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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Underage Drinking...Already?

So...on Sunday morning, I got up with the baby...
I was in the kitchen with Gage...naturally, the radio was on (Dance Club, USA...I've referenced it before...)
Anyway...I was doing dishes...Gage was playing with a wooden spoon, a regular spoon, and tupperware on the floor. Tooting around & going over to the window.... can't turn your back for a second on that child!

While I was rinsing dishes---he BROKE into a cabinet where we keep the alcohol. Granted, it's no great big supply or anything, and it is in a lower cabinet...but we had one of those kiddie u-locks on there.
He pulled, must have stripped the screw holding the cabinet hardware on, and voila, the cabinet opens.

Order away, the bar's officially open!


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