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Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm still pregnant.

Yup. I'm still pregnant.

In fact, I'm now "35w2d" pregnant.

I'm ready to meet my son. I'm ready to be off bedrest. I'm ready to sleep on my stomach again. Are these things too much to ask? I think not.

Tomorrow will mark one week on bedrest. I'm already bored out of my mind.
The highlights of my day: my trip to the computer room to log-on & check my email, and checking the regular mail.

Oh, Damon did buy me one of those trashy tabloid magazines called "Star" or something like that (mine & Susan's guilty pleasure. We just love reading the juicy gossip about all the famous people!). Anyway, I got to read all about Jessica Simpson's butt. If that isnt news--well, I just dont know what is!

What else??? Oh, on Sunday they showed our house. We had exactly 30 minutes from the time we found out to the time we needed to walk out the door. And so--Damon took me to Chili's for lunch. I wanted to go to this restaurant on Greenville Ave. for crab cakes...but Damon said that was too much walking b/c of the parking situation on Greenville... So, we drove to restaurant row in Mesquite & had Chili's. FYI: mango tea @ LaMadeleine's is AWESOME! Mango tea @ Chili's is AWFUL! Thought I'd warn you all.

Book Reviews:

Citizen Girl by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus....hard to get into...didnt like it.

BlowFly by Patricia Cornwell...enjoyed it. I enjoy the Patricia Cornwell murder/mystery books.

Still working on my cross-stitching. Running out of I'll have to send Damon out to the store one day this week. I wont do it today b/c he's having a hard day (Mondays are busy for him @ work) & he didnt sleep well last night.

Which brings me to this subject: Damon & I have decided to sleep in separate beds, in separate rooms. Our marriage is fine. It's not like we're tired of each other or's just going to be until the baby comes, and only during the week. See, I get up during the night--every night--& take a warm bath. My back aches so much, that it gets like super-stiff when I sleep, so I have to do this nightly ritual. So, he wakes up when I wake up...he dozes while I soak in the tub...and then he wakes up when I return to bed. He also says that all the lights bother him. Well--I'm 27 years old, and I dont do "dark". So, he's not sleeping so well...and then he has to get up & go to work anyway...regardless of how much or how little sleep he got. So, that's fine...he can sleep in the other room for now. We'll try it out, and if he is getting more sleep this way, then we'll stick to it during the week.

So, last night...well, this morning. It's 3:15 & I wake up...trek into the bathroom, and I'm standing there getting the water running. Well, b/c the water was running--I didnt hear Damon get up out of bed & walk down the hall. When he popped his head into the bathroom & started talking to me....OH MY GOODNESS. I screamed about as loud as I could. I jumped at least a foot in the air. I was sooooo startled. Well, that woke up the dog, the cat, Damon was awake, but that really woke him up. And me--I was on an adrenaline rush until after 5am. I could NOT go back to sleep. Geeeeez.

Then, we were all up & starting our day around 7 or 7:30. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight!

I'm already getting tired of TV. (except for my favorite shows, course!)
My opinions on TV...

Hogan Knows Best...reality series about Hulk Hogan & his family. I'm actually enjoying this series...Kind of like the Osbournes...minus the swearing & screwed up kids.

Being Bobby Brown...are you kidding me? This is a reality series about Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston. I think it's just kind of understood that Bobby Brown's an idiot. This show just proves how trashy Whitney Houston is. I mean, she used to come across as so refined in the media. (Pre-drug stuff....) Now, she's either wacked-out-cracked-out, or just really, really that trashy. And if she really is as trashy as she seems--then whoever used to surround her & keep her from opening her mouth on the red carpet--they probably earned every penny that they were paid! And the saddest thing about the whole series...they probably dont realize how stupid they seem...

Big Brother 6: I'm addicted. I think I already mentioned that... "Hi, My name is BLD, and I'm addicted to BB6". Let's see...I'm disappointed in Janelle's behavior. I think she plays the "dumb blonde" role a lot, but I think she is really a smart girl. Too bad she's being as catty as she's being... Howie's also getting on my nerves. I liked Jennifer/Jenny a lot, and I was sad to see her voted off on Saturday. She only annoyed me once when she started dancing on the back patio.... It says that she's an arena football league dancer....and it says she's from Plano,TX. Well, Erin was over here watching BB6 w/ me, and I didnt even know that we have arena football here. Who knew??? (well, Erin knew...)

Real World Austin: Susan got me hooked on this. Cant wait to find out how it's going to be when Danny comes back. Saw the previews...are things changing between him & Mehlinda??? We'll have to watch & find out!

I'm ready for The Apprentice to start again. And, The Sopranos. And, Desperate Housewives. And, ER.

I'm a TV junkie I guess. I cant help it. Those are my little shows that I like...

I'm so glad that it's almost 2 in the afternoon. I'm 1/2 way through yet another day of glorious bedrest! (note the sarcasm.)

Oh--I needed some ice cream last night. Damon went & got me some Chocolate Decadence by BlueBell. Yummmmmmmy! Anyway--did you know that either Dreyer's or Breyer's has A&M & UT ice cream??? It's called Aggie Blitz & Longhorns Stampede. It has little caramel filled footballs inside the ice cream. How cute is that???

Did I ever post that I made Gage a blanket??? Well, I did. Damon's dad is a huge UT fan, so he's been buying all of this longhorn stuff for Gage. Well, Damon hasnt gotten any A&M stuff for the I found this A&M fleece. I made Gage a little Aggie fleece blanket. It'll be good for this winter! Damon was so excited when he saw it.

Signing off for now!



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