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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm sooooooooo bored!

I'm so bored.

So far, my big adventures today have been stepping out onto the front porch to put out some mail, and standing on the back porch while Damon let the dog out to potty.

Damon was soooo sweet to play Yahtzee w/ me when he came home from work.

He's napping now. He says he didnt sleep well last night b/c I kept him up. I couldnt help it! I didnt sleep very well!!!

That's about all I know.

Oh, Damon's sister brought over chicken spaghetti for us to heat up for dinner. That was sweet. Damon's going to get really tired of doing all the laundry & all the cooking! (oh well!)

I cant believe they backed my due date up to 9/25. That mega-sucks. And, even though they moved it...I dont think I'll be pregnant until then. Clearly this child is trying to come out...or, he's tried to come out. I dont think he'll wait until over a month from now!

Okay...I'm logging off now.



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