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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Talked to Dad off & on all night long.
He had to stay in Houston for work, and he was the "Hunker Down Leader". I'm sure there's a more official title for it, but that's what I called him.
So...I was mistaken when I told others that the hotel had been evacuated. I THOUGHT that's what he said. No, what he said was that they issued notices of evacuation. Apparently about 75 guests failed to make other arrangements, and were going to stay in the hotel to wait out the storm. So, Dad was responsible for them, his employees (not a lot of employees....only a handfull of employees...) and then Dad said about 75 firemen from Phoenix were staying there to be readay to head out & help.
So, I talked to him around 11pm. We got disconnected, and when we spoke again a few minutes later, he said that the wind had blown a door open. At that time they were evacuating everyone down to the "concourse" level where they had accommodations set up in an interior ball room/meeting room with no windows. The concourse level (if I am remembering correctly) is one basement level below ground.
So, I spoke with Dad again around 4:20. He said that they were in the thick of the storm, but still had power. He said that ALL of the guests were asleep in the ball room, and that everything was going well.
Talked to him again around 7am. They never lost power. He said that in looking around at the other buildings, the other buildings all lost power, one building's roof was missing, and lots of blown out glass/windows. He's one of the directors for a 19 story hotel, so they had to individually check all of the rooms on all the floors for wind damage. That was to begin after we hung up at 7. I can't even imagine how long THAT will take! At 7 when we spoke, there was no notable damage that Dad had seen---but they hadn't really been above the 1st floor.
So, the good news is that he's safe, and everyone under his charge is safe!

Now, up here in Dallas, we have to prepare for the winds. It's been rainy, and kind of windy...not too bad so far.

AAAANNNDDDD: Last but not least....

Happy Birthday to my sister!
Tiff, I know that your birthday was yesterday, but I was sooooooooooo busy, start to finish. I didn't get into bed until about 11.
Today, Happy Birthday to Susie Martin! I can't remember if I ever gave her my blog address or, if she reads it---well, kudos to me for remembering!
Tomorrow: Happy Birthday to my mother in law! (who does not read my blog...) but, Happy Birthday to her any way!



At 9:36 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Wow. I'm in Arkansas and we're receiving a lot of Texas evacuees and some of the weather. We're getting a LOT of rain and wind. And the whole state has to watch out for tornadoes too. Gosh, this sure is fun. :(
Hope your dad and all the guests are safe and warm and fed.

At 9:40 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Glad to hear everything was okay for your family!

At 9:55 AM , Blogger Judy said...

Glad to hear your dad's okay. My grandmother has lost power and water, but she's well prepared and still has her landline phone working. My in-laws are also okay (they are in Willis and the eye passed right over them).

At 10:04 AM , Blogger Elaine said...

Glad your dad is ok!

At 10:39 AM , Blogger angie said...

Glad to hear your family is safe and hopefully the winds aren't too bad up where you are!

At 12:31 PM , Blogger Mandy said...

Glad to hear that you and the family are safe! The news is scary enough with all the images, I can't imagine being there/having loved ones in the thick of it all!
Be careful and stay safe!

At 3:22 PM , Blogger Ann(ie) said...

SO glad to hear you and your loved ones are alright!!!!

At 6:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you and your family are ok!

At 7:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Sounds like your dad had quite a night. My friends in Houston lost power around 12:30A last night and it still wasn't today. Glad everyone was safe.

Very glad you guys are OK too!

Happy Birthday to your sister!

At 10:24 PM , Blogger Kate said...

So glad your dad was okay! That was a scary, scary storm. We're spending the night in Austin, but planning to go back tomorrow now that the cold front should have come through. So, so, so hot and humid. And nothing to do but play Scrabble. And Sorry. =)

At 10:08 PM , Blogger She said...

I was on the phone all night with my mom in Houston, too. I'm in LA, and all my family is in Houston. They still don't have power, but other than that, they are all doing fine!

Glad everyone in your family is okay, too.


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