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Monday, April 17, 2006

Post Easter Weekend...

Well, it's Monday again.
I have a super-mega-headache to the point that your eyes feel like they're shaking.
Took 2 Ibuprofen...about 35 seconds ago. Will be reassessing the situation shortly to see what other actions need to be taken.

It's post Easter weekend.
Friday night...after work...went home...played with Gage...that's about it.
Saturday...we worked in the yard...played with Baby Gage...and then Saturday night I met Mom & David at the hotel where they were staying. They left for Playa del Carmen on they (& 2 other couples) came up to Dallas to spend the night before flying out Sunday morning.
We had a good time just chatting on Saturday night.

Sunday...cleaned house a bit...worked in the yard a bit...cleaned out the shed. It actually only took us an hour & a half...but we are sooooo proud of ourselves for doing it. We've lived in this house for what...2 years? Our shed was full of the previous owner's stuff. We're talking grass seed from 1960-something. Old rusty yard tools...and I think we came across the first rake. That's right: THE First Rake. I just may need to call the Smithsonian.
Anyway...we cleaned out the shed, hosed the interior down, and organized our yard stuff to store in there. After that, we went inside, stripped, & bathed. At which point I discovered a spider running down my leg. IIIGHhhhhhh-eewwwww. That gives me the heeby-jeebies just thinking about it! But, still...glad we got it done.

When Baby Gage woke from his nap, we did our Easter stuff. We didnt do an egg hunt b/c he's so small. Next year though. Anyway...he got aaaaaalll kinds of Easter stuff, and just this morning I remembered that the Easter Bunny left some stuff out! (How's that for an organized bunny?...I think the Easter Bunny needs some elves like Santa's got...)

Baby Gage's Easter goodies...

He was so excited...

His favorite thing was his green duckie...

He's our little "Hunny-Bunny"!!

And, on Sunday night, Tiffany & Trystan called. Oh My Gosh! It was the sweetest little conversation...
(T=Trystan, N=Nana (me))
T: "Happy Easter Nana!"
N: "Happy Easter Trystan."
N: "Did you go on an Easter Egg Hunt?"
T: "Uhm-hmm."
N: "Did you get lots of Eggs?"
T: "Uhm-hmm."
T: "I give Gage lots of kisses."
T: "...bring Baby Gage heeeeere?"
N: "Well, Baby Gage is already in bed."
N: "Where are you guys?"
T: "We're at Mark's house. You bring Baby Gage over heeeere?"
N: "Well, he's already in bed."
T: "Nnnn. (he was thinking.) I'll come to yooooooour house."
N: "But Baby Gage is already asleep."
T: "Okay, I'll come to your house. I loooooove you Nana."
So sweet!!!

Saturday we had to run some errands...Baby Gage of course went with!
We're ready to go...

Movie Reviews:
"Walk the Line" good. I really really enjoyed it.
"Run Ronnie Run" progress. So stupid, but funny.

That's all for now...I've got to run.



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