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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So...last Tuesday I was at home (sick) & got a call from my doctor (not the PCP that I left a message for...yada, yada), but rather my OB...the doctor who delivered Gage!

Got something odd...doesn't look quite right...abnormal, etc. "...he wants to get you in this week for a biopsy."

So...I was really freaked out.
Friday afternoon went in for cervical biopsies. Yes, biopsies. Two were taken. Anesthetic? Naaaaah. Why would they even bother? They're just going to take a pair of scissors that's like a FOOT LONG,

stick it up your hoo-hah, & cut off part of your cervix...twice.
Yes---it hurt.
Next time, I'd like to opt for the epidural package with this. (Yeah, right...not like they offer it with your cervical biopsy, but I'd certainly PAY CASH for that service!)

Can I say again that this hurt?
You think a pap is uncomfortable?'s absolutely nothing compared to this.
Having Gage hurt less than this (hence, my request for an epidural. I mean, I had an epidural & c-section. I felt NOTHING with regard to physical pain when Gage was actually born....)

Anyhow...freaked out? Yes, I was completely freaked out thinking about a hysterectomy & chemotherapy & radiation (down there!) etc.
Then, I had the biopsies.
The doctor (a partner of my regular OB) says that worst case scenario: it's cervical cancer. But, it's early. Wasn't there last year. Treatment is surgical removal, and that part of your cervix will regenerate. Possible complications: (1) scarring at the site of removal, and that may make it difficult to conceive again, but not impossible (2)weak cervix for future pregnancy may require bed rest & a cerclage (where they "sew" your cervix shut to keep you pregnant!)
So, I left the office feeling like, "gosh...I could have cancer, but the doctor thinks it's no big deal!"
That was Friday afternoon. Even the novelty of his positive outlook has worn off by today.
Now, I just want my results.



At 3:41 PM , Blogger CBM said...

Oh my gosh. I had a "gray area" scare this summer (not even truly "abnormal" cells, just questionable), and even that was frightening. Praying for you...

At 7:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there...I went through the same thing last December ('05)...I know the pain you speak was truely horrible (as was the fear). Luckily mine came back non-cancerous...and I am hoping the same for you!


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