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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paint the Mall Pink

How cute is my mother?

She participates every year in this "Paint the Mall Pink" event in October in her hometown. They do it in October for breast cancer awareness and even though she didn't have breast cancer (she had colon cancer), she participates because they asked her to do it.
Why did they ask her to do it? Because she's fabulous and used scarves and hats and accessories to feel better about being bald and her appearance....and she shows others what they can do and shows them how they can accessorize during that time and hopefully they will feel better too.

The funky floral centerpiece: just for fun!

In support:
{Gage was super excited that Mario took him to get a "flat-hat." Man, I hate that look! But, whatever... it's his accessory!}

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mamasita Update!!!

Guess who's done?
My mamasita!

She didn't get to complete or finish out 12 sessions of chemo because it was just too hard on her body. That was the physician's call; not mom's. She still has some residual effects from the chemo, but we were venturing into territory where the side effects she was experiencing were the very rare ones, and may leave her permanently disabled or worse. So, it was decided that she would get no more after her oncologist conferred with other specialists, other oncologists, and neurologists.

So....that's that.

She's now had her follow up CT: clean & clear!
and the best news of all: She's had her follow up colonoscopy & it was perfect! No cancer, no polyps, no signs of cancer....Zero, Zip, Nada!

I feel like it is done.
It's finished.
The residual is there...
But, it just feels like this is coming to a close, you know?

And she's looking soooo cute!


Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me! {Late}

Okay, yes, for my birthday, I got an AMAZING Nikon camera that I LOVE. (thank you, Hubby!)
Know what else I got?
Some Jimmy Choo Shoes from my Mamasita & PawPaw!
Yaaaay me!

They are black & strappy & super cute!
Know where I wore them?

To the doctor's office with Mamasita.
To see.... Mom's Oncologist, Dr.W.

And on 8/9, I will be going with Mom to ring "THE" bell. The Celebratory Bell. The End-of-Chemo-Bell.

All good things.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mom Update!

.............Yes, it's been a while.

But guess what?
We've reached the end.
That's right.
It's really a mixed blessing.
Well, because Mom didn't get all of her chemos in. They just stopped her treatment. She can't have any more.
See why it's mixed?
On the one hand----WooHoo! We're done. We can move on. She doesn't have to go through this any longer! I'll get my mom back. PawPaw will get his wife back, and hey---she's already getting her hair back!

On the other hand---they stopped her treatment.
They STOPPED her treatment.
That's just....frightening.

Why did they stop her treatment?
Well, remember way back when I mentioned this freaky-deaky-ultra-rare genetic marker that made her hypersensitive to the 5-Fu? Well...that's still there. But that's not the stopper this time. She's now having signs of toxicity to what I call the 'booster' drug that goes with the 5-Fu.

They don't want to keep going with treatment because they don't want the cancer treatment to kill her or leave her disabled.

At this point, she may very well be cancer free. We don't know. We won't know unless it comes back. Did the chemo work? Did going through chemo do its job and decrease mom's chances of having a recurrence? God, we hope so. We don't know, and won't know with any degree of certainty, but we hope so.

Will the signs of toxicity to this booster drug go away? We've asked this question. We asked this at the last oncologist appointment when I was with Mom. "It may get worse before it gets better." Um, yeah, it has. But----maybe this is as bad as its going to get. Or is it? What does "worse" look like? What makes all this go away, other than time? We don't know.

There are so many questions. There are so many unknowns. It's frustrating. It's very easy to take it out on the oncologist & direct your anger and frustration at them, but I just remind myself of a few things: (1) My mom has got some freaky-deaky-ass genes...she's stood on the banks of uncharted territory where few have gone before her w/ regard to all of her "complications" on this journey, and (2)they are just doctors. Doctors. They did not design the human body, nor has any human being totally mastered it. Technology & science can only tell us so much. We are learning more about the human body every day. It was designed by God, not man. We are doing our best to understand it.

So, in the end, I am grateful that this is the end of it. Just grateful. I'm frightened by what it may mean for the future, but any recurrence is not certain. What's that phrase about not worrying about tomorrow? Not borrowing trouble? Clearly those cliches didn't stick with me. I'm somewhat of a worrier.

So, I'm trying to focus on the positive. She's done. She doesn't have to do this any more. She's not going to feel sick all the time. She's going to have more energy. She's fabulous, and she's mine, and I'm getting her back.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Miss Me, Miss Me, Now You Gotta Kiss Me!

Okay, so, yes, I've been MIA from the blogosphere.

I promise to catch up soon!

This past weekend I was in Tyler with Mom. She's got only THREE more treatments left! Yaaaaay!
She should be done in July, and we're gonna have to throw a kick-a$$ party in August!

In other news: Thank you, Hubby, for my early birthday gift! It really helps getting older not suck so much.



Sunday, May 08, 2011

For: Darnin!


I was going to get you

THIS for Mother's Day,

but I was afraid it might

be too ITCHY.

And yet,

if anyone could

pull off this look,

it would be YOU!


Love you bunches!

Happy Mother's Day!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Well, it's Tuesday.

Well, it's Tuesday.
That's about all I have to say about that.

Yesterday: t-ball practice after work. It got cancelled due to the condition of the field.

Tomorrow: Chemo 5!!!

This weekend: Hubby's birthday, Gage's first t-ball game, t-ball pics (I think...).

In not-so-great-news:
*We owe in taxes. Just got word from the accountant. Good times.

*Mom's cancer/chemo is stealing holidays: it's taken Christmas, and now that we're one week off of the original schedule, it'll be stealing Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day & 4th of July. Stupid cancer.

*Boat's in the shop. Should be out by the 16th. Got something called 'boat blisters,' which, quite frankly, sounds made up. {Dammit, Arlene. We've got boat blisters!}

*Got to buy a boat lift so we can prevent the previously referenced 'boat blisters.'

Gotta run. Gotta get to work!

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chemo 4: Done.

Why, yes, it is in poor taste.
But, whatever.
Got your attention, didn't it???


Mom update:
Chemo 4 was increased from the 30% strength that she got in Chemo 3.
Chemo 4 was not quite the breeze that Chemo 3 was.

Remember when she had Chemo 1 & 2?
Remember when they knocked her down, made her sooooo sick & damn near killed her? Well, that's the genetic marker hypersensitivity to the 5-Fu thing. So, they titrated it down to 30%, and now they are slowly increasing it to get it into a therapeutic range. How do they know if it's in the right range? Well, these super-expensive blood tests that are mailed to Salt Lake City with the geneticists looking at them.

Speaking of therapeutic ranges....Mom's been on coumadin (blood thinner) to keep her blood from getting too thick & clotting. Well, even when the dose was doubled, she wasn't staying in therapeutic range. Dr.W even had Mom take her actual Rx coumadin PILLS to the pharmacist to make absolutely certain that they were coumadin and not some random fluke mistake that she was taking something else. Yes, she's been taking coumadin...and now, she's getting Lovenox injections at home too, administered by PawPaw. What troopers!!!!
Doin' what they can to keep the blood clots at bay.

Mom's current worst fear: she'll accidentally cut herself shaving & bleed to death from a teeny-tiny-little cut in the shower, and she'll be found down, in the shower, pale & naked.
I say: valid fear. Give up shaving, opening envelopes, handling knifes, or paper for that matter, avoid dart boards, ill-fitting shoes, thumb-tacks... Stay home. Eat only with a spoon. Pad the walls. Stay in bed.
I'm just sayin'....

In other good news: My mamasita, the Scarf Style Icon that she is, has been asked, along with Dammit Arlene, to teach others about the scarf styling & what not through the cancer center there where she lives.
How cool & flattering is that!???

She's also considering walking in their town's Relay for Life, but unfortunately, it will be on a post-chemo weekend, so I am not sure it's going to work out for her this year.
We'll just have to see what we can do about that...

That's my Mamasita Update.
4 Down.
We're 1/3 of the way there.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chemo 4

Mom update: Chemo 3 was not nearly as bad as Chemos 1 & 2. If her lab values are good today, she's set for go on Chemo 4 for today!

Yaaaaay for the titrated medicine!
And FYI: "You ain't NEVAH seen somebody rock a scarf the way MY Mamma rock a scarf!"


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Yaaaay! Chemo 3!

Well, mom had chemo 3 yesterday.
Meds titrated down.
Feeling pretty good she said.
NOTHING as bad as the last two treatments.



Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chemo 3???

Update on mom...

As I post this, she's doing pre-chemo blood work. may be the day for chemo 3!

Those GI symptoms: gone.
Overall, says she's feeling great & ready to get this show on the road.

New chemo plan: the 5-Fu will be titrated down to a lower strength.

So....that's the update on that.

Life without a laptop: ugh!
But, hopefully I'll get a new one by the end of the month.
Honestly, I've been so busy lately that I haven't made the time to go laptop shopping, so I don't yet even know what I want.
I'm not a mac person, so just don't even throw that out there.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Doom & Gloom & a little bit of good stuff....


Mom update….

Well, mom met with the ob/gyn & oncologist yesterday.

Bloodwork: have to hold off on chemo. While her ANC is 7,000, there seems to be an imbalance of bacteria in her GI tract causing her not to be at her very very best to tolerate chemo right now. Liver function seems to be improving! What a blessing.

Ob/Gyn report: what was seen on the sonogram was possibly part of her GI tract, as her anatomy is now shifted & changed from her colon resection, may be an encapsulated appendix (though he thinks that would have been a remarkable finding during her surgery, during her previous CTs, etc.), and says that it would be rare, rare, rare for it to be cancerous since she’s had so many CTs (post op, pre op, etc. and nothing showed up.) Oncologist has advised that it needs to be re-sono’d at 1 month & 3 months to note any changes. He feels that it is not worth interrupting her chemo treatments for an exploratory surgery or ovary removal at this time. And just to note, her left ovary is fine. Her right is atrophied. She doesn’t care b/c she’s not using them anyway (she says). They did a blood test for ovarian cancer (which they say is not always high for cancer patients, and is not always 100% accurate, but still relevant, yada, yada, yada), and it came back negative. They will retest that at 1 month & 3 months. Mom now feels more comfortable just waiting & watching as that has been what was advised by both the oncologist & ob/gyn, with input from the surgeon who did her colon resection.

Chemo report: well, I mentioned---they’re holding off. Future chemos will be at 30% strength. Will that be strong enough? Yes he said because the cancer is made up of the same genes that indicate the hypersensitivity to the drug. So, at this point, they’ve shocked the mokey out of the cancer with one drug, but not all 3 drugs. So, her future chemos will be 30% of the 5-FU, and the other two drugs at regular strength. Still the same # of treatments in total, so if she gets one next week and continues on track, she’ll be done mid-July.

What else? She’s tired a lot. Nauseated all day every day. Lingering effects of the high levels of the 5-FU in her system. She’s bald. But, her weight is up to 109! Woohooo!

In other doom & gloom news: death to the laptop.
Bought a new charger.
That wasn't it.
Bought a new connecter piece to where the charger goes.
That fixed the charging issue, but a new issue developed, and it's just a pain in the rear! $400 to fix. Yeah....I'll pass. For a little more I could have a brand spankin' new laptop with everything I want on it. I'll opt for that! So, a new laptop is on the horizon.
The good news: Poppa (a computer wiz) is able to get my pics off there that haven't been backed up or saved to snapfish yet, so that's good.


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Big Day for Mom

Well, Mom's got a big day today.
Friday she had a gyn appointment to check on an ovarian cyst. Monday they sent her in for a sonogram related to that. Well, the sonographer and radiologist found something suspicious on the opposite ovary. Well, not on it, but near or right under it. My poor Mamasita can't catch a break. So, today she goes in for her oncology bloodwork, then mmeets with the gynecologist, then meets with the oncologist to discuss the new plan, and MAY have a new or different chemo today.
Like I said---big day. She's going to be so tired....


Monday, February 28, 2011

Quite a break....

Okay, I've taken quite a little break from blogging.
I've been busy with this whole "workin' full time" thing.
Laptop's getting repaired.
Shut down the home internet while the laptop's out of commission, so that I can sign back up with the same company but get current promotions since I was no longer under contract. Man, it feels good to save money! Same service for 1/2 my previous monthly rate? Yes please.
Internet reconnection will take place tonight at 8pm. Good times.
Laptop will hopefully be home soon. (How do I miss thee? Let me count the ways!)

Mom update: ugh. Frustrating. Chemo 3? Maybe this week. Not sure yet. That genetic marker test: came back showing that Mom has a very very rare hypersensitivity to one of her chemo drugs. What does that mean? Well, it means that she can handle that drug at 1/7th the normal dose. So now, she's had two chemo rounds at SEVEN TIMES the dose suggested for her. Liver labs are now indicative of toxicity from the chemo that was too strong for her. Hair? Totally gone. Blood clot: been on blood thinners. Had to back off of those because the blood got too thin. But, blood thinners are tricky, and it's common to just flood a patient with blood thinners to treat the clot & then have to back off of those. The blood clot was a rare but not completely uncommon complication from her medi-port. Friday had a gyn appt. for a cyst on her ovary. Today: bloodwork with the oncologist, and sono for the ovary. What's the chemo plan? We don't really know just yet. Dr.W (oncologist) held off for last week to let her blood thicken & her liver rest. He was going to take the week to consult with others about a plan. Are we going to continue with the same drugs at a lower dose? Don't know yet. Are we going to move on to 2nd line chemo drugs specific for colon cancer? Don't know yet. Mom goes back to Dr.W for more bloodwork on Wednesday. So, bloodwork today, bloodwork Wednesday, appt. with Dr.W on Wednesday to talk about the new plan of attack, and POSSIBLY chemo 3 this coming Wednesday based on the recommendations from the team that Dr.W consults with this week.

But---just to keep it real, I proposed this idea (and yes, I know that it's not really how things work, but wouldn't it be nice???): The original plan was for 12 rounds of chemo. She's done 2. BUT---they were SEVEN times too strong. Maybe---that'll equate to 14 chemo treatments & they'll say she's done! Maybe, it's like shocking a pool. You go outside, the pool is green with algae, and you throw in TONS of chlorine. The next day---it's blue as blue can be. It might melt your skin off, but by God there's no more algae! Maybe THAT's what we've done. If there was any cancer let, maybe we've fried & dried it all up.
{Wishful thinking perhaps, but a gal can wish, can't she???}

In other news, we had a VERY busy weekend with 2 kiddie birthday parties, Gage had a play-date with M (his super-cute girlfriend), playing with friends, and a trip out on the boat! Yes, it was wavy & cold & nobody dared to get in the water. Still fun.

That's my quick update. I have TONS of pics to post & updates to compose....but until the laptop returns I'll just have to cope with my withdrawal symptoms....


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Monday, February 21, 2011

Update on Mom....

Well, Mom got to go home from the hospital yesterday. Her blood pressure came up from its concerning low rate, her ANC was up higher than its starting value at 44, and so---chemo 3 is set for Wednesday. Except---this one will be modified chemo until her genetic marker test comes back in about a week. Blood clot: she's been on Lovenox, so that's been helpful there. Blood's thinner now---just like they want it.

That's a quick update on her....


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chemo 3: Cancelled.

Not good news today.
Mom's in the hospital.
Doppler shows a blood clot in her carotid.
ANC (neutrophil) is only 44, which is too low for chemo and means her immune system is just WIPED out. Her ANC pre-chemo was 8200. So for now, no chemo, and they are treating her for the blood clot. Also, they are doing a genetic test on her to see if perhaps she is predisposed to having an adverse reaction to one of the chemo drugs, which they suspect may be going on. If that's the case, they will have to alter her chemo drugs....

Continue to keep my mamasita in your prayers!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

"You Aint Got No Hair!"

Dammit-Arlene is AMAZING Arlene.
Mom's hair was falling out. It was BAD. It made her sick. It was just awful. And so Arlene, mom's neighbor & hair stylist got the call. It was time.
So, she came over, and they did it.
They shaved her head.
They sat in the laundry room, bawled, & shaved her head.
And then what did they do?
PawPaw, Arlene, & my Aunt Wanda sat around drinking wine {or some such spirit} while they tried on 18 million styles of scarves that Arlene brought over.

My silly mom....

Arlene is an AMAZING friend with an AMAZING heart.
In going through all of this, my mom is just so blessed.
PawPaw is wonderful to her.
My aunts are wonderful.
My mom's friends are wonderful.
My friends are wonderful, and continue to check on her & pray for her.
Every single day someone sends her a card, or flowers, or calls to check on her. She truly is so very blessed.

Mom, on her first day to work with no hair...
I think she looks fabulous!

The reality is that in a 2 week span, Mom gets about 3 good days when she can go into work for a little bit. Maybe this will get better over time...we just don't know yet.

...Now there are many that would likely shave their heads in solidarity & support for something like this. My mom is one of those who would say, "What a waste! I don't have hair right now & it's not my choice! You could have hair & you give it up to match me?! Idiot." So, to answer the question that people have ACTUALLY asked me---no, I will not be shaving my head.
.....although....getting up each morning & throwing on a wig instead of washing hair, conditioning hair, blowdrying hair, & styling hair...well, that sounds pretty freakin' appealing, doesn't it!? Until the 100+ temperatures of Summer come along & you've got a kind-of-itchy-keep-the-heat-&-sweat-in-wig on your head...
{And by that, Mom, I mean---Summer's going to be great. Don't you worry about it!}

I saw Mom without hair for the first time today. I didn't expect to have a freak out melt down. But I did. It was just...unexpected. I expected to be stoic & brave & just roll with it. I didn't. It was kind of like when they wheeled her back into her room at the hospital after surgery. I didn't expect to feel so scared and sad, but suddenly I did. I work in a hospital. I see sick people every day. I see cancer patients every day. I see bald people every day. It's just different when it's suddenly so real, and right there, and it's YOUR mom...not just some patient going through something with some diagnosis that makes you feel for them, but it doesn't really make you ache for them...
And so, I just have to get used to it. And I will.

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Wig-Mania....& Stuff....

Chemo Round One:

Here's Darnin, pre-chemo...the first time....

Here's to hopin' it works! {got her fingers crossed! ...but then you have to wonder: with regard to superstitions, do fingers crossed on two hands cancel each other out? Well, we were covered, because even if they do, her legs were crossed, so that makes 3 official crossings. That's gotta be good, right?}

Now, these pics are a few weeks...well, about a month behind. She's had two rounds of chemo so far. What we've learned so far: there are chemo weeks & down weeks or in-between weeks because she has chemo every other week. We've learned that 'Chemo Wednesday' is actually a pretty good day for her. She gets infused, and then goes home with a pump. The pump is removed on Fridays. Fridays suck! And it just kind of goes from there. The nausea, the vomiting, the cold sensation, the general is-this-sh*t-really-worth-it-?-feelings seem to take over.

The hair falling out? Somewhat expected, but not really. We were told that she most likely would NOT lose her hair with this chemo-cocktail, but no such luck. The hair? It's gone.

But----these pics are from Chemo Day 1 of Chemo Round 1. She was tired but feeling pretty good, considering. So, we went to a wig shop & just tried things on....
It was sad, but it was good. And now---we are sooooo glad that we did.

So here we go. Some wig pics.
Wig #1, and our favorite...

Wig #2: Now, imagine it in a very, very dark brown.

There were lots of others that we tried on....but I'm not necessarily going to post all the pics of the 'no' wigs....Man, I tell you though...we had PLENTY of laughs that day. Granted, they were at mom's expense...but she's just the best sport ever!

...and now that the hair is officially gone, we are SO GLAD that we hit the wig shop early.

And I need to mention someone here: Holly at 'A Woman's Touch' wig shop. Holly is an ANGEL. She is just so wonderful at her job. She was helpful, and joking with us...and when the tears came or we just needed a moment, she was sensitive to that and let us take our time. She brought us stuff that we didn't know we'd like. She was wonderful. But, here's the part of the story that makes her even better. When things got so bad on the hair front, I told PawPaw that he should just call the wig shop & order the ones that Holly had on file as Mom's preferences. Well, wouldn't you know it---when PawPaw called, Holly just knew that Mom was hesitant about ordering the two wigs, but knew that Mom would need them. So what did she do? Well, she had already ordered one of the wigs that Mom liked so that it would be in the store when Mom called. She was afraid that Mom would be at crisis point & have to wait for the wig to come in once ordered. So, she ordered it ahead of time so that it would be ready & in stock for Mom when she was ready. WHAT A BLESSING it was for us. Holly is just an ANGEL.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Things...happenings & such.

Ok, there are lots of things I've failed to post about. I really have been neglecting the blog lately. With all of these snow days, you'd think I would have made more of an effort. But...I've been busy. New job and what not. So I have now completed orientation at the new job (ice cruncher sat next to me) and two days of orientation. The plan is for two weeks of orientation here and then I am to be on my own.
What else???
Mom's hair is falling out. Between that and the nausea, she's not doing so hot.
The weather here has been just horrible.
We hosted a Super Bowl Party.

That's about it.
Busy, but too busy to blog about it all!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

At the intersection of this, that, & the other....

Okay.... On the job front: I've given my notice. I've informed my peers within my department. I've informed those that I coordinate. I've now informed those within the department that I serve.
My last day will be Friday, 2/4....

On the other leg of the job front: went to have my new-employee physical. In the future, if anyone challenges you to come up with a type of test that you can't study for, a possible answer is: a urine drug test.
I've got to get my 2nd TB test read tomorrow. Good times.
(TB, YUM!)

Orientation for the new job is coming up soon.

I officially start there on Monday, 2/7. Good times.

Challenges during this time: saying goodbye to coworkers...being the 1st in my position for this place, and kind of helping to shape the job that it is....being here for over 8 years! I can't believe I've been here for that long. Let's see---I worked for my previous employer from '99 to '05, and then here from '02 to '11. Yes, there was some overlap because from '02 to '05 I was PRN with employer #1...
Another challenge: I still have to clean out my desk. I may need to spend a bit of time over the weekend doing this...or one day next week....We'll just have to wait & see how my week pans out...

Bonus to the new job: 40 minutes travel time, as opposed to my current commute of 1.5 hours. Yes, I commute an hour & a half one way. Not for long, though!
Another bonus to the new job: I'll be closer to my grandmother at her assisted living.
Yet another bonus to the new job: I'll be working with one of my friends...Well, kind of. She'll be in the ER at the new place, and many of you are not going to believe this but---I WONT BE IN THE ER. {Can you believe it? I'm so an ER person. I can hardly believe it. But, hey----this time is a time for change & new challenges. Bring it.}

In other news: Mom Update time!
Well, she woke up Wednesday morning just feeling a bit---better. {Dare I type that word???}
So----to recap: Chemo Day one was on a Wednesday. We'll call that Day 1. Day 2 & 3: tired. N/V: present Night of day 3 through to Day 7. Will that be the norm? I dunno. I can tell you for sure though---if there is a single unscented product on the face of the Earth, she's sent someone to the grocery store to buy it. Unscented detergent, soaps, cleaners, and yes, even unscented toilet paper. The smell of just about anything can induce vomiting. Her gag reflex is even sensitive to the sound of the word "cancer" and the thought of the 2 day chemo pump. {Not that I in ANY way know what chemo is like, I have to say that I can relate to the non-smells making you nauseated, mom. Remember when my hair first started falling out & the whole alopecia areata thing was new to me? Well, just seeing a bald spot on my head made me sick to my stomach. That's the closest thing I've got. I know, I know---it pales in comparison.}

If I haven't posted it yet----we've been searching high & low for the silver lining to this cancer cloud. The best we've come up with: a handicap parking placard. No, she hasn't gotten one yet....but we're really hoping to score one so that we can get front-row-joe parking. There's got to be SOMETHING that resembles a benefit here. Who's with us, people???

Moving on.... Gage is officially riding his bike with no training wheels. Yes, I have pictures. No, I haven't uploaded them yet. Just like I haven't posted about our Girls Night Out on 1/15, or pics from mom's first chemo when she was really looking quite energetic & optimistic....and had no idea how bad the nausea was going to be...and the wig shopping. Oh! Mom's picked out a cute wig.
Anyway----back to Gage. He's riding with NO TRAINING WHEELS. What a big boy. He's still not flawless at it just yet, but he's more confident than he was. It's so cute.

What else? Well....his little girlfriend, M.... My goodness she's rather 'fast' these days. Three days this week Gage got a kiss from M. It started with a kiss on the hand on the playground. Next---she went in for the lips in music class. Yes, she was successful. Wednesday---kiss on the cheek on the playground. My goodness...... I barely know what to say! I asked Gage if he kissed her back, or if she just kissed him. He said that she was the one who did it. I said, "Well, what did you say?" {this was after day #1's kiss.} He said, "I didn't say anything. I just went back to playing." Great, kid. She's probably been crying in her bed because she kissed you, you said nothing, and then you ran off to be with the boys! You're beaming about the kiss & she's probably analyzing & re-analyzing every detail... ok, or maybe it's just me who's obsessing! Anyway...he's gotten his first girl kiss & he's only 5.
I don't even know what to say about all that. On the one hand it's cute. On the other hand.....he' FIVE!
I want him to just stay little.

That's about all I know for now....

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