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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Backache, Backache go away....

...and dont come again another day!

My sleeping last night: fell asleep at the beginning of the 10 o'clock news. Woke up at 1:30, again at 2:30...was up until 3:00, woke up again at 5, and then when the alarm went off at 6:15.
I guess pregnancy is a way of getting you ready for the "up all night" when the new baby arrives. So what's with people saying, "enjoy your sleep now"....because the backaches wake me up.

I think our mattress is too soft. Plus, Damon weighs so much more than me...I'm not saying he's fat...but it's just a fact that he weighs more than me. So, when he lays down, it pushes the mattress down, and I feel like I'm sleeping on an incline...which puts strain on my back.
I routinely wake up with backaches.

What we've done to help the situation:
1. warm baths in the middle of the night. And, Damon's so sweet b/c he'll run the tub for me & help me walk into the bathroom & get in the tub. When your spine hurts so bad--it's hard to stand & walk or do anything!
2. changing positions. Well, this should be #1 on the list, because it's the first thing I tried.
3. pillows behind my back, in between Damon & I.
4. Damon got me this special pregnancy wedge pillow that has two parts. One part goes under my belly & is a very slight wedge. The other wedge is larger & goes right behind my back, keeping me from rolling off my left side, and putting constant pressure on my back. I thought it was a waste of $$ at first, but Damon said that if it worked--it would be the best money we've spent during this entire pregnancy....affording BOTH of us a good night's rest. Well, it's pretty comfortable...but it doesnt work all of the time. I'm not getting as many back aches...but I still get them.
5. me sleeping @ the other end of the bed. This in combination with the wedge pillow is our latest attempt at relieving the backaches. I sleep with my head at the foot of the bed. This way, the bulk of my body is down near Damon's legs & feet, and he's not pushing the mattress in so much, b/c that is not where the bulk of his body weight is. Well--it didnt help last night b/c I kept waking up with a backache!

And--Damon would NOT let me take a warm bath b/c it was storming with lightning. I was so willing to take my chances....but, he's a stickler about that kind of stuff. I call him & his family "weather junkies". It's funny to all of us!

What else???
I'm wearing a dress today. And stupid pantyhose. It's a dress code requirement here. I hate it. I hate pantyhose. I'm looking for a medical reason for why I shouldnt have to wear them...but all the docs I work with can come up with is "recurrent yeast infections." Well, (1) that's a problem I dont have (thank goodness!), (2) that's not something I really want to turn into HR, & (3) they would just say, "if you dont want to wear pantyhose, dont wear dresses or skirts; wear pants." So--alas, I am stuck in the horrible pantyhose saga. We all (all of us in our dept.) hate them & wish we could change the dress code. I've been fighting it since I got here....nothing has changed yet.

Had a pretty good evening yesterday. Damon & I ran to the grocery store & got stuff to make stir-fry & egg rolls. It was really good. We watched a little tele...I took out the recycleables, and then he played on the internet while I bathed &then watched "Britney & Kevin: chaotic". It really is like a train wreck: it's so horrible, but you cant look away. Then I watched "Babies: Special Delivery, and "Make Room for Baby". After that, it was about 10 & Damon came to bed (to watch the news/weather, of course), and I fell asleep.
Oh, before we went to get stir-fry stuff, we went for a walk. I bug Damon to go for walks with me. He doesnt want me out going for walks by myself, so I have to beg him to go with me. Well, we only walked for 25 minutes, but the sun was shining & our path didnt seem to lead us to much shade. I was soooooo tired by the end. I dont recall walking downhill much--but it really seems like we were walking uphill most of the time!!! Damon laughed because we didnt go that far--not like we normally do, but I was worn out!!! Even still--I'm glad we did it. It's the only intentional exercise I get. I dont count walking around at work!

Right now Allen is visiting Dad in Austin. I hope they are having a good time. I talked to them last night & Allen was swimming. Dad wanted to take him to the capitol, but Dad said that all he wants to do is swim--so instead of going to the capitol, they went to WalMart & bought swim floats & a boogie board. I am sure Allen is having tons of fun!

Signing off for now!



At 10:36 AM , Blogger hppytchr said...

You should check into a tempurpedic know...those nasa space foam matresses. They are expensive but it is the best sleep I have ever had!!! And the best thing is that there are no springs so you wouldn't roll into Damon. Might be worth the money to save your back!


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