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Monday, September 21, 2009


Gage was supposed to get a filling tomorrow. Remember his gummy bear cavity? {that's what I call it anyway...} Well, unfortunately, they won't sedate him if he's currently "ill," and given his ear infection which was diagnosed over the weekend---we've had to reschedule the dental appointment. These puppies get booked up 4 weeks out! So, we're on board for October 20th. I'm certain that Gage won't be upset about delaying it.

For those who are worried about my kiddo being contagious for the party---he does not have the flu, or the swine flu, or contagious bugs, according to the doctor. He has an ear infection & he's on antibiotics.
Speaking of antibiotics: the oral stuff---Omnicef. I tasted it. Tastes GREAT! Gage, of course, hates it. It was like a 30 minute ordeal to get him to take it. Well, remember that song from Mary Poppins---you know, the one about the spoon full of sugar helping the medicine go down? Well, Gage has never seen Mary Poppins (although, I'm sure he'd love it!), but Hubby & I have. Hubby got the great notion to let Gage have a "sugar shot" {I'll explain later if you've not been to our house} after his medicine. I'm sure the dentist would cringe! (Dr.P {Gage's dentist}, if you're reading this, well, then I apologise, and we'll probably keep you in business!)
Other antibiotics: ear drops. Gage has not been one of those kids who has had ear infection after ear infection, etc. He's had a few, but not just a ton, you know? So, this is our first go-round with ear drops. WHAT A TROOPER. He'd sooooo rather have the drops than the oral medicine. He'll lay there, and let me put the drops in, and tell me what he hears....then I'll whisper in his ear & he repeats the words, or I'll make soft animal sounds in his ear & he tells me what animal the sound belongs to. That way he stays still long enough for the drops to get down in there & not just immediately trickle out, ya know?

What else?

8 more months of school.
8 more months. That's it. I can do it. I can do it. I am so seriously running out of steam. Between the internship eating up a ton of my time, work, attending class, and trying to make time to clean house & be a wife and mom...these last 2 semesters are really kicking my hiney. I admit it.
I cannot waaaaaait to be done. I feel like I'm never home, and when I am, I need to be cleaning!

That's about all I know for now.
I need to go get my day started.
Have a good Monday!

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At 2:07 PM , Blogger Chris H said...

Ummmm... what are you studying??? I am sure you have said before... but I forget! DOH

At 2:39 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Hang in there - THE END IS NEAR!

Hope that ear clears up for Mr. Gage quickly!

At 1:04 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Hey - in response to my blog - we paid off the SECOND (read: Evil) mortgage - still have the main one. When we bought our house we had absolutely NO money. So, we did a double-mortgage 80/20 split. The 20% one is paid off. I wish the other one was!

As for Schlitterbahn - we ended up with right around 150 wrist bands. We figured it cost us right at $3 each time we walked in that park this summer. Well worth the $$$$$$ on passes!


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