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Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Saturday...

Well, good's Saturday...

Went to work. Felt a little "puny" as Gammy would put it.
Worked some...decided that I must be hungry. Told Jamie it was time for us to go eat. Jamie's my running-buddy at work. Told her that I was going to run to the restroom first (b/c I seem to spend a lot of time tinkling now that Gage is getting bigger & doesnt seem to like my bladder being inflated at all!) Well, I went into the restroom...and I dont know if it was just seeing the toilet or what...but before I knew it, I was praying to the porcelein god! After that, I went home.

Went to sleep....Damon came in & then made me some soup b/c I was starving. Laid around for the rest of the day & felt fine.

So, since I felt better...I got up Friday morning & went to work. Well, I started to go to work. As I was backing out of the drive, my little car dinger came on & said, "Your Coolant is low." It had a little picture of a battery I believe...and some low fluid level. (I just love the interactive nature of my Jeep!) So...I pulled back in--woke Damon to ask (1) Do we have any coolant, & (2) Where do I put it. He was 1/2 asleep, and having a hard time describing where to put the coolant. Now, I'm no mechanic...but I'm not afraid to add fluid to my car, provided I know which container to pour it in. So, he showed me, and I was going to get some at the store on my way to work. Damon said it wasnt empty--just at the point where you want to add coolant. No problem. Get back into my Jeep, kiss my husband good-bye, thank him for his assistance...sorry I woke him up, etc...turn the key, my Jeep wont start. So, Damon pops the hood...Takes a look...the next thing I know, all the bells & whistles, & lights are going crazy. I'm holding the key. The key wasnt even in the ignition--so I was freaked out. I got my keys to his truck & told him that if he wanted to go anywhere that day, he was going to have to fix my Jeep! I took his truck to work. Damon told me that was God's way of telling me to stay home & take it easy. He also called my Jeep a piece of sh*t & said it was time for a new car. (At which point I experienced mixed emotions...will go into that later.)

Well...I go to work. Damon's truck is so big, that I'm afraid of trying to park it in the parking garage. Little ol' me driving the HD 2500, quad cab, extended bed truck w/ a lift! It's amazing that I can even still get into his vehicle! So anyway, I park in the lot that's way far away from the hospital...& it's raining....and I'm not sure if Damon owns an umbrella. I certainly didnt see one when looking around. So, I walk into the hospital in the rain. By now, I cant tell if I'm feeling bad...or just frustrated by the morning I've had. I power on....By about 11, I dont feel good. I called the secretary Julie to tell her that I'm going home & shouldnt have come in. I go upstairs to give her my pager in case the ER needs me. She looks at me & says that I look bad, I look pale, & I'm swollen. Well, I'm pregnant---I feel swollen! But, that was nothing new to me! So, she insists that I go to employee health before I leave & have them check my blood pressure. So, I do. The nurse took it & it was high. She said that my face & hands were swollen. Then she looked at my feet...ankles...and calves. I had pitting edema in my feet & ankles. Well, again...I'm used to my feet & ankles being I didnt think anything of it. They told me to call my dr's office before they'd let me leave the hospital. So, I did. The dr would see me at 1 o'clock for a vitals re-check & observation. I left AMH & went home. Laid around a bit...Gathered my husband...& we headed up to the dr's office, not really knowing what to expect...

Go in to see one my dr's partners. The nurse takes my blood pressure & it's down to 111/76. That's awesome. So, Dr.B tells me that maybe they got a false reading at my work. I explained to her that the BP was taken by 2 nurses in our Employee Health, at a hospital. She then said, well, did they take it manually or with a machine. I told her that they took it with a machine. She then tells me that the machines are often unreliable & have a high margin of error. Damon's response: then why did your nurse just take it with a machine? Oh, it was priceless. Really--by that point, I was feeling fine. Sure, I still had swelling...but Dr.B said that it was uniform & not really symptomatic of preeclampsia/ I was sent home & told to prop my feet up & relax. Not a problem. "Damon darling...can you fetch my slippers?" "Damon darling...can you hand me the remote?"...I had grand visions!!!
Anyway...I was told to monitor my blood pressure daily, and return to the office if the top # got over 140, or the bottom # got over 90, or if my pulse was over 140. Now, a pulse over 140...surely my heart would just give out. But, whatever...those are my magic numbers to watch.

Got some Chik-fil-A, and headed home.

Movie Reviews:
"Hostage" with Bruce Willis. A+++ Loved it.
"Hide and Seek" with Robert DeNiro. A+++ Loved it.

Show I'm into lately...Big Brother. Loving it.
Show Damon & I watch weekly: Hells Kitchen. Truly like a train wreck...the chef is such an ass, but we find ourselves hooked.
Reality TV...some of it is entertaining...some of it is just horrible & should not exist in my opinion! Like, the Bachelor...the Bachelorette...etc. Anything that is supposed to end in marriage is crap if you ask me.

I'm logging off for now.


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