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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mamasita Update!!!

Guess who's done?
My mamasita!

She didn't get to complete or finish out 12 sessions of chemo because it was just too hard on her body. That was the physician's call; not mom's. She still has some residual effects from the chemo, but we were venturing into territory where the side effects she was experiencing were the very rare ones, and may leave her permanently disabled or worse. So, it was decided that she would get no more after her oncologist conferred with other specialists, other oncologists, and neurologists.

So....that's that.

She's now had her follow up CT: clean & clear!
and the best news of all: She's had her follow up colonoscopy & it was perfect! No cancer, no polyps, no signs of cancer....Zero, Zip, Nada!

I feel like it is done.
It's finished.
The residual is there...
But, it just feels like this is coming to a close, you know?

And she's looking soooo cute!



At 4:38 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Wonderful news.
Your mother is beautiful.

At 10:06 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

That's great! So glad she's doing ok.

At 10:40 AM , Anonymous JessN said...

I've got tears in my eyes.....I'm am so happy for Darnin! Great Great news!!!!!

At 12:39 PM , Blogger Kate said...

Hooray! I'm so happy to hear this! And you're right--she looks great!

At 1:39 PM , Blogger Brent and Rachel Fisher said...

Your mom looks AMAZING!

At 3:44 PM , Blogger Melissa Jeffery said...

Congratulations to Mamasita! This is the best news in a long time.

At 11:32 AM , Blogger mpotter said...

of course that is FANTASTIC news!
congratulations for such a positive outcome, and here's to a happy, healthy & long future ahead!

so brave you all are!

At 6:05 AM , Blogger Patty @ A Day in My NYC said...

I am so very happy to hear that she is doing well! :) YAY! Happy Dance! :)

At 7:20 PM , Blogger Stephanie and Jeff Stovall said...

Yay!!! I was just thinking about you and your mom the other day! I hadn't seen any updates and was getting concerned, but I am so happy that everything is clear!!!!


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