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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Is Darnin' Snorkin' In 'Zona?"

Yes, "Is Darnin' snorkin' in 'Zona?" is a question that has been posed by my child, and it makes ZERO sense to most people, but makes perfect sense to me.

Darnin' = my mom
Snorkin' = snoring
'Zona = Arizona

My mom recently came to spend the night with us before her flight out to Arizona, where she is spending the week in Sedona with her mom, sisters, and aunts.
Gage did not want her to spend the night at our house because she might "snork" (meaning "snore") and wake him up!

Anyway...when he asked me this question this morning at dark-thirty, it got me to thinking about all of the fun little things that he says that are perhaps not correct, but they are perfect to me. And I don't want to forget them!

greenhopper = grasshopper
yogrit = yogurt
galloons = balloons
regular cheese = grated cheese
suckie = sucker/lollipop
the whole world = Gage's largest known unit of measurement
(sometimes heard around the house: "Mommy, I love you the whole world", meaning, he loves me more than anything!!!! And my response, "Gage, I love you the whole world too!")
trickets = crickets
trapes = grapes
settle me in = get me settled/tuck me in
we can just go there? = can we go to __fill in the blank___?

That's all I can think of right now...but I know there are surely more that just aren't coming to me right now....

And, I have lots of catchin' up on stuff to do!

Yesterday we had lunch at Chili's. Philly Cheesesteak---not so great at Chili's. What I really miss is the Crispy Chicken Salad that used to be on the menu. So good!
Anyway---I want to plug their PROFITS day that is upcoming. Sept. 29th is Chili's PROFITS day, where all of the profits they make for that whole day will be donated to St.Jude's for pediatric cancer research. So---be aware, and go to eat at Chili's on Monday, Sept. 29th!!!!

Pics from lunch:

(Yes, the above two children "amused" each other by...doing that!)

............what else?
After lunch yesterday, Tera & Aubri & Gage & Pam went to the park to play. It was glorious! I dashed home so that I could clean out the aquarium.
Let me just say that on Tuesday I had a "Welcome to Parenthood Moment" when I had to flush a dead goldfish. Well, first I had to scoop it out of the aquarium without Gage noticing, and then flush him. Bye-Bye, McCain. Yes, that was the fish's name. (Yes, I'm totally serious). If my fish tank is any indication of what is to happen in this upcoming election...let me tell you---McCain was dead in the plastic plants, and Obama was over there eating his fins. I told Hubby about this. Being the big-bad-Republican that he is, his response, "that's okay, Palin can handle it if McCain dies." No, No, No---Hubby. I'm not saying that McCain is going to die; I'm saying that he's not going to win the election! Anyway...that is all of course based on our aquarium & we'll just have to see if it possesses the power to predict the future!

Also fish related.... How can you tell if a goldfish is getting ready to lay eggs? Does the fish look "pregnant"? (Okay, I know fish lay eggs, they don't get "pregnant" like we get pregnant, but I suppose I'm trying to ask---do they get larger & fuller like they are full of eggs before they lay the eggs, and how long does this last before they lay the eggs?? I'm full of questions b/c I think one of our fish, Flossy, (or should be known as "Palin") is about to lay like 20 million eggs!)


I googled about the fish/egg scenario. Apparently I'm supposed to look for some white, practically microscopic dot by the fish's anal fins.
Okay, right. That's going to happen. How about I just wait until we see eggs?

Moving on...
Gage's first craft that he actually gave a crap about...

So, I got down the "Mommy Markers" & cut an egg carton for Gage so that we could make Caterpillars on Monday after work. He decorated them with Sharpies & they were NOT Caterpillars. Rather, they were "Caterpillar Trains". He cruised 'em all around.
We made some more of those Wednesday morning too.

And now....time to kick my shouts out. review....
I ordered THIS from them for Gage's upcoming birthday party...

Love it.
Website was easy to navigate. The product is great. I did make a suggestion to them for $5 shipping on all orders. I can't help it. Old Navy does it, and I love it. I think it's great. But, I easily obtained an online coupon code that cut the shipping charges.... But here is my favorite thing: the turn around time. The turn around time for personalized items was just pretty great. I went with standard shipping--placed my order on a Wednesday afternoon--got the box on Monday afternoon. I thought it was impressive for something that was personalized---so I just had to post about them.

Okay, I think this is enough rambling about random stuff for one day!

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At 10:30 AM , Blogger Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Great t-shirt! so cute!
I love all his cute sayings, I have the hardest time remembering to write all that stuff down.

Take care!

At 10:39 AM , Blogger Suzanne said...

Don't you love those little sayings? I've been trying to write them down in a journal when I can. Some of my faves are:
gabannas (bananas), pig-wins (penguins), and ouchy-bugs (bees), and macky-cheese-and-roni.

At 10:52 AM , Blogger Jenster said...

I always love your pictures!

Such cute sayings. It's great that you're writing them down. Unfortunately all I can remember at the moment of my kids is when my daughter told me, "Mama, you can be my bit** for the day," after she'd been watching "The View" with my MIL and another cussing event with my son.

And since you told me I have to eat at Chili's on the 29th I guess I will. :o)

At 11:05 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Warning - for both you and Gage. If you do end up with fish eggs (and thus, little fish) the other fish usually eat the baby fish.

Love that expression - "dark-thirty."

At 11:13 AM , Blogger Aubs said...

What a great post idea...i might have to steal it so that i can record some of the fun things Brayden says!! And i love the shirt for the birthday party...too fun!!

ps...sooooo wish i could be eating at Chili's on the 29th! We miss Chili's soo soo much...they don't have one up here!! =(

At 11:37 AM , Blogger Judy said...

Tyler's latest phrase: "I just been wond'rin..." and that's it - no further explanation! LOL

GREAT shirt - and yeah, that is an awesome turnaround time!

At 12:18 PM , Blogger Reason to Rejoice! said...

Okay, first of all, that dark haired baby girl is absolutely adorable! I think that everytime I see her on your blog. Next thing, your fish know nothing about the election...or at least, I hope not! ;) LOVE LOVE the Palin remark about all of the eggs! ha! Next, love the shirt!!! Also, if I can find someone to eat with me on Monday the 29th at Chili's for lunch, I will certainly do it! Um...I guess that's all! See ya!

At 6:23 PM , Blogger lisa said...

I'm not so sure that your fish is pregnant. I've had those before and I think they just look that way. I think that is a Fantail and to me they always look extra round. Love the shirt. And I almost had "Is Darnin' Snorkin' In 'Zona?" but I thought “snorkin” was snorkeling . . . which makes completely no sense.

At 5:08 AM , Blogger Kaycee said...

Wow, that was a great post. Lots of good info :)

Hilarious about his words! I'm the same way with Cami. My parents and IL's are like "How do you know what she is saying.." haha..

Love the caterpillar craft!! I have to try that.

My mom works part time at Chili's and she was telling me about the benefit. We donated a dollar so Cami could color a chili pepper :)

At 8:56 AM , Blogger mpotter said...

love his funny sayings. & the tshirt is cute!

thanks for the info about chili's. i'll pass it along to my friends.

At 10:37 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

I love your fish names! Very funny. I had a friend who named her dogs Posh and Becks and I thought that was the silliest thing (since we lived in Tenn. and weren't British) but I like the political slant.
The army themed birthday party sounds so fun! And that shirt is great!

At 8:56 PM , Blogger She said...

That t-shirt is awesome!


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