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Friday, January 05, 2007

January 3rd, 2007

So, on Wednesday night...not much going on at our house.
I came in from work.
Gage was already in his pj's.
He grabbed my car keys, headed to the front door, and started saying, "ByeBye."

So, we all loaded up in the car.
(you can see who runs sh*t around my house...)

We took Gage to this play area inside the mall.

In fact, we all had a blast.
He was so cute just jetting back & forth between all the different things to climb on, climb through, slide down, or crawl in., was he getting the ladies!

Now, while there, I was very aware that my child is much smaller than a lot of the other kids playing there. All of the toys are soft. The flooring was soft. It was fine. If larger kids were running around & they bumped into Gage...he may fall, but he was too excited & having too much fun to care. He didn't cry or anything like that. He'd get back up & start running around too! little girl...well, this little girl is very lucky that she responded to my verbage appropriately, b/c I was fully prepared to rough her up.
She put her damn hands on my child.
She pushed him & told him to move over & give her a turn.
Now, I'm all for taking turns.
But---my child was there first. His turn just started. And, just because she made a mad dash across the room does not automatically make it her turn when she shows up at the little blue convertible car. This was the toy that Gage just kept returning to. He loved it. So she ran over, and before she even came to a complete stop, she pushed my child. He's 15 months old. She was like 7. Where were her parents? Well, her father was sitting across the room with his phone accessory bling-blinging on his ear...woohooo---laddy-freakin'-dah. You've got a blue tooth thing that even has lights. you look like a total MORON with that thing flashing off the side of your head. Don't smile. Please don't smile, because I fully expect to see neon blue lights come from your mouth if you dare open it.
Okay-----I've gone off on a tangent. Needless to say her parent was pre-occupied with his conversation & bright techno-gadget.
So, I removed her hands from my child & told her not to push him.
"It's my turn."
"No, you can wait your turn."
We then proceeded to have a conversation where I explained that he's just a baby, and will be done in a minute. I encouraged her to seek entertainment on an alternate climbing apparatus, but she failed to do so. Then, when Gage started to lose interest, he moved over, she hopped into the blue car...and before Gage even got out of the blue car--she'd had her fill & was already out & running around.
She later then had the nerve to ask me to help her get up on this other thing with a slide.
Now, she's just a kid.
The poor thing can't help it if her parents are not into spending time with her, or playing with her...helping her up to the top of the slide...or teaching her not to push babies.
So, I helped her. lessons at the play-yard...

We got Gage a sugar cookie after that. He got to eat 1/2 of it, and then we headed back home.


At 7:28 AM , Blogger CBM said...

Isn't it amazing how instantaneously our "mother bear" instinct can overtake our sanity?


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