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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bed Rest Day 3

I'm still on bedrest.
And, although I'm getting more rest than if I were going to work & running about, my feet are more swollen now than they were when I was up & moving.
Not looking cute--I assure you.

My book: A Theory of Relativity. Still depressing. Not picking up much. I just may have to skip it & find something else to read. I have a couple of books here that I havent read yet...

Movie Reviews:
Out to Sea: stupid.
Shall we Dance: stupid. The whole time I was thinking, "you have this passion that your wife & family know nothing about...your wife is going to be so pissed!" It just wasnt for me. And, I'm a big J-Lo fan. She was not all that great in this movie.

Contractions today (not counting the ones during the night...I refuse to turn a light on & actually write those down)

Well, Damon just called my cell phone. He's on his way home. He's been working out in the heat all day today, and now he doesnt feel well.
Poor baby.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow. 11:15.



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