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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

More, More, More Christmas!!!!

So I mentioned previously that I have a lot more of Christmas to post about. That's so true.

After our Christmas morning here at the Casa de Lainey-Paney, we had to gear up for houseguests. Dad, Allen, Ruby, her sister, Gammy, and Baby Chris came over. Yaaay!!!

We served brunch & super-yummy Mistletoe Mimosas. Santa came in the form of a little Asian Infant, and we all had fun.

This was Baby Chris' first Christmas, and so of course I had to get him a new onesie reflecting just that. {What can I say, I love the little guy!....much to my son's disappointment...}

There were more, more, & more gifts to open....

And have I mentioned how much fun my Gammy is???? She's such a crack-up! {That's a bottle of wine that we gave her for Christmas...she was pretending to down it. Such fun I tell ya...such fun!}

Gage loves her to pieces....

And so does Ranger!

SOMEONE was worn out from all the festivities.... Oh, to sleep like a baby again!

Now....let's talk about some of the great things I got for Christmas! No, just to set the record straight: nobody gave me a Lexus for Christmas. {remember the previous blog post about that??? Well, it didn't happen, but just to mess with me, Hubby made me go & look in the garage. It wasn't there.} What did I get???? Lots-o-things. Some new shoes, and perfumes, gift cards, a book, and a super-fluffy-soft new robe! AND, just so 2010 would go down in our personal Christmas history books with a bang, I got one of THEEEEEESE from my friend, Rikki:

After all the festivities at our house, Allen & Gage played while Hubby rested for a bit. I packed us all up to hit the road & head to Darnin & PawPaw's.
And for now, that's where I must leave this post...

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At 11:30 AM , Blogger Jules said...

What a fun Christmas?! I love all your pics. That might be the cutest Santa I've ever seen :)
I went to a tacky Christmas party and there was a couple dressed up like the movie a Christmas Story. He was wearing a box that said Fragile, and she dressed up like that lovely lamp :)
Happy New Year!

At 8:24 AM , Blogger Judy said...

We should get your Gammy and my Gigi together - they look like they'd hit it off great! At least your Gammy could maybe prop my Gigi up and keep her from falling on her face all the time! HAHAHA


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