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Saturday, February 12, 2011

1/15/11, GNO: Girls Night Out

About a month ago, some of us gals of Wisteria Lane decided to leave the men-folk at home & head out on our own. Oh, and we left the men in charge of the kids too. Ahhhh....a girls night out!

We had great food, drinks & laughs at Gloria's, and then headed across the walkway to another place for the non-knock-you-down-margaritas. {OMG, the margaritas at Gloria's are just SO strong. Too strong. So strong that I couldn't even enjoy my drink kind of strong. The sad part: I ordered mine as WEAK. I took a sip of the regular strength margarita & it was just WAY.TOO.STRONG.}

Anyway...the point is that we had a good time & it was great to get out & about just us girls!

It was a fun time!

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