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Thursday, January 27, 2011

At the intersection of this, that, & the other....

Okay.... On the job front: I've given my notice. I've informed my peers within my department. I've informed those that I coordinate. I've now informed those within the department that I serve.
My last day will be Friday, 2/4....

On the other leg of the job front: went to have my new-employee physical. In the future, if anyone challenges you to come up with a type of test that you can't study for, a possible answer is: a urine drug test.
I've got to get my 2nd TB test read tomorrow. Good times.
(TB, YUM!)

Orientation for the new job is coming up soon.

I officially start there on Monday, 2/7. Good times.

Challenges during this time: saying goodbye to coworkers...being the 1st in my position for this place, and kind of helping to shape the job that it is....being here for over 8 years! I can't believe I've been here for that long. Let's see---I worked for my previous employer from '99 to '05, and then here from '02 to '11. Yes, there was some overlap because from '02 to '05 I was PRN with employer #1...
Another challenge: I still have to clean out my desk. I may need to spend a bit of time over the weekend doing this...or one day next week....We'll just have to wait & see how my week pans out...

Bonus to the new job: 40 minutes travel time, as opposed to my current commute of 1.5 hours. Yes, I commute an hour & a half one way. Not for long, though!
Another bonus to the new job: I'll be closer to my grandmother at her assisted living.
Yet another bonus to the new job: I'll be working with one of my friends...Well, kind of. She'll be in the ER at the new place, and many of you are not going to believe this but---I WONT BE IN THE ER. {Can you believe it? I'm so an ER person. I can hardly believe it. But, hey----this time is a time for change & new challenges. Bring it.}

In other news: Mom Update time!
Well, she woke up Wednesday morning just feeling a bit---better. {Dare I type that word???}
So----to recap: Chemo Day one was on a Wednesday. We'll call that Day 1. Day 2 & 3: tired. N/V: present Night of day 3 through to Day 7. Will that be the norm? I dunno. I can tell you for sure though---if there is a single unscented product on the face of the Earth, she's sent someone to the grocery store to buy it. Unscented detergent, soaps, cleaners, and yes, even unscented toilet paper. The smell of just about anything can induce vomiting. Her gag reflex is even sensitive to the sound of the word "cancer" and the thought of the 2 day chemo pump. {Not that I in ANY way know what chemo is like, I have to say that I can relate to the non-smells making you nauseated, mom. Remember when my hair first started falling out & the whole alopecia areata thing was new to me? Well, just seeing a bald spot on my head made me sick to my stomach. That's the closest thing I've got. I know, I know---it pales in comparison.}

If I haven't posted it yet----we've been searching high & low for the silver lining to this cancer cloud. The best we've come up with: a handicap parking placard. No, she hasn't gotten one yet....but we're really hoping to score one so that we can get front-row-joe parking. There's got to be SOMETHING that resembles a benefit here. Who's with us, people???

Moving on.... Gage is officially riding his bike with no training wheels. Yes, I have pictures. No, I haven't uploaded them yet. Just like I haven't posted about our Girls Night Out on 1/15, or pics from mom's first chemo when she was really looking quite energetic & optimistic....and had no idea how bad the nausea was going to be...and the wig shopping. Oh! Mom's picked out a cute wig.
Anyway----back to Gage. He's riding with NO TRAINING WHEELS. What a big boy. He's still not flawless at it just yet, but he's more confident than he was. It's so cute.

What else? Well....his little girlfriend, M.... My goodness she's rather 'fast' these days. Three days this week Gage got a kiss from M. It started with a kiss on the hand on the playground. Next---she went in for the lips in music class. Yes, she was successful. Wednesday---kiss on the cheek on the playground. My goodness...... I barely know what to say! I asked Gage if he kissed her back, or if she just kissed him. He said that she was the one who did it. I said, "Well, what did you say?" {this was after day #1's kiss.} He said, "I didn't say anything. I just went back to playing." Great, kid. She's probably been crying in her bed because she kissed you, you said nothing, and then you ran off to be with the boys! You're beaming about the kiss & she's probably analyzing & re-analyzing every detail... ok, or maybe it's just me who's obsessing! Anyway...he's gotten his first girl kiss & he's only 5.
I don't even know what to say about all that. On the one hand it's cute. On the other hand.....he' FIVE!
I want him to just stay little.

That's about all I know for now....

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At 6:52 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

I am happy for you about the new job. I hope you love it. How on earth you can stand a 1.5 hour one way commute is beyond me cause even the 40 minutes is crazy. I hope that we can get together soon. I keep your Mom in my thoughts.

At 8:15 AM , Blogger Judy said...

Oooh, exciting! I"m just getting caught up on the whole job thing. Wow, 1.5 hours one way is NASTY. That's at least 1/8 of your day spent driving to and from work. Sounds like you made a good change.

Hope your mom is doing better and better, a little each day. It is a tough road, but she sounds like a tougher cookie.

At 7:14 PM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

That's so great about cutting your commute by so much. I used to have the same length commute - 1 1/2 hours each way, and it was no fun. We moved closer and cut it to about 35 minutes one way and it was so nice, especially in the winter!
And I'm so glad your mom's symptoms are at bay for now.

At 3:54 PM , Blogger TwinsanityMom - Janet said...

Hey, just saw this website and I thought about your mamasita:
I'm sure every little bit will help right now. {{hugs}}


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