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Monday, September 07, 2009

Look Who's Here!!!!


Saturday, we went down to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, and after that, we picked up Ranger.

Gage was soooo excited to bring him home.

I really have a lot more to post about Friday/Saturday/Sunday....but they will all have to wait for now. I just wanted to share that yes, in fact, Ranger is home.

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At 5:01 PM , Anonymous Momish said...

Too adorable! Both of them!

At 5:14 PM , Blogger TwinsanityMom said...

Awww, so cute!!! I left you someting on my blog;)

At 7:21 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Aw!!!! Absolutely precious! I'll have to show Ranger to my boys and then they can live vicariously through Gage.

At 8:22 PM , Blogger Rikki said...

I miss my baby being that small...the dog....not my real human baby....ha!

At 10:15 PM , Blogger *~Sarah Lynn~* said...

Awwww so adorable! :)

At 10:28 PM , Blogger Chris H said...

Awww he's so darn cute!

At 6:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something really cute about a boy and his dog! Congrats on the new addition to the family :)

At 11:27 AM , Blogger Christy said...

I think I missed something. What happened to the dog you picked up in a parking lot or something like that.

At 11:29 AM , Blogger Christy said...

Bonnie. I think her name was Bonnie.

At 7:22 AM , Blogger mpotter said...

all y'all.

good luck!

At 6:07 PM , Blogger Marni's Organized Mess said...

He is precious!


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