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Monday, February 28, 2011

Quite a break....

Okay, I've taken quite a little break from blogging.
I've been busy with this whole "workin' full time" thing.
Laptop's getting repaired.
Shut down the home internet while the laptop's out of commission, so that I can sign back up with the same company but get current promotions since I was no longer under contract. Man, it feels good to save money! Same service for 1/2 my previous monthly rate? Yes please.
Internet reconnection will take place tonight at 8pm. Good times.
Laptop will hopefully be home soon. (How do I miss thee? Let me count the ways!)

Mom update: ugh. Frustrating. Chemo 3? Maybe this week. Not sure yet. That genetic marker test: came back showing that Mom has a very very rare hypersensitivity to one of her chemo drugs. What does that mean? Well, it means that she can handle that drug at 1/7th the normal dose. So now, she's had two chemo rounds at SEVEN TIMES the dose suggested for her. Liver labs are now indicative of toxicity from the chemo that was too strong for her. Hair? Totally gone. Blood clot: been on blood thinners. Had to back off of those because the blood got too thin. But, blood thinners are tricky, and it's common to just flood a patient with blood thinners to treat the clot & then have to back off of those. The blood clot was a rare but not completely uncommon complication from her medi-port. Friday had a gyn appt. for a cyst on her ovary. Today: bloodwork with the oncologist, and sono for the ovary. What's the chemo plan? We don't really know just yet. Dr.W (oncologist) held off for last week to let her blood thicken & her liver rest. He was going to take the week to consult with others about a plan. Are we going to continue with the same drugs at a lower dose? Don't know yet. Are we going to move on to 2nd line chemo drugs specific for colon cancer? Don't know yet. Mom goes back to Dr.W for more bloodwork on Wednesday. So, bloodwork today, bloodwork Wednesday, appt. with Dr.W on Wednesday to talk about the new plan of attack, and POSSIBLY chemo 3 this coming Wednesday based on the recommendations from the team that Dr.W consults with this week.

But---just to keep it real, I proposed this idea (and yes, I know that it's not really how things work, but wouldn't it be nice???): The original plan was for 12 rounds of chemo. She's done 2. BUT---they were SEVEN times too strong. Maybe---that'll equate to 14 chemo treatments & they'll say she's done! Maybe, it's like shocking a pool. You go outside, the pool is green with algae, and you throw in TONS of chlorine. The next day---it's blue as blue can be. It might melt your skin off, but by God there's no more algae! Maybe THAT's what we've done. If there was any cancer let, maybe we've fried & dried it all up.
{Wishful thinking perhaps, but a gal can wish, can't she???}

In other news, we had a VERY busy weekend with 2 kiddie birthday parties, Gage had a play-date with M (his super-cute girlfriend), playing with friends, and a trip out on the boat! Yes, it was wavy & cold & nobody dared to get in the water. Still fun.

That's my quick update. I have TONS of pics to post & updates to compose....but until the laptop returns I'll just have to cope with my withdrawal symptoms....


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At 8:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saving money = Awesome! I never thought to cancel and resubscribe! I may have to do that.

I hope the new treatment plan for Mom are easier on her. It sounds like she's been through a lot already. I pray for her (and you) all the time. Finger crossed for some good news from Dr. never hurts to hope!

I'm glad Gage is good and you got to enjoy some time on the boat. {HUGS}

At 11:30 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

I can't believe they are still "together".


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