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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


1. The sim card on my cell phone is suddenly & mysteriously cracked. My cell no longer works, and not call me. Do not leave me messages. Do not expect a call from my cell phone, b/c you won't be getting one. Furthermore---if you suspect I may have stored your phone number on my cell (b/c admittedly, I turned that whole "memorizing a series of numbers that corresponds to this person" task over to my cell phone a long time ago) and anyway...if you suspect that's where I stored your phone number, then you are right, and do not expect me to call you at all until you either call me @ home & leave your numbers, or email them to me.
2. My address book. Been missing since...well, okay...I admit it. I can't remember when I last saw it, other than the very general time frame of "before Christmas". And more specifically---that's Christmas 2006.
Which, brings me to #3.....for many of my family & friends, at this time I have no phone numbers or addresses for you. And therefore, the Christmas cards that turned into New Years cards, which may soon turn into Valentines.....yeah. About those. I may or may not ever get them in the mail.

Without my cell & address book....I'm naked in the contact world!


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