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Friday, March 08, 2013

28w2d Photo.....& Update.

Here's a fun bump shot from when I was 28 weeks & 2 days....

Had an OB appointment.
All is well. Baby Girl is growing. Baby Girl's heartbeat sounded good.
Sometimes my pulse races....normal, and I just slow down, drink water, and relax. Then it goes down.
Sometimes I get short of breath. That's normal too.
My back hurts like crazy! That's normal, and yes, I have the separated abdominals AND a transverse baby, so it's definitely straining my back.
Yes, baby may turn prior to delivery. She may not.
I'm a recurrent c-section, so they are not worried about whether or not she will turn. The good news: now that she's turned to transverse, I've had no pressure on my cervix or kicks down there either. That's nice.
The OB I saw even gave me a Rx for prenatal massage because of the strain on my back, just to see if we can get the insurance to cover it, or cover part of it. Yes, please, and thank you!

Update at the Casa de Lainey-Paney: Gage had a dr appt on Tuesday and another one on Wednesday. He did not go to school on either day to make sure that he didn't have chicken pox and infect others. Nope. They're thinking allergic reaction. WHAT ON EARTH is he allergic to??? I have nooooo idea. The only change I've made recently is switching from All Free & Clear liquid to the All Free & Clear pods. That's it. So, is it something in the pod that he's allergic to, or is this something that he's had repeated exposure to and developed an allergy?? I dunno. Kids are SOOOO weird. Rashes are so gross and weird. Bless all the Dermatologists of the world. Gage got to go back to school for Thursday and Friday, and because it was not chicken pox, I didn't have to do immune globulin treatment. That cream we got: yes, it shall now be known as "Rash Magic" at our house. Yaaaaaay for small miracles!

What else is new?
Well, we've got an upcoming 3D sonogram, and I'm soooooo excited!

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