phrase...) She finished her song, hit the microphone knocking it to the floor, and then took off her guitar & beat the stage floor with it. I understand that she was "going out with a bang" like a crazy-psycho-ex-girlfriend...but it just didnt go over too well in my opinion. that's okay. still love her, so I wont hold it against her.

George Strait: my old is that man now? maybe he just seems like he should be a hundred years old because of all his success & achievements...anyway, for his age, I have to say: he's still quite handsome.

Brooks & Dunn: so annoying. so tired of seeing them. which one is Brooks & which one is Dunn??? The one with the red hair---yes, it was "perfectly tossled", and your bronzer looked...just....well, very bronze. And to the other one---the non-red-headed one---what's up with all of the outfit changes? Seriously---did you like some of those outfits so much & maybe were afraid that you'd never have another occasion to wear them??? Give it a rest. None of us really cared what you wearing in the first place.

Josh Turner: what a voice. Holy cow. His voice goes so deep---you expect that kind of sound out of "Big John" (reflecting on that oldies song..."Big John...oooohooohooh, Big Bad John") He looked very cute like he wasnt trying too hard to be "cool". good job.

Brad Paisley & his wife are just so cute! I could take the time to look up her name, but I'm not going to. She's the daughter from "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin. Anyway...they just seem so cute together.

Martina McBride...always a hit. I love so many of her songs. She had a new one that she sang on the CMAs last night. It's called "Anyway", and the meanings are just great. Good little song...

Vince Gill...he also had another good heart-felt song...his wife, daughter, and Sheryl Crow also sang with him. OMG, his dtr looks so much like him!

Okay...I think that's about all I have to say about that subject...
Gotta run!

Monday, November 06, 2006 New York!

So....we woke up in Atlanta, caught a plane to Newark, and landed around 9 or 10 in the morning....

So...New Jersey's the garden state? Well, maybe the rest of NJ is great, but the parts I, not so much.
In fact, I told Damon later that it is #2 on my list of cities in the U.S. that I dont ever want to live or be stuck in....El Paso is number 1.

(that's us standing outside the Newark Airport. Yes,I'm smiling. Newark sucked, but I was just about to catch a cab out of there!)


So, one $55+tolls & tip cab ride later, there we were on the East Side checking into our hotel room by Central Park.
The hotel was sooooo great, but more importantly--the people who work there were so nice & helpful.
Apparently Damon had quite a time finding hotel rooms this weekend because of the NYC Marathon.

So we checked in....& then went to lunch at a local Italian restaurant named "Ottominelli's" (I could be spelling that wrong...)
It was great. My lunch was just wonderful, and the hot tea was so soothing to my sore throat.

After that...Empire State Building.

(yes, I was looking up for falling pennies...remember how when you were a kid, people would tell you that if you drop a penny off the Empire State Building & it hit somebody standing on the ground that it would kill them?? Well, I was going to keep my guard up---just in case anyone up there was trying to test that theory!)
:) teeeheeeheee.

What next? Chinatown!
I didnt get many pictures in Chinatown...sorry about that.
But, here we are standing on the street, about to go into this little coffee & pastry place...we were at the edge of Chinatown & Little Italy...

And here we are in that little restaurant. Oh, wait, this picture is not of me, it's of a super-rude-hateful-stupid-beastie-has-no-manners-I-want-the-whole-world-Veruca-Salt-wannabe.

Yes, the larger woman in the mult-toned shawl/parka/coverall thing is hateful.
Scenario: we enter, we proceed to the back of the shop & are informed that we can sit anywhere. So, we do. Then, this woman & her two friends, and a toddler enter. They take up quite a bit of space & time while parking the stroller, taking off their coats, deciding where they want to sit, getting the child settled...etc.
In the meantime, a young couple enters just after the 3 women. They take no time getting a table & cuddling & looking over the menu.
Here comes the waitress.
She takes the young couple's order.
So, big-fat-meanie stands up & says, "Hey, we were here first. You need to be taking our order."
Now, if you want to get technical, WE (Damon & I) were here before ALL O' Y'ALL! But, you didnt see me standing up & throwing a hissy fit.
So, the waitress politely tells the woman that she will be there shortly.
After the young couple, the waitress gets our order.
Hateful-beastie-biotch goes to the back of the store to tattle tale to her manager.
So, when she comes back by our table & sits down, I said to the waitress, loud enough for this woman to hear me, "Don't let HER get to you. She's just hateful & you're doing a fine job."
We had coffee & a late afternoon dessert.

After that...souvenir shopping for the little one. (I'll have to post pics of him in his NYC garb! I just dont have any yet...)

Then....World Trade Center Ground Zero.
You get there & just think, "where'd they go?" It's this big, huge hole in the ground. All the debris is gone now, and most of the buildings around there are remodeled/fixed or under construction. The area is highly trafficked, but very, very clean.
This is the fire station across the street

And, shortly after we got there...they had a call.

What it looks like now...

(there were, I think 6 more big signs like this listing all the heroes of 9/11)

After that...I took Damon on the Subway.
Well, we rode it together. It's not like I'm some Subway pro or anything. But, he'd never been on the NYC Subway, so we took a ride.

Went back to the hotel...rested, and then went out to dinner.
Ricardo's Steak House (oh yes, I will return to this restaurant. I dont know when, but I will be back!)

And that was it. Our quick Anniversary trip.
We woke up early on Sunday to fly back before all the road closures for the NYC Marathon.
Sadly, I got on a flight from ATL to DFW, but Damon didn't make it. (we were flying stand-by). He ended up not getting home last night until around 11! Thank goodness we had two cars parked at the airport!!!!!

A side note about New York......I always wanted to live there. Always. But, with this trip. I was hurried & somehow felt very, very, claustrophobic. Like the city was caving in on me. Too many people so close all of the time, no matter where you go, and even in the restaurants--they try to cram as many tables & chairs in there as possible. It didn't seem to be a very disability-friendly environment, I noticed that. I'm a small person who doesn't really take up too much space, but I felt like I had none when I was there. I just wanted some OPEN SPACE!

...and on a mommy-note: how inconvenient to have a baby & live there. Just the constant hustle & bustle, so many people, so many obstacles....and the Bugaboo Frog seems to be the official stroller of NYC. They were everywhere.
On a brighter note: the cultural diversity & activity options for children there are amazing. So, I guess it's give & take. You'll have that no matter where you live...