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Friday, June 29, 2007

Whine, Whine, Whine...

Today, I have a sore throat, and I hate it.
I would rather have nausea, puking spells, and explosive diarrhea over a sore throat.

Remember that kid in the commercials..."It'll hurt if I swallow"...yeah, that's me.

I feel like crap.
I want to go home.

Baby Gage's Birthday is right around the corner...

So, we'll get through Summer time, and then Baby Gage will be TWO YEARS OLD.
Lilypie 2nd Birthday Ticker

I seriously can't believe that the time has flown so fast....
He'll only be "a year old" for a few more months...
But really...isn't 2 years when you stop counting the age in months????


Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little Something About Loyalty...

So...I have this little boy (as if all of you were unaware of that...)

He calls me Mamaaaaaaaa or Mommy. Or Mama. Or Laine.

Yes, that's right. He's resorted to calling me Laine.
If I don't respond to Mama...or Mommy...or MAMAAAAAA!!!! then he says, calmly, "Laine," & I snap my head around.

Dearest Child-o-mine: I did not carry you in my womb & nurse you for months...nurturing you every step of the way for you to address me with my name. Do you know that I waited MY WHOLE LIFE to be your mother? Did you know that? Well I did. And you have the nerve to address me as a common acquaintance?
That's it. Your birthday is cancelled.

Or is it???
So...out of the whole heart-breaking, gut-wrenching name drama...comes the bit about loyalty, and the bit that ties the blog title to the actual post....

So, Gage and I routinely snuggle on the couch prior to bed. Or we snuggle in the rocking chair...just whatever. We snuggle. I stare into his eyes & rub his little head. I try to touch every part of his little head before he goes to sleep. And I always say, "Are you Mommy's Boy?" To which he always replies, "No." (mostly b/c he has never said "yes" yet.)

Well...yesterday, he was at Memaw's house. [she is my mother-in-law, and keeps him during the day while we work.] Memaw said to Gage, "Are you Memaw's boy?" To which he replied, "No! Laaaaaaaaine's Boooooy."

And so it child is very loyal to me.
Thank goodness. And Gage....I promise, that just might be one of the only occasions where it will be okay to call me "Laine." Can we please just stick to Mama or Mommy, please? I know---there are many more women in this world that go by Mama or Mommy than there are women who go by Laine....but being your Mama just makes my whole world a bit brighter...And I love being your Mommy.


Happy Late Birthday To Me!

"I'll get you my pretty..."

"...and your little dog too!"

So, THANK YOU DADDIO for my belated birthday gift.
I found the ones that I want.
And today...after work...I'm going to get them.

So tonight, I will be the proud new owner of a shiny black HP Notebook PC, and a rockin' printer where I can print directly from my memory card...and I can't freaking wait.

Dear AT&T: I'm going to be needing internet....STAT.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Studio 707

So... when Damon & I met, this is the building where I lived:

The Kirby in downtown Dallas

And here was my apartment: my unit, the closet door was on the main entrance it was a little different, but similar to that.

Regretfully, I can hardly find any pictures of that little apartment. (off the top of my head, I can't think of any!)
And, I do mean LITTLE.
It was between 600 & 700 square feet, and I'm sure it was closer to 600!
But, you know what? It was the perfect size for me then.
I could lay in bed & watch TV...the ONE & ONLY TV that I had for the whole apartment & that was fine...b/c as long as you weren't in the closet or bathroom, you could see THE WHOLE apartment!

And...Megan lived there too on the 3rd floor. She lived there before I moved in, and she lived there longer than me....

Anyway...My friend, Nicole, is moving back from London & has asked me to help her & her fiance, find a place to live in downtown...and it just got me to thinking about some of the different places where I've lived...

When I lived at the Kirby....Campisi's was across the street (before they moved to the new location), and I could run across the street & get pasta or pizza for lunch. (I didn't go into work until 3:30pm back then...) And, then there was a pizza place right across from Campisi's...I can't remember the name, but they sold Orangina, which I LOVE.
Another thing that rocked: on-site storage units in the basement. That was awesome...and after I left, Megan put my storage unit on her rent...I paid her...and then would go there occasionally until I finally moved all of my crap out of there. Stuff that you don't need every day...or every 6 months...but you refuse to just toss it. Yeah, I had a whole bunch of that...

What I hated: waiting on the slow-ass elevator for the parking garage.
I hated going to the basement storage by myself. Creepy down there. But,I was glad to have the actual storage space...I just always wanted someone to go with me!

I also hated not having laundry in my unit. I had to go to the 3rd or 4th floor for that...I don't remember which...

I loved the view I had overlooking Main Street. I loved to open the windows & just look down & around at all of the activity. I love the smell of the building. I loved the wooden floors & marble hallways. I loved the glass & wood doors with brass letter slots. I loved the old doorknobs. I loved the roof-top pool & the neat stairways...

I freaking love old buildings. I do.

It was just an exciting time. It was my first time to live alone...with my perfect little furniture, and clear glass dishes.

Okay...enough reminiscing....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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Okay, Tiffany, you are so out-doing yourself.

So, I am being way outshined by my sister. My sister, who I love very much....
Yes, I know you read this blog. mom has surgery.
That was Thursday. I checked on her.
Talked to her Friday too. Not too bad.
So, I think--great. She's feeling better. Super recovery....good for mom.

NO. My sister....goes to Mom's (about 3 hours away), does laundry, cooks, takes mom new pajamas. Mom goes on & on about how great & wonderful & helpful it all was.
Yeah, I get it. She rocks, I suck. I'm the self-absorbed one who didn't even call over this past weekend. (see, I totally suck. I just assumed that she was doing great b/c she felt well on Friday).

So, to my mom....thank goodness you had Tiffany come & pamper you & glad you are feeling better. Yes, I know I know---I suck, and you can point this out from this point forward.

To my sister....thanks for being so sweet to mom. And seriously---knock it off. You're soooooooooo making me look bad. And you too can point this out from this point forward ("I was the one who went & took care of mom when....")

Oh the joys of sisterhood.
And, I'm sure all of us wouldn't have it any other way!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Daily Dose of Gage...

Thanks Memma for the musical birthday card. There's a brief clip of the seemingly endless amounts of fun Gage had with that.

Sadly, I can't watch the video myself, as I have heard the lyrics so many times, that I just may explode if I hear them again.
But....he was having fun. And it was cute to watch him play with the card.


I'm at work today, and so far, kind of busy....but I wanted to make sure the fam & friends got their daily dose of Gage.



Friday, June 22, 2007

This Morning...

"twinkle, twinkle, little STAR,
how I wonder what you ARE.
up above the world so HIGH,
like a diamond in the SKY."

So, Gage said all of the words in caps...

How it sounded when Gage sang along:
"blah, ya, dabba, ulla STAR
la la blah blah da da ARE.
blah ya ya da lalo HIGH,
yabba di lo lo ya SKY."

Seriously, he was singing along with the tune.
I'm loving it.

First tune to sing/hum to but never got the words: Barney Theme Song...
First song to request on the radio: Ice Ice Baby (yes, he says "Ice Ice" & sings along, it's soooooo cute!)
Now, he's singing along to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Oh, I love it!

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Get Well Soon, Mamasita!

Mom had surgery, and she's home now recovering...

So, here are Baby Gage clips to help Memma feel better!

Disobedient Boy...

Vacuum Boy...

"Oh Burp!"


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Some things I miss from the 80s...

Punky Brewster coming on in the afternoon after school...

"I've got...Punky Power!"

Eighties music...oh, too many songs to name.

But might I just mention....Walk Like An Egyptian?? Who doesn't MISS that?


Ok...not that Barbie doesn't exist's just that, my 80s were filled with Barbie dolls, Barbie coloring books, Barbie shoes, etc. Speaking of Barbie shoes....why is it that I could always & forever only find ONE? ONE. It was seriously like a constant game of MEMORY [remember that game??] just to find two matching Barbie shoes...

The Sylvanian Family:

Okay, so this was a toy that apparently most little girls didn't have...not that I'm trying to be all hoity-toity snobby. I think most little girls didn't have it b/c it wasn't that popular. Anyway...I had this little Sylvanian dollhouse & two families: the bear family...and some other family that looked like moles, or rats or something. a cute, sylvanian way.

The Lite Brite.
Loved it. Always lost the little pegs.

Garbage Pail Kids.
OMG! I can remember riding my bike to a nearby store with my sister to buy these.
I thought they were sooooooooo cool.

PacMan....yup. That rocked.

Which....really kind of leads me to this:

Yeah...we had one. I sucked at it, but whatever. Had that until the Nintendo came out.

Something I DON'T MISS from the 80s:

Jelly shoes.

Okay...that's it for my randmom little trip down memory lane....

So unfair....but, so funny!

Okay, so all of these cities are putting in cameras & catching speeders & red light runners, and all of this stuff.

It's like having a cop at every intersection!

Well guess what....
I got one. They mail it to you....
Only, at our house...they mail it to DAMON instead of me, even if it's me driving!


Oh goodness. That's just some funny stuff to me.

Hey Damon, sorry 'bout your luck.


So, I've taken some flack for being somewhat protective of Gage's nutrient intake.

That's okay.
Have we loosened up??? Yes, some.
I mean, twice a day he gets a "Sugar Shot", where I let him lick his finger & stick it in the sugar bowl.
He gets to eat cake. He gets cookies (although he doesn't seem to eat very much of them...I guess he just hasn't found the right one yet...or better yet, we have not GIVEN him the perfect cookie yet...who knows)...

Anyway...Gage's appetite seems to increase & decrease like waves. So, when he is hungry & eating, we try to make sure that healthy food goes in there.

He loves fruits. He's pretty good with some veggies. Broccoli--he can live without.

Corn, he loves. Green Beans, ("Bean-Beans") he loves if there is no corn around. Yogurt, he loves. Morningstar Soy Nuggets, he loves. Berries...bring 'em. He loves them...

He's never been to McDonald's...

And, we think that is a VERY good thing!

Our anti-McDonald's policy with Gage stems from a few things...
1) Did you see that "Super Size Me"???
Come on! That was so disgusting. So gross. And really, it probably would be the same with any fast food place. So, let's just limit or eliminate that. Sure, we get hamburgers or make hamburgers, but all of the fast food is waaaaaaaay in moderation. If we don't feel like cooking, our take-out usually is from Boston Market with veggies & rotisserie chicken...
2) Here locally, a RAT was found in a salad. That was pretty much the nail in the MickyD coffin for us. We have not been to McDonald's in....I don't know how long now!

He's now allowed to have soda. Sprite or 7-up. I mix it with juice...
Baby Mosa = 7-up/Sprite + OJ.
Gage loves his virgin Mimosas...

He is not yet 2, and he has had a french fry. Does he eat them even once a week: NO! He's had french fries maybe 3 or 4 times in his whole life.

We just try to make him eat healthy.
Okay. That's my point.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

6/17/7....Father's Day 2007

Well, let's start at the beginning.

Some highlights of Gage & Daddy....

And that, my friends, is Damon being a dad. And...Gage growing up before our very eyes!

And, the beginning of Father's Day 2007 really leaves off @ the night before.
So, on 6/16, we had the party. Guests cleared out around 2:30. Melis & Colin had to get up & leave around 3:45.

So, the baby went down to bed later than normal for him.
At 6am, he woke up wanting milk-milk. So, did that...he wanted to rock, so we rocked as he took his bottle.

I hear the cell phone ring.

I keep rocking. My brain starts thinking: who in the world is calling me at 6am on a Sunday morning? It must be an emergency. So, when I finished rocking Gage, I went & checked my phone. 7 missed calls from Melissa's cell. Oh no.
Called her. Colin lost his wallet. That sucks. I looked ALL OVER MY HOUSE, including Gage's room, where I just got him back to sleep. Didn't matter-he was fine. And tired.
Looked in my car. Looked in my yard, on the back patio, everywhere. Nothing. No luck.
They had to file a police report, go through all of this crap, and FINALLY got back to STL Sunday evening. Bless their hearts. I just felt so bad for them.

Anyway....Gage slept until 11:38. I of course dozed on the couch after looking for the wallet, and prior to Gage waking. Damon didn't get up until 12:30, b/c after all, we'd been up late the night before, Gage had been quiet, and it was Father's Day!

So, he opened his gift from Gage...

It's from Brookstone. It's a case that includes all kinds of waterhose attachments for washing the cars at home. I thought Damon would really like it....I mean, Gage wanted to get it for his Daddy.

Then, Damon b*tched about it, but he cooked breakfast. [i'm not super-enthused about cooking, and then if I say that I will do it, he wants to tell me WHAT to cook & micro-manage my, it's not that enjoyable. we've discussed this a lot, and he's getting better...but still...I don't enjoy cooking THAT much.]
So, we had pancakes & sausage for breakfast, and it was great b/c HE cooked it.

After that....lazy/play time.... Gage got sleepy again around 2:30. He & Damon took a nap.... After that I took Gage outside to play while Damon watched the U.S. Open. We had party leftovers for dinner....

I'd say he had a pretty good Father's Day!

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"Chi, Chi, Alpha Chi Omgega
Alpha Chi, Chi, Alpha Chi Omega.
Alpha Chi is the
Best Sorority!
She's got the girls with
So listen as we sing of her
Praises Evermore!
Chi, Chi, Alpha Chi Omega...."

You get the picture. I have an old sorority song stuck in my head.
Help me. It's going to be a long, long day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, so Saturday was my birthday.

Friday, we worked on the yard until 10 o'clock at night. I of course, was in heaven.
Planting, and arranging flowers, etc.

I love my new white picket fence, and so we were getting the yard work done to match.
My gift from Damon was the fence, & $200 to spend at Lowe's on flowers.
THAT ROCKS. So of course, I can't WAAAAAIT to get them in all in the ground & we stayed out until 10pm doing that.'s a good thing we did....b/c on Saturday, there was a surprise party at my house that I was completely unaware of.

So, on Saturday, I went out to lunch with my mom & Aunt Loraine. We went to the Cheesecake Factory...which I just LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE!

For an appetizer, we had Fried Macaroni & Cheese.
What? Yes....Fried Macaroni & Cheese, and it was AWESOME.

After that, I had the usual: Portobello On A Bun. So messy, but so good.

And then....Hello Northpark. Anyone up for a little shopping??
We had a great time. Helped Loraine find some swimsuits for the beach. I got two summer dresses, and actually wore one of them home from the store.

And then we headed was raining (really light, but still wet...)
Went in.... I thought, "oh, how nice, he cleaned the house for me."
Put his father's day gift away.
Went to the bedroom to drop off my shopping bag....and noticed how INCREDIBLY messy our room was!
Started walking through the house to find Damon, and out on my back patio were family & friends, and they all yelled "SURPRISE!"

He & my dad arranged for Melissa & Colin to come in from St.Louis!

Several of my friends were there!
Family was there! Neighbors were there!
Oh, just what a great time.

My mom & Aunt Loraine made the most wonderful cake. (strawberry cake is my favorite. I LOVE it!)

Hanging out in the backyard...

(yes, I know, I look pregnant in the dress. I'm, move on.)

Damon cooked a brisket all day.
He made the best food!

Here are a few of us eating in the den...

And then we moved into the dining room for cake!

Trystan liked the strawberries!

And Gage ate icing by the handful!

And so...we partied. We ate. We drank. We had cake. Opened gifts, and stayed up late!
Even Gage went to bed a little later than his usual time...which worked out well for us the next morning as he slept later than he ever has in his whole life!

Anyway...finally, around 2:30, all of the guests were gone except Colin & Melis. She & I slipped into our jammies, and I ate some more!

They were flying out on Sunday, they had to drop off the rental car, & check in for their flight, which left at 5:45. So, they had to get up at 3:45 in the morning!

It was a very good day.
A very LONG day...but very good.
My husband threw an AWESOME surprise party. Happy 29th to me!

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Friday, June 15, 2007


In July, my mom's going to work part time she can stay home with ME!

(hey, but not everyone who works with her knows that, keep it on the DL.)

Oh, and you know what that means?

Fewer early mornings!!!