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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gage's Pedi Appt...

Gage had a dr's appointment yesterday.

If he continues to grow at this rate (and of course, this is just for REAL SCIENTIFIC prediction or anything...) then by the age 20, he will be 6'2", & 170 lbs. So...tall & skinny!

Shellfish allergy: pediatrician says that it's the 2nd most fatal food allergy, and that if he is having symptoms already, we need to just treat it as if he truly has the shellfish allergy. Says we'll send him to an allergist in the future to confirm, but wait until he is a little older. It's not like it's all THAT hard to avoid that's just what we'll do. He says to keep Benadryl handy, always have it on hand just in case...and of course, go to an ER if he eats shellfish, has symptoms, and then does not respond to the Benadryl. Ok...that we can do.

Got 2 shots yesterday.

Ears look good. Pulling at the ears right now is just related to his molars coming in (his bottom left....3 points are already through...bottom right---on it's way in, but hasn't popped through yet).
I swear---this teething part sucks. Sucks for him more than me, but we're ALL feeling the teething pains, I assure you.

My child amazes me with his intelligence. Got there...he was already trying to leave. "Hey, I'm no dummy. When you bring me here---they get me naked, look all over my person, and then stick me with needles. I'd rather not stay, Mom."

So, we get to the appointment a little late...traffic. They have to work us in...But, after sitting in traffic for a while, I really had to go to the bathroom. So, I take Gage into the restroom with me. It has a doorknob that is shaped like a lever, not like a round doorknob. So there I am....on the potty, tinkling. (I know, you're all picturing it now...) It's not a multi-stall restroom. Just one toilet, one sink, one door. One door that Gage can actually reach the doorknob/lever, and open. That's right. Mommy's peeing & Gage opens the door. So, here's a mental image for you---me, leaning forward, trying to shut the door, calling my child's name, with my pants pulled down to my knees. And of course, the restroom is located right across from the check-out area & windows/door to the waiting room. Some other mom was in line to check out & she helped me get my child back in, and get the door shut.
All in all, it's amazing I didn't piss all over myself during this ordeal! I swear, if that had happened---we'd have left right then. Sure, I have a change of clothes for my child in the diaper bag...but none for myself, and I just don't think his jeans would fit me.


At 7:42 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your story about the bathroom is too funny! I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you! :) Yeah, that's it.

thanks for the good wishes on my blog. Emily is definitely feeling better, so now it's just a waiting game, I guess.

I'll be back. See you later!

At 4:41 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am SO not looking forward to when Ollie starts teething..his sleep habits have been pretty bad..and teething will only make it worse I am sure!

Love the potty story, leave it to our children to find great ways to horrify and embarass us...don't worry, you can get him back when he is a teen...its fun (& easy) to embarass the teens :)


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