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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mom Update...

I just got word that my mom’s 2nd opinion appointment (that we’ve been working on since last week!) will be this afternoon.

Mom met with an oncologist in Tyler this past Monday. Despite my efforts to be there, the weather just was not cooperating, and I didn’t get to go.

What was the outcome of that appointment? Dr.W (the Tyler oncologist) suggests a 24 week regimen of chemo for the Stage 3 Grade 2 cancer, with a round every 2 weeks. So, 12 rounds total. Some of the meds will transfuse over 2 hours, and at least one will transfuse through a pump over 48 hours. She’s set up to continue with Dr.W, and is hoping & praying that this 2nd opinion doctor (Dr.B at Baylor Dallas) agrees with Dr.W’s suggestion, because she really likes Dr.W so far, and he’s got a good reputation within their community.

Her first chemo is set for 1/19.

She attended “Chemo Class” the other day, which she described as awful & wonderful. It was awful just being there, and learning the side effects of her specific cocktail…. But wonderful that the nurses took the time to get to know her, and really tell her what to expect. She said that they answered questions that she didn’t even know to ask. Her specific drugs have a low risk of her losing her hair, a moderate/mid-grade risk of N/V/D, and they said that with certainty, she will be hyper-sensitive to cold. So much so, that reaching into the refrigerator will likely produce a sensation similar to sticking your tongue to a battery. YIKES! We’ve learned that her foods need to be served warm, not hot to reduce the smells (??? Who knew?), and nothing cold or icy…. Of course then they also said that the infusion room is generally cold…. So, that’s going to be tons of fun…. My poor mama.

I feel very fortunate that everything really has moved so quickly. We only found out about all of this mid-December-ish, and she’s already had her surgery, and already set for chemo. That’s really pretty quick. I imagine that from her perspective, it hasn’t been quick enough.

And to close this email on a quirky note, I’ll quote my Mamasita: “It could be worse. It could be a parasite!”

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At 6:45 AM , Blogger lisa said...

It seems like they are really giving a lot of information, which is not what my family experienced. And if the cold does end up bothering her, those microwave rice packs are really nice. I hope this next visit goes well.

At 12:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your beautiful Mamacita. Wishing her treatment has the lowest side effects possible. Sending love, positive thoughts, and prayers your way. {{HUGS}}



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