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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm in Austin!

It's Sunday morning. I'm in Austin visiting Dad.

I went to Corsicana yesterday morning & met Mom, Allen, Mema & Norman for breakfast at Roy's. Then, I brought Allen w/ me to Austin. This way, Dad didnt have to drive up to Dallas to get Allen. Allen is going to spend the next week w/ Dad. They've got big plans....Schlitterban (spelling???) water park, going to see some bats, looking at some caverns, more swimming...and then they'll be off to San Antonio for a visit.

Yesterday, we got into Austin around 2. Dad treated me to a pregnancy massage at The Barton Creek Mall spa. It was wonderful! OMG! I really cant go on enough about it. Then we went shopping a bit. Motherhood was having a sale, so Dad got me some new clothes. How sweet is that? I'm pretty excited!!! Allen picked out some clothes at Dillards, and I'm very proud of him b/c almost everything he picked was on sale. What a good little shopper! And--Allen, who is King of saying, "Nana doesnt need anything" (he calls me Nana), actually picked out a gift for me. He knows that I love Curious George. He found a little round pillow that is the face of a monkey. He said that he knew it wasnt George, but he thought I would like it because it's a monkey. The pillow is filled w/ teeny tiny little hard pellets, and it is so soft & squishy. It really rocks. It is so comfy to sit w/, lay w/, and sleep w/. Good job Allen!

What else??? We went swimming a bit yesterday, and I hope to go again today if the sun is out. Austin's forecast today calls for a high of 94 w/ isolated thunderstorms (I thought everyone would care!)

Open house today. We found out at the end of the week last week. Damon's on his own to get the house ready. Bless his heart--I hope he's up to the challenge. Since putting the house on the market, I've tried to adopt the attitude that we need to constantly pick up & clean up, and be ready to show the house at any moment. Damon's actions/behavior dont really seem to flow w/ my mentality... So, here he is--going to be picking up a lot! My clothes are put away. My closet is clean...and I've been picking up after myself. The only real contribution I've made to messiness in our home is dirty laundry. I havent kept up w/ the laundry over the past week as I probably should have.

Watching a bit on TV right now w/ Dad about garment sizing. The garment sizes...example, a size 8 in the 1980s was smaller than a current size 8. And, sizes may vary from designer to designer...or from different lines. Example: Donna Karen collection...true size 8, in line w/ European designers. Size 8 in DKNY is larger, and in line w/ American sizes. So, women are feeling better about themselves b/c they can say, "I now wear a size 8", when really, if the fashion industry hadnt jacked w/ the sizes...that same woman would probably be saying, "I still wear a size 10 or 12". So, women are feeling better about themselves, b/c many women do value that numeric size. I'm sure many people wouldnt care about this issue...but I think it's interesting.

Randomness: tried a Fruit Loop cereal bar. The cereal part was fine, but it has this white stuff on the bottom...I think they say it's milk-based. Is it yogurt? Is it icing? What is it? Well--it ruined the cereal bar for me. I found the white part to be nasty.

Signing out for now!


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