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Monday, January 08, 2007

Shellfish Allergy?

So...over the weekend, I made seafood stew.
Oh, it's sooooo yummy!
It's got shrimp & crab in it.
Gage has had shrimp once before.
This was his second exposure to shellfish.
Within minutes, he had a rash, starting at his lips & spreading outward from there, until it was on his neck & shoulders., shellfish allergy, maybe?
No that's good.

We've got an appointment with the Pediatrician tomorrow.
I *THINK* it was his pediatrician that told us a while ago that if a parent has a severe food allergy then the child is at greater risk of having one...but it could be a different food.
So, I'm really really allergic to peaches (learned this later in life....)
We've been really careful about Baby Gage & peanuts... we've paid attention with regard to strawberries & shellfish. So...we'll just have to see...


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