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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well...Baby Gage had his first word yesterday.
And of course...I missed it.
I was at work & Gage was at Memaw's house (mother in law).
He said, "No!" Damon's mom & nephew both heard it.

Would he say it again for me? Of course not.

That's okay.

I'll wait.

And soon....he's going to say "ma-ma".
UUUUUGHHHH! I cant wait!
I cant wait!
I cant wait!

Other topics...
Gage's eyes.
Have I posted about this yet?
Are they green?
Are they hazel?
They are one or the other.
Some people say that if I cant tell, then they are hazel. Like "hazel" is a catch-all of eyes that arent any one particular color. It just depends on what he wears. Sometimes they look really green, and sometimes they truly look hazel. And sometimes I even think they look like a gray-green.
And then I was wondering....when do we know for sure? Who gets to decide? Do I ask the pediatrician? IF I ask the pediatrician--will I look like an idiot?
"Um...could you tell me what color eyes my baby has?"


Went to visit Susan in the hospital last night. She was doing great! She had been up walking & moving about. She had taken some pain medicine right afterward...but she's a trooper. She must have a very high tolerance for pain. Me---no, I'm the complete opposite. I want enough pain medicine to knock me out. In fact--if I dont remember a thing---that's perfectly fine with me. Bring on the drugs. So anyway...the surgery went well & I think she'll get to go home today.

And, Baby Gage went to visit with me. He was pretty good. Not his normal energetic self. Certainly not very vocal...but it was around 7 @ night. That's his wind-down time.
He slept in the car on the way home from the hospital, but of course woke up as I was taking him inside. So, we changed his diaper & tried rocking for a bit. He couldnt get comfy in my lap, so I put him in the crib. He sleeps with his orange monkey, so he of course grabbed "monkey" & stroked his tail while I rubbed his tummy. Then he turned over & I patted his little bottom for a while. He would NOT close those little eyes. So, I quietly left the room, and never heard a peep. He was a sleepy-boy.

You know I had to watch the Apprentice last night.
I've been a fan of Charmaine's until last night. Are you kidding me? What kind of task manager says--okay, let's play beauty-shop--in the middle of the task. She deserved to be fired for that crap.

That's about all I know for now.


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