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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Yesterday & Today...


Woke up after a horrible night of sleep ...or should I say...little sleep. Got up, did my hair, ironed my clothes...walked out the Jeep wouldnt start.

So, Damon jacks w/ the battery a bit...and it starts. We ride over to the Jeep place & drop it off.

Extended warranty wouldnt cover a rental car unless the repairs caused my car to be in the shop overnight. So, we just chalked it up to a day off work. Which-really sucked b/c it is an "unscheduled absence" & yada yada yada....

Got my car back yesterday evening. It's good. Everything is fixed. Yay! It was the battery cables. See...recently I had car issues & we replaced the battery. Well, apparently it was the cables that needed to be fixed or replaced instead.

What else?

I have a dr's appt. today.
I wish that I didnt b/c I feel bad for calling in yesterday b/c of my car, and then today leaving early. If there was a shift open this weekend here--I swear I would work it just to make up the time.

Today's vitals:
BP: 121/73

Dad & Allen went to Sea World yesterday. Allen said he had a good time. All he seems to want to do is swim....every day! All day!

Today Dad said that they are going to tour the capitol. (or is it capital? I forget how to spell it anymore!!!!)

Have my shower this weekend at Susan's house!!!!


At 10:45 AM , Blogger hppytchr said...

Hey! Mom and I will be there at the baby shower. We can't wait to see you. I RVSP'ed by email but I always worry that they don't get my RSVP...oh well. :)


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