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Friday, September 19, 2008

Military Momma....

Okay, so the Army Dude party is coming up...
I already posted about the shirt I bought for Gage.
Well, I had dog tags made me for me at this Army Store on Garland Rd.
Then....I went to an EVEN BETTER STORE in Garland, TX called:

Army Navy Outdoors
(1810 Northwest Hwy Garland,TX 75041)

The customer service was great. He politely listened to my banter about the upcoming party, although I'm sure he thought, "lady, I really don't give a sh*t why you want/need camo netting...", but most important: he had that coveted camo netting that I've been longing for! Authentic stuff already used by the military & then sold to these guys to sell to peeps like me.

They had camo everything in there...camo tops, pants, jackets....underwear. Yes, ladies, if you'd like to blend in with the bushes while you're in your undies---well, clearly, you know where to go to buy JUST the right pair!

Anyway...I just had to share.
I got the camo netting.


At 11:03 AM , Blogger Jiff said...

YAY!!! A few nights ago I found mosquito netting for Bayley's I felt the same excitement that you did when you found the netting you were looking for!!

At 11:12 AM , Blogger lisa said...

I think this is so cool! I can't wait to see everything! I don't know what your plans are for the cake, but it would be cool to have tanks on it with lots of brown icing dirt! . . . or little green army men! . . .or parachutes! . . . or a dog tag with Gage’s name on it! I’m all excited and it’s not even my party. How weird would it be if I had a Army Dude party for my 30th . . . yeah I know, sigh

At 12:21 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Army Navy stores ROCK...but underwear???

Hey......that might be nice to wear to bed so maybe the hubster won't see me and leave me ALONE! LOL

At 6:20 PM , Blogger angie said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures from Gage's birthday! It's going to be so much fun...I just love the theme!!

At 7:23 PM , Blogger Bonnie said...

can't wait to see the pictures.


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