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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Shower!

I had my first baby shower for Little Miss!

Let me start by saying that I had a cute little jacket to go with my dress, but I got hot and took it off, and now looking at the pictures---well, I think the outfit looked better with the jacket on.
Oh well....
I'm fat & happy because I'm pregnant. That's all I got....

Pics from the shower....

Oh my goodness. Little Miss got soooooo much stuff. Clothes? Yes, she got a lot of clothes. She got some super thoughtful sweet gifts too, like a cross for her room, and a silver tea set with her monogram on it, and handmade blankets, and a special baptismal cloth to be her "something old" handkerchief on her wedding day. Oh my gosh, I'm HAVING A BABY GIRL!

Yes, I mentally squeal that to myself daily.

(Check out that cake. My mom made it. My mom has made many of these baby shower cakes for other people in the past....I've been waiting my turn since I was a little girl. It may not be much to other people, but I LOVE THAT CAKE! Thank you, Mamasita!!!!)

I better get on these Thank You notes, right???
I am so blessed.
This little girl is already so blessed.
We couldn't be any more thankful.

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At 5:19 PM , Blogger Miss A said...

Beautiful shower! Are you keeping Little Miss's name a secret...or did I just miss it somewhere?! Oh, and I love that dress by the way!

At 6:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How sweet. My girls got bonnets made to wear when they were born and then the ribbon is removed and it becomes a handkerchief for their wedding day.

At 11:27 PM , Blogger Lisbeth M said...

First, you don't look fat!! You look absolutely adorable! And secondly, I seriously teared up at the idea of someone giving Little Miss a "something old" for her wedding day. That is so sweet :)

At 4:54 AM , Blogger Aubs said...

so sweet!! You're beautiful and i'm so excited for you to get to enjoy every part of this pregnancy, including showers!!! I love how thankful you are for all of it and how you really just cherish it all! =)


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