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Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm pregnant, and a little bit crazy.

Let me quote myself from last week:

"What I am Looking Forward To: The crib arriving Saturday! Yippy! It's been on back order, but it's set to be delivered Saturday, along with the dresser topper. "

Guess what DIDN'T happen on Saturday?
A crib delivery to this house.

Have I cried about this?
Is it really worth crying over?
Probably not.
Did I cry anyway?
Hell, yes.

Restoration Hardware confirms that the crib is at the warehouse for the furniture delivery company. The delivery guys confirmed that they had a crib on their truck, but it wasn't the one I ordered and it was slated to be delivered to somebody else that day. So, it wasn't my crib.

This shit didn't get sorted out over the weekend, and Restoration Hardware was happy to refund the $125 delivery fee and credit that toward "our account." {...and by account, I suppose they mean that we now have a $125 store credit, b/c we don't have a "Restoration Hardware Account." We have an account at the bank where we used our $$ to pay for the stuff, but I doubt the credited money will show up there.... I'm just saying....}

Between my husband and mother having to listen to me cry about this issue, I'm imagining some Terms of Endearment shit going down with the furniture delivery people....
I was very disappointed and sad at first. Now, I'm about ready to go all "NO WIRE HANGERS" on the furniture delivery company!

I can't help it.
I'm hormonal.
And yes, "But I washed the sheets" seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing to say to the Restoration Hardware people on the phone AND the delivery guys. My washing of the sheets apparently does not make cribs appear around here. It amounts to nothing to anyone but me, and I said it aloud....repeatedly....because I couldn't turn off my internal dialogue.

Now the sheets are wrinkled again because I did not iron them. I did not iron them because I had no crib to put them on, and I will have to start the whole thing over.

I just want my crib.
Is that so wrong?

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At 9:01 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

oh no! i'd cry too if that makes you feel any better. atleast you're pregnant!! I cried while trying to plan my menu for the week. true story. (although in my defense i'm starting a new diet and its gonna be hard and yeah...) anyway...hope they get it sorted out with a quickness!!


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