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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dallas Zoo, Spring Break 2013

Well, when your mommy is big, fat, pregnant and Spring Break rolls around---traveling any great distance isn't really an option. So, instead of a vacation, we had our little stay-cation.

We ventured to the Dallas Zoo on what we learned later was the busiest day of the year. We actually got to the zoo pretty early in the morning. It opened at 9, and I think we pulled in around 9:30 am. I couldn't find the memory card for the camera that morning (because you know, locating it while it was sitting RIGHT NEXT to the camera is just crazy hard....), so we took pics with Hubby's camera.

Can I just tell you: it was the BEST DAY I've ever had at the zoo! Why? Because there was no way that I could do ALL of that walking without a miserable, Hubby rented me a wheelchair and he pushed me all about the zoo. He scored MAJOR points!

Our pics from the zoo....

This Reticulated Python is Gage's FAVORITE critter at the zoo. We always have to go into the Reptile House to visit this thing.... I should probably make the effort to learn the snake's name.... I just don't share Gage's love for the snake....

(In the above picture, if you look in the very center, that's the snake's head resting in the rocky area kind of toward the middle area of the enclosure.)

Other pics from the zoo....

It was a great time. The children's area is a lot of fun for the little ones, and the new animal enclosures are just so much better and make the zoo better than it used to be. Hubby says that I sound like a sales rep for zoo memberships, but I can't help it! For about a hundred bucks, you get unlimited zoo visits for a year, free parking every time, discounts on the food and in the gift shop, some passes to bring friends, some passes for the carousel.... And the $$ is tax deductible! You really can't beat it....I'm just sayin'....

We had a great time.
I am sooooo grateful to Hubby for pushing me all around at the zoo!

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At 6:07 AM , Blogger Aubs said...

we love going to zoo's!! and we've never been to the dallas zoo....we'll have to see about checking it out next time we're in town! =) wheelchair?! awesome!!


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