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Monday, January 22, 2007

Master Bath Remodel.

Well...we're taking this completely UNUSED room at our house, and turning it into a Master Bath & closet.

Taking mental inventory here: we have 3 rooms at our house that we do not use except that they have STUFF in them. Stuff that we could keep elsewhere.
And, one could argue that we should put the den on that list too. We only use that room to walk through from one side of the house to the other. We don't sit around in there & hang out. We have furniture in there. We have the patio plants in there right now for winter. That's about it.

Anyway....that's not what this post is supposed to be about, but I went off on a tangent.

We are taking this room that was originally an indoor sauna room with a shower...we are making it into a bathroom....

Before Pic (1)

Before Pic (2)

And let the demolition begin!

Um...we probably should have had the water turned off think?

And, we've scoped out a couple of things to go in the remodel.
Now, these pics are just phase 1 of, I retain the right to change my mind over 50 times throughout this process, if I so choose.
And, please forgive the fact that the prices are right there with the items, but (1) they were displayed like that at the store & (2) for keeping track of the budget, it really helps me to have the product & the price right there. So, I'm not trying to be tacky.

And goes!
Faucet that I love!

Now...a little bit about this faucet... It reminds me of the ones at Hattie's. (Melissa, I know you remember what I'm talking about!) There's this Kohler (I think it's Kohler...) faucet that I fell in love with. Then, I went to eat at this restaurant called Hattie's. In the restaurant bathroom, they had my faucet. I loved it. Then we had our rehearsal dinner Melissa admired the faucet with me. Because that's just the kind of dork I am. I fall in love with faucets.

The faucet above is (1) less expensive than the original that I so deeply love, and since we will have to buy 2 of them....this will save quite a bit of $$, and (2) the sink top that is already there & ready to fit the chosen vanity (1st or 2nd choice vanity) is pre-cut with 3 holes for this type of faucet. The original one that I loved so only requires one hole, so we'd have to get a different sink see where I'm going with this.
Here's the Kohler fauce that I was referencing...The one I love & call "the original".

I have a sink that I am in love with was in a Kohler commercial...the one where the little Italian choir boy runs from the church all the way home & asks his mother to fill up the pitcher with water...anyway...that's my favorite sink, and has been for years. Love it. Will have it someday. I swear I will.
But again, I've gone off on a tangent!

Moving on to the vanities...
Here's our 1st choice

It has one working drawer (the bottom one...and the top would interfere with the sink bowl, and couldn't possibly work!)
And yes, we'd use that sink top.

Here's our 2nd choice

Now, certainly this provides for more storage space underneath...'s more expensive & in my opinion, not as interesting to look at.
I like the one with the legs & drawers.

Mirror that we both like...

For lighting---we figured one central light, one light in the shower, one light in the toilet room (is there a better word for that? water closet???), and lights over the vanity. Then of course the closet will need a light. But, we haven't picked these out yet.

We found some doors that we like, but I can't seem to find a picture online, so I can't post them.

So for now, that's all we've got.
And for those who've been to my house, this will be in the space that is the room off of the nursery. We'll make that the master bedroom (which it really is, but I chose the other bedroom to be ours b/c they are about the same size & the one we're in has a bigger closet). And...then we'll have a master bedroom with a big master bathroom & walk in closet. Yippy!

It'll be slow going b/c we're in no HUGE hurry. Taking our time & just doing one thing at a time.
But, when this gets built...OMG! I think it's going to be AWESOME!
And, it's the first thing that I'm redoing that I get to pick every little detail from the floorplan to the lightbulbs!
I think it's going to rock.


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