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Monday, August 08, 2005

A Gift for Holly...

I made my cousin, Holly, a diaper cake for her baby girl. We are having a shower together for mom's side of the family this Saturday. (I dont think I constructed that last sentence correctly...but whatever--you know what I mean!) Anyway, I got a diaper cake @ my last shower, and I thought it was so cute--so I made Holly one. She's having a little girl. Has not announced the name yet. My mom & Aunt Billie call the baby "Maggie May". (I have no idea why....)

Anyway--I made the shower cake & got the baby two pairs of shoes. Why? Because every little girl needs variety when it comes to fashionable footwear!

Movie Review:
Man of the House w/ Tommy Lee Jones...Damon & I both thought it was cute. Lots of UT stuff. That was pretty cute...

My throat is kind of sore this morning. I dunno what the deal is...


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