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Monday, May 01, 2006

It's me again...'s Monday.

Susan's having surgery today. It's 1:30 now, so she should be out of surgery already. Oh, I am checking my cell phone voice's from Susan's husband...Susan is out of surgery...everything went well. She'll be in recovery until noon or so.
Right now I'm calling David's cell...Susan's good. Surgery went well. She's up & about now. Staying tonight.
I think I'll take Baby Gage to visit her later.
It's the least I can do. She stayed @ the hospital until after 4 in the morning when I had Baby Gage!!!

What else?
Had a great weekend. I went to Austin. Saw Dad. Saw Allen. Saw Mom & David.
Stayed @ the Marriott @ the Capital. I didnt do anything but eat, swim, & sign for sh*t! It was great. I could get used to that kind of life!!!
"What do you do?"
"I sign for stuff."
Oh...what I life!!!!

I fed a squirrel with Allen. She ate chopped pecans right out of our hands! It was so cool. That was in Austin @ the Marriott. There are 4 squirrels that have names & will eat out of your hand: Samir, Fatima, Little Fatima, and Jasmine.

Came home & got to see Baby Gage on Sunday. OOOh I missed him. He's such a sweet boy!

Oh, on Friday night, Damon had to get his oil changed, so we went to Walmart. Well, of course the oil change wait was 1 hr 15 we shopped a bit. Got Baby Gage some socks & little walking shoes & 2 sets of pajamas. And, Gerber makes these treats called Apple Wagon Wheels. Baby Gage likes them, and they are NOWHERE near as messy as those Biter Biscuits. Anyway, at Walmart they had the apple wheels & carrot & cheese wheels. I got the carrot & cheese wheels. Damon says that Gage likes those better than the apple flavored ones. That's so bizarre to me... But, whatever!

So, the boys (Damon & Gage) had Saturday alone & part of Sunday alone while I was in Austin. Boys will be boys I guess b/c when I came home....well, I'm convinced Damon ate nothing but candy while I was gone...and Gage looked like a trailer-park kid (dirty pajama top, diaper, no pants, no socks, & baby food on his face). So of course, I got home at nap time...I gave him a bottle, and put him down. And then when he woke up---I had to clean him up! I needed a sweet, clean boy!!!!

Stopped in Hillsboro outlet stores on my way home. I SAVED SO MUCH MONEY! Of course, I had to spend money...but I got 12 outfits for Gage & 2 outfits for a friend's shower on Friday (my coworker, Tanya, is having a boy!).

I'm sleepy today. Had to take Baby Gage to Rockwall this morning....

Movie Reviews:

Fun with Dick & Jane: Laugh out Loud funny. We loved it!!!

Just Friends: funny. I'm about 1/2 way through it. We started it on Friday night, and I was so tired. I had to go to sleep! Damon finished it & said that it was funny.

Elizabethtown: so far, so boring. I had to turn it off b/c I just couldnt get into it. BOR-RING.

That's about all I know for now.

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