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Friday, August 19, 2005

Today's doctor visit....

Well, I'm back home. I'm still pregnant.

And, if anything--Gage is backing up! Apparently this whole "bedrest" thing is working (damn!). I'm dilated to 1, still at -1/-2 station, and now only effaced about 25%. How does that happen??? On Monday night I was effaced 50%!

The doctor says that the bedrest & medication calmed me down (more specifically: calmed my uterus down)...and he wants me to stay pregnant for at least 3-5 more weeks (that's because this little one isnt using his bladder as a drum, and his ribs as monkey bars!)

So, the verdict is: bedrest until delivery. Delivery date changed back to 9/25 (but we knew that on Monday night....), and that means that tomorrow I will only be "35" weeks.

Today, my belly measures @ 37.
Doctor estimates Gage's weight right now at about 5.5 pounds. Says he's big & probably pretty long.

And---maybe this is gross for some of you...but I asked him if he can feel the baby's head when he checks me for dilation. He said yes. Then he said, as he pointed to Damon's head, "It feels a lot like that." I was immediately laughing & told Damon, "See---you ARE the father!" Dr.Brough just laughed...we all had a good little chuckle.

It was also established in today's visit, that Dr.Brough is the only other man in my life who can get away with saying "Okay, now get naked."
It's just so adventurous taking my husband to the ob/gyn. Never a dull moment, I assure you. And, get so used to going to the gynecologist & it being the same old uncomfortable routine....but now, there's a baby on the way. And while it still is uncomfortable in a way--it's all very exciting because every time you go, you get to hear or see the baby.

What else??
Bedrest sucks--but I'm sure I've indicated that to each of you.

My cousin, Holly, who's also pregnant....well, she could have her daughter any day now. She's due 9/5, but already dilating.... My mom talked to her mother-in-law (they're sisters), who says that they are all packed & ready & have the carseat ready.... And then there's us. Lamaze school dropouts. We go to the hospital IN LABOR, and we dont even take a camera. Then, Damon packs me a bag for the hospital--& he packs thong underwear for me! What on Earth was the boy thinking? Seriously--we've got to get our stuff together before Gage arrives!!!

Damon took me to Half Priced Books today after the doctor visit. Yes, he pushed me around in the little wheelchair w/ a basket. So, it was shopping---but not really. I didnt "walk" around the store. Anyway--I was going to get a book about crocheting (spelling???) or knitting. looks really hard to teach yourself how to do that. So, I got a couple of cross-stitching books instead. I already know how to do that! And, since I generally need a sense of productivity to keep me happy....I think that just might get me through.

I'm definitely going to need a nap today. I barely slept @ all last night....
McDonald's for lunch.

Megan says she wants to hang out tomorrow. And, Erin is going to come over after 3 when she gets out of her "Region 11 Class" (some teacher thing...), and my mom may stop by since she'll be in town. Yippy!

And--the doctor said I could go swimming, as long as I dont swim. See, here's the deal. Floating in the pool is sooooooo awesome feeling. I feel completely weightless & my back hurts a ton less. So, he said that as long as I didnt walk any great distance to the pool, & only got in to soak or float then I could have pool priveleges. "No swimming though."
I'm too big fat pregnant nowadays to want to swim laps anyway.
I want to be the huge mammal on the tarp that makes strangers want to yell: "Dont harpoon the whale!" I dont plan to expend much energy at all.

It's evening time now. Not sure what we're having for dinner.
I'm trying to convince my darling husband to go to Blockbuster for me.... we'll see how well that goes over...

That's about all I know for now. I'm incredibly boring....



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