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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well, I'd like to say that we all got up & went to church.
It's more like---we all got up, got dressed, and headed TOWARD church.
Due to construction, and the fact that Gage INSISTED on taking a lunch in his lunchbox (which I threw together in a hurry!), we would not have made it on time. So, instead---we went to brunch.

And, thanks to Leslie for introducing me & Gage to 'Another Broken Egg Cafe,' we had the perfect brunch spot!

They give the kiddos Wikki-Stix to play with while you wait for food... We made a hippo & a train (with 3 smoke stacks).

We also headed to a nearby party store.
We didn't buy the place out on Cowboy stuff for Gage's upcoming birthday party....but we did have fun trying on some of the fun party hats they sell!

So, we left with one plastic cowboy hat, one plastic sherrif badge, and one cowboy pinata for his party. Clearly I have more cowboy stuff to go buy!

We also headed over to a nearby pet store. I picked out the smallest red collar & leash that I could find. And, Gage made a tag for Ranger...

It was fun.
Got home----the collar is waaaaaaaaaaaay too big. I was over-estimating the size of Ranger's neck because he was so fluffy!

So, Hubby & Gage took the dog out to potty...and then brought him in for a bath. Hubby said that Ranger brought a spider in on his fur. A SPIDER! It was bigger than a nickel, but smaller than a quarter. Holy-Guacamole. Gross. No, No, No.
I was fully on board with a hair-cut for Ranger. Shave it off. This is Texas, for crying out loud. Surely, that little dog is hot {and oh, did I mention that he brought in a spider!!??}. are the pre-haircut before pics:

But guess what? The clippers wouldn't work.
I told Hubby that it was a sign. It was a sign that Hubby didn't need to go giving Ranger a haircut right there in the bathroom sink on Sunday night!

And so....Ranger didn't get a haircut on Sunday night.

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At 10:02 AM , Blogger Rikki said...

NO!!!! Don't cut his hair!!! They are precious!!! Mine still has lots of hair. She does get it cut but still has tons of it!

At 12:58 PM , Blogger Shoeaddict said...

Oh he's so cute in the sink!! Whatever happened to Bonnie? Did I miss something?

We have one of those "Another Broken Egg" places near my doctor's office. Is the food good?

At 1:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut his hair! My dog is long hair but he loves it when he's shaved! I'm sure they feel hot too!

At 10:07 PM , Blogger Papa Bradstein said...

You are much better with the wiki sticks than we are. I think I managed a stick man last time we were at Ted's. Also, about that gun...I can't show this to 3B; he would be so jealous.


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