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Monday, February 21, 2005


I had a sonogram....did I post about this already???
Well, I had a sonogram. According to my last period, I should be due on 9/16/5. According to the size of my baby, they changed my due date to 9/25/5. We'll see... So, according to my new due date, I am 9weeks, 1 day pregnant.
Not feeling so morning sicky now.
In fact...I dreamed about upside down pineapple cake & blueberry donuts all night long! No time to stop this morning for donuts, so I ate when I got to work.

...what else??
Had a relapse of the respiratory junk last week & missed Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. Dont have enough vacation time to cover I get to go 2 days without pay. Fantastic. Gotta love that.

Got two baby blankets from my mother in law. She made them. One is white, the other is yellow.

Had a sad, pitiful, mangey dog come up in our backyard, and I had to call Animal Control. It was so sad. So, the lady from animal control came, and she took him. Damon came in & I was crying & he told me not to cry because they were going to give the dog some medicine, and then he would get to go live on a farm. Well, I overheard the animal control lady say it was the worst case of mange that she had seen, and they'd definitely have to put him down. So--it was really sweet of Damon to try and make me not cry...but at the same time, I still feel sad for the dog. :(

Oh...I'm getting paged.
This stupid job is really getting in the way of my daily activities.

PS. When I was home for 3 days last week, I got addicted to Dr.Phil. Now I tape it everyday to watch it later.... I cant wait to see it later! (I'm so pathetic!!!)



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