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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From the desk of: Gage's Mom.

Ah, behold the power of the Mommy note...
"That's okay, my mom wrote a note."
Late for school today? Don't wrote a note.

Yes, the power of the Mommy note.

Today...Gage asked me to write a note.
School related.

And, since the dear little recipient can't read, here goes nothing!

Dear J--- {female classmate that was his "friend" on Monday, but is not as of today},

Please don't call Gage a "poopyhead." He informed me today that you've chosen to refer to him in this way, and he does not care for it. He also informed me that his response was to say to you, "That hurts my feelings." Gage is a sensitive guy, and deserves to be treated better than that. Please refrain from using such ugly words when addressing my son, and call him by the name I chose for him: Gage.

Unless of course he called you a "poopyhead" first. In that case---all bets are off and he deserved it.

Thank you in advance for your adherence to my request.

~Gage's Mom

Too bad the little thing can't read yet. I think it's a pretty great 1st Mommy Note.
{no, I won't really be sending it!}

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Bullets today b/c I'm busy & have to get going!

* Still have a 5 foot by 3 foot hole in the roof. Insurance is going to pay. The big question now is how much. That saga is still going on. I haven't cried or flipped out too much about it yet. My friend, Lexapro, is really helping me through it.

* Flooding in the Phillipines: Ruby's brother lives in Manila, and nobody has been able to contact him or heard from him. Say a little prayer for him. His name is Randy.

* Hubby is sick. Sick sick sick. Flu, now with bronchitis, sinus infection, and working on a bilateral ear infection. Couldn't just have a cold, could he? He really had to go all out. Over-achiever.

* Busy day ahead with appointments until the cows come home.

* Lost my keys yesterday while out in public. By the grace of God, I found them. I assure you---it WAS a small miracle.

* I have a paper due on Monday. All offers of volunteering to write it for me will be considered. Don't everyone raise their hands at once.

* I shamefully admit that I DVR'd The Hills last night {haven't watched it yet}, and yet at the same time---if all the characters of that show just fell off the planet, I wouldn't really miss them. What is WRONG with me? {you know, for making such an ugly comment....and for watching the show. I'm sick & twisted, and sometime think/act like a 16 year old girl...}

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gage's Birthday Party! 4 Years Old!

For the first time ever, we didn't host Gage's birthday party here at our house.
Also for the first time ever, there weren't like 50 people there! Seriously, so many people couldn't come b/c of flu or flu-type symptoms. That's okay. We'd rather have leftovers & stay well!

In true Darnin' fashion---Gage's cake looked AWESOME.

{what we thought about a little after-the-fact: fondant is awesome looking...but kids really like icing, and therefore fondant is not so much of a hit with the kids at parties...we're just sayin'...}

In true celebratory fashion, I totally dressed up like a "cowgirl". the candles...{which he blew out before the song was over...}

The best little happy face!

We also did a pinata on the nearby basketball court...

His legs fell off first...

After that...the whole candy-&-toy-filled torso fell.
Few tips for the pinata novices out there...{you know, b/c I just learned the hard way}
1. Check out the pinata prior to purchase. How large or not-large is the candy holding area? Ours was a cool cowboy pinata, but it turns out that it barely had any room for treats inside...
2. Check out the party area prior to the party. I just ASSUMED that because there were trees all around, that one would be perfect for the pinata. Not so much. We ended up doing a pinata on the basketball court.
3. Even if you feel inclined to stuff the pinata full-full-full, refrain from doing so. It makes it harder to bust open apparently.

So, the whole torso fell to the ground, and the kids got to rip it open.
Which brings me to novice tip #4.
4. Kids love bouncy balls. So, when you see a 98-piece bouncy-ball set at the party store, it may seem like a cool idea to put those in the pinata. Right? Because kids love them. Well, when the pinata gets busted open or torn open----98 bouncy balls in this case hit a basketball court & went EVERYWHERE. So, I'm still kind of on the fence about this. Do it b/c it creates a cool effect, or avoid it because they bounce & roll off everywhere....

The party was fun. Gage had a good time & it didn't rain!
It was sooooooooooooooooo much easier to have a party at a designated location, rather than here at our house.

At the end of the party, when the guests had all gone....I took my braids out, and according to my mom---looked like a cocker spaniel!

And in Gage's big heart fashion, he set his birthday balloons free---sending them to Eddie in Heaven.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gage's 4th Birthday!!!

Okay, so 9/23 was Gage's birthday. He didn't have his birthday party yet, but Wednesday was his official anniversary of birth.

He was born at 3:59 in the morning, but we refrained from waking him up to celebrate that early!

Pics from the morning...

Daddy had already left for work, so we called him before opening any gifts...

He had a great morning opening gifts & watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua before school.

Went to school. We took Mini-Oreos for the class to celebrate Gage's birthday. They sang to him...he was also the "Star Student" for this week, and got to take things for show & tell....that's truly a story for a different post...

After school, he wanted an orange sherbet shake from Braum's.

Went to Braum's and then headed home...
...where he got to open MORE gifts!

"Ahhhh....a SHIRT?"

"THAT'S NOT A PRESENT! You tricked me. That's not a present, it's a shirt!"

Mommy: "Well then, you're probably not going to like the next gift either..."

Gage's BIG FUN came along when Daddy got home...

Let me preface this by saying that the theme for the evening was "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"

Gage got these...

{Yes, Melissa, I know that you are just about to die. My 4 year old just got THREE GUNS for his birthday.}

Gage got a Red Ryder BB Gun, a Little Beaver BB Gun & and a Roy Rogers BB Gun.

"So, what did y'all do for Gage's birthday?"
"Sat around shooting shit."

Our first target was a water bottle. After that, we balanced pecans on TOP of the water bottle. My little sniper-to-be is able to hit the pecan balanced on the water bottle while shooting from about 10 feet away. You go boy!

A good time was had by all.
When the boys were done shooting, they came in & cleaned Gage's gun.
And then the guns were put up.
I assssssuuuuuuuurre you that there have been LOTS of rules put into place about these BB guns.

Gage went to bed after 2 stories, and a prayer. He had a hard time last night with missing Eddie. He fell asleep with his "Eddie Box," which he thinks is just a reaaaally heavy picture frame with a picture of our dog. Bless his little heart. It just makes him feel close to Eddie. In those moments when he NEEDS the box, he has no idea that he's holding all we have left of Eddie.

Poor Buddy. Gage, I know you miss him. We do too. Death, dying, and Heaven are all very very big and abstract concepts for you, and I know that. I know that you are trying to make sense of all this. I love you, and my heart is sad for you about this. I wish I could shelter you from every sad and lonely feeling....but I can't. I wish I could absorb all of your pain like a sponge so that you will never ache or hurt...but I can't. I love you, and I am sorry...

So yes, his birthday did kind of end on a sad note....but it really was a great day up until bedtime. And yes, Eddie missed it...or perhaps he saw it from a different perspective.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9/22, Dinner with Dad

The night before Gage's birthday, we were invited to eat dinner with Dad, Ruby, Papa & Gammy. Gage & I were excited to go! Ruby baked ribs in the oven, and they were so juicy & tender. The meat fell right off the bone. Yum!

She also made some Filipino dish...Pancit, Panset, ??? I dunno how to spell it. But, it was delicious!

Gage opening his birthday card from Papa & Gammy....

Gage & Ruby...

Dad & me...

Gammy was sooooo in love with Ranger {yes, he went over there with us. he enjoyed the visit. Gammy loved Ranger. Ranger loved Papa.}

Ruby made strawberry cake, which was pink & perfect. It was great too. Gage opted out of cake, and chose vanilla ice cream instead.

In the end, a good time was had by all!

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Sweet Boy,

You are popcorn, marshmallows & chicken nuggets.

You are Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, and Ice Ice Baby.

You are cars, army dudes, trains & and shaving cream.
You are everything that goes, and everything that moves.

You are moody and growl, and yet, a ray of sunshine.
You are always different, but always the same.
You are your daddy.
You are me.

You are "stumbled" toes, and things you "knowed."
You are "grape nipples," Fuzzy Wuzzy, and 'Randa Bear.

You were "trapes & traisins", but now you're growing up.
Tomorrow you will be 4 years old.
4 years old.

You are growing and changing every day.
Big boy bed with Transformer sheets?
What happened to the baby that I used to rock and nurse?
Where did that baby go?

I love you so much sweet boy.
I can't remember what I did with my time before you came.
I can't imagine a life without you and your amazing personality, that I am so very blessed to see every day.
And just like you, "I love you with my whole soul."


Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Saturday Night...

So, we got creative last Saturday night.
Gage wanted to camp out.
But---we knew that rain was in the forecast, so Hubby brought part of the chiminea up on the patio. AAAND, we were glad that Gage was even CONSIDERING camping again, after our last little camping episode in the backyard that included a trip to the ER & Gage getting his head stapled shut.

Like I mentioned---Hubby pulled the chiminea up to the patio. We filled it with charcoal, and set out to roast marshmallows.

Do we like Roasted Marshmallows?
Yes & No. Gage likes the barely toasted, but still completely white marshmallows. Hubby---well, he's okay with setting fire to the marshmallow, blowing it out, and eating the charred remains {YUCK!}. Gage thinks that's yucky too.

A good night was had by all...

{Laine & Ranger}

{Gagey on his rocking horse; that used to be Allen's when he was little!}

...and then the next day, the roof started leaking.


End of day recap...

Red Licorice & Dr.Pepper. That counts as a dinner, right?
Well, it is for me tonight.

School tonight.
Storms coming tonight. Woohoo.

The party is outdoors on Saturday. Please, Lord, stop the rain for Saturday!

Got to see Rikki today & sweet, fat, Baby Lauren!!!!
Sorry, I couldn't eat lunch with you guys. Bad day @ work.

Tomorrow---lots of internship work to do this week.

Mom: I love you, Love YOU, love you for all the party stuff you are helping me with. Your cakes rock!!! xoxxoxoxxoxo


Gage was supposed to get a filling tomorrow. Remember his gummy bear cavity? {that's what I call it anyway...} Well, unfortunately, they won't sedate him if he's currently "ill," and given his ear infection which was diagnosed over the weekend---we've had to reschedule the dental appointment. These puppies get booked up 4 weeks out! So, we're on board for October 20th. I'm certain that Gage won't be upset about delaying it.

For those who are worried about my kiddo being contagious for the party---he does not have the flu, or the swine flu, or contagious bugs, according to the doctor. He has an ear infection & he's on antibiotics.
Speaking of antibiotics: the oral stuff---Omnicef. I tasted it. Tastes GREAT! Gage, of course, hates it. It was like a 30 minute ordeal to get him to take it. Well, remember that song from Mary Poppins---you know, the one about the spoon full of sugar helping the medicine go down? Well, Gage has never seen Mary Poppins (although, I'm sure he'd love it!), but Hubby & I have. Hubby got the great notion to let Gage have a "sugar shot" {I'll explain later if you've not been to our house} after his medicine. I'm sure the dentist would cringe! (Dr.P {Gage's dentist}, if you're reading this, well, then I apologise, and we'll probably keep you in business!)
Other antibiotics: ear drops. Gage has not been one of those kids who has had ear infection after ear infection, etc. He's had a few, but not just a ton, you know? So, this is our first go-round with ear drops. WHAT A TROOPER. He'd sooooo rather have the drops than the oral medicine. He'll lay there, and let me put the drops in, and tell me what he hears....then I'll whisper in his ear & he repeats the words, or I'll make soft animal sounds in his ear & he tells me what animal the sound belongs to. That way he stays still long enough for the drops to get down in there & not just immediately trickle out, ya know?

What else?

8 more months of school.
8 more months. That's it. I can do it. I can do it. I am so seriously running out of steam. Between the internship eating up a ton of my time, work, attending class, and trying to make time to clean house & be a wife and mom...these last 2 semesters are really kicking my hiney. I admit it.
I cannot waaaaaait to be done. I feel like I'm never home, and when I am, I need to be cleaning!

That's about all I know for now.
I need to go get my day started.
Have a good Monday!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday morning...

It's 11am. Hubby is still sleeping.
I'm already ready for a nap.

Laundry's all done.
Who volunteers to finish folding it?
Dishes done.
Floor swept? Some of them.

Woke up to a really sweet card by my coffee pot. It was nice. Hubby hardly ever does stuff like that, so it was a sweet treat.

The Land Before Time DVD is playing in the living room.
Gage & I have been playing "zoo" with these little animals.

I want a magic wand to miraculously make my house spotless.

The pinata is stuffed for the party.
Some of the party gear for the upcoming b-day celebrations is ready to rock & roll. I've still got some work to do though...

What I really want to do: wrap his b-day gifts that are in my car! But, he's awake. Can't do that now....

Have a good Sunday.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Left Ear.

Houston, we have a problem.
In the form of a left ear infection.
May Gage get better soon, so he doesn't miss his own party!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing Plumber & "The Depot."

{Chris & Leslie, you guys ought to get a kick out of this!}

So, Gage has this clear plastic bucket that he likes to carry around small pipe pieces and tools. He pretends to be the plumber. I have to pretend to call him and report various leaks & plumbing problems at my home. He comes over in a jiffy, and puts together these little pipe creations for me. It's so cute when he plays "worker guy." He'll tell you, "I'm a worker guy," and he'll tell you, "I'm on a break." It's so funny!

He also likes to play "The Depot." He lines up all kinds of stuff on one of the back patio steps. He pretends to shop there, or he'll have us pretend to shop there...
Gage's version of "The [Home] Depot":

Who's that shoppin'? It's Gage!

He can be soooooo much fun!