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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tidbits...This & That...Etc.

Yesterday...stayed home.
With the baby.

Husband: "Wow, we got sleet, snow, & a TORNADO all in one day!"
The sleet/snow were outside. Tornado?? He goes by the name of Baby Gage. And his Mama is the aftermath. That's right. She didn't pick up the debris. She didn't sift through the wreckage. She left that sh*t right there on the floor where it fell.

And you know what?
It was okay.

My house was a freaking zoo yesterday, and it was okay.

Sure, last night, we ended up cleaning up a bit...but for the daytime hours...when the baby was sleeping, mama was being lazy & catching up on her TV time!
When he was awake, Mama was either preparing his food, feeding him, cleaning him up after eating, changing his diaper, or playing with him!

...and Teletubbies. Yup...1pm on channel 13.

Still, just as annoying as they were when Allen watched them.
"Eh-O Dipsy. Eh-O LaLa. Eh-O Po"
"Eh-O Tinky Winky. Eh-O Po. Eh-O LaaLaa"
"Eh-O LaaLaa. Eh-O Tinky Winky........
WTF? I have NOT been able to get those freakish things out of my head since 1pm YESTERDAY!

"Tinky Winky. Dipsy. LaaLaa. Po. Teletubbies. Teletubbies. Say Hello!"
And by "Hello", they mean "Eh-O" which is how it sounds when a teletubby attempts to say, "hello."

And, there tubby tummies turn into TVs (thus, the tele part), and it's so freakish!

But...alas, my child loves it. So, we sat there, and watched, and pointed, and said "bye bye"...etc.
Wouldn't have had it any other way!

Now...other random bits.
Called the OBs office. No results yet.

"The Lake House" with Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves. Um...think I saw about 20 minutes of it. Not so fun. Damon & I agreed that it was just...not fun, so we already mailed it back to Netflix.
"The Devil Wears Prada"...pretty cute. Meryl Streep looked better in that movie than she did when I saw her on tv the other day. At least in the movie she looked like she had her sh*t together. When I saw her on tv, she just looked....well, like she didn't have her crap together. Whatever.
"The Shaggy Dog". You may be asking yourself, "why did she rent that? did she really think that any movie where a man turns into a dog would actually be funny?" answer that, I was trying something new. It sucked. I think. The beginning sucked. I never saw the middle or end.

Y&R...Corbell is hiding something. I wish Sheila would just die. When she stabbed herself, Michael & Paul should have just let her bleed to death. Colleen: whew, secret's out. Bet you feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted. Who planted the bug in Brad's house?? Lilly: watch out for Amber. She'll take Daniel next... And Amber, just tell Jill & Ms.Chancellor about the guy who had a mom named Violet!
Okay....that's enough soap opera talking....

Armed & Famous

Have you seen this show? So good! We saw it from the beginning, and we've just laughed, and been proud of these people. I expected it to be totally stupid...but rather, I find myself enjoying it. the fear of cats. that part was really silly. And, the way she is constantly going on & on about her DV hx, come on. But, her heart's in the right place, and her motives are admirable.
I just have to say---I'm very impressed with all of them so far.
Now, that's just me. That's just my opinion on it. I think it's entertaining.
There's a critic....who wrote this horrible review of it for the Washington Post...I think before the show aired.

But, whatever. Sometimes I want to watch TV & NOT HAVE TO USE MY BRAIN. Ever feel like that?

What other shows??
Desperate Housewives: do we think that Orson killed Monique, or his ex...whatever her name is. Maybe she killed Monique!

Grey's Anatomy: I want George & Callie to get back together. I want Christina & Burke to get over themselves.... Ugh.
And, we all know that Izzie's going to pay for that surgery for that girl, get too close, too involved, and get herself into trouble....again.

I started back to school this week.
I had my Tuesday night class...and go again to class tonight....provided the weather's okay. We'll see...and I'm still waiting on my new cell phone.

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At 12:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am totally with you on the watching TV (and reading a book and watching a movie) strictly to be entertained. Very rarely do I watch those deep, thought-provoking movies. I know that some people do, and that's great, but that's just not what I want when I sit down to relax.

I also don't pick up the toys that Emily strews around the house during the day. They get picked up once, right before Emily goes to bed (and now she's helping us do it). My husband always judges how good a day it was by how destroyed the house is when he gets home.


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