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Monday, January 15, 2007

Respiratory & Sore throat suckiness sickness.

Last week I was so sick with this respiratory crud. OMG! I thought I was never going to get well.
Oh, No thanks to my doctor though. Or, rather, I should say---his nurse. See, he's my PCP, his RN is a total Biotch, and apparently returning phone calls from his patients is not really her cup of tea.
Waaaaaaayyyy back when I was newly pregnant, I called to make an appt b/c I was respiratory sick, not pregnant-sick. She didn't mind calling me back then b/c she was just going to tell me that I had to see my ob/gyn b/c my doctor doesn't see pregnant women.

Anyway. I called them Thursday.
Today is Monday. I still have YET to receive a call back from her sorry self.
She is the reason that I will be switching PCPs soon.
And, I asked to just schedule an appointment with any of the docs in the office. The receptionist, who quite honestly sounded shocked when I mentioned this, replied with, "Oh, these doctors do NOT share patients."
To which I responded, "So what's the point of them all being there together? To just split the rent?"
So, that's when I could leave a message for the nurse, which I did, which did no good, and I knew it wouldnt, but whatever.

Last week, I worked 16 of the 40 hours I was scheduled to work.

Anyway. I treated myself with Tylenol cold something or another. The orange liquid kind. It has that super-sugary-sweet-orange taste initially, and then the distinct burn of a shot of 151! Oh, it's like no other.
So anyway...that and Benadryl. That's what I've taken for about a week, and I'm feeling much better now.


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