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Monday, October 10, 2011

San Diego Trip! Part II {The Zoo!}

Friday morning, after checking out all of the ships, we headed to the zoo.

I have so many great zoo pictures. Oh my goodness, it's going to be hard to pick for this blog posting. Really, the zoo has soooo many animals, and we just love it there. So, here we go. I'll try...

Last time I went to the San Diego Zoo, the elephants were my favorite. This time---it was definitely the Polar Bear. He was playing with an empty water bottle right there in front of us. It was so fun to watch him. I loved it!

Name this snout...

If you guessed a hippo, you are correct.

Gage got his face painted like a white tiger. It was so cute! {for about 15 seconds}

{Parenting tip for those with kids younger than mine: do not let them paint your child's lips when they get their face painted. Why? they will lick it. It will taste bad. They will start to spit & drool. It will run down their chin & mess up the paint job. They will realize this & then begin to cry because their white tiger paint job is messed up. You will go into panic mode trying to get your kid not to cry and further mess up the white tiger paint job that your child just sat patiently to get. It becomes very akin to the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" type tale.}
In the end, the mini-crisis was short lived, but if we had it to do over again, we would have SKIPPED the face painting.

Moving on....

This Mouse House was pretty cool!

And here's the recipe { know, because I cook & all}.

Other zoo pics...

We got to watch them release a pretty pissed off Audrey the Porcupine back into her habitat & feed her treats. Audrey likes sweet potatoes.

It was such a fun-filled visit to the zoo!
We weren't even out of the zoo parking lot before we turned to the backseat & saw this....

...sweet boy! He was so tired...

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