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Monday, January 08, 2007

Hello Monday.

I feel like crap.
My throat...omg, it hurts. In fact, this morning, it felt like I'd swallowed swords all night long or something. Ooooh, or maybe I was one of those "fire-eaters" all night.
I don't know...I just know that this morning, I was tempted to numb myself with vodka & remove my own tonsils with a butter knife.
Yep. That's how bad my throat hurts.

Now...having said all that...I will admit to this: I'm a big weanie with regard to a sore throat.
I would elect to have a toe amputated over getting a sore throat.
I would rather be vomiting AND have diarrhea than a sore throat.

Anyhow...the point is, I don't feel well.
Sore throat, drainage in my throat, and it makes my ears all itchy!
Hating it. Hating it.


At 1:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Airborne Chewables (gummy bear type) are AWESOME for a soar throat. There a little pricey BUT SO good. I got relief after just one chewable. Good luck!
Gage too, hope the rash isn't anything serious.


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