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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quick note about Procrastination....

So, I should be working on paper #2.
I've pulled ump-teen articles to review, and now just have to review them.

And yet, I decided to put a quick note on my blog instead!
And this morning...instead of hurrying off to the library to get a jump start on the research...instead, I decided that today is the day that Gage's 3 drawer dresser & closet must be emptied, & reorganized. I mean, he has a TON of clothes that he can't wear anymore....until a few hours ago they were just taking up space.

And, it's not like my research is going to CURE Alzheimer's or anything....well, not today anyway.

Okay. I'm off to grab & coffee & now start REVIEWING these ump-teen articles related Alzheimer's & the state of our current research.
("our" being a collective term representing the USA, not a global reference....)


At 7:19 AM , Blogger Nicole said...


How are things in Texas? AMH? Sounds like you are doing well with school! Congrats!! I am going to be in Texas for Christmas. Hope to see ya!


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